My Mother-in-Law Is Worried CPS Will Show Up Because My Son Fell Off the Bed

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"My son is almost 7 months old. He was home with his dad when his dad turned away for 2 seconds and my son unfortunately fell off the bed. My fiancé immediately called 911, the EMTs said baby was fine and that we could stay home and to follow up with our pediatrician. So we followed up with our pediatrician and baby is completely healthy besides a few bruises. My soon to be MIL is beyond paranoid that CPS is going to show up for abuse because my son fell off the bed. Would CPS actually show up for this? My son has never been hurt before and we always call the dr when we feel like something is wrong."

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"It happens to the best of us, and I doubt they would show up. Pretty sure the doctor would have said something about having to report it as well. Sounds like MIL is a little paranoid."

"No they won’t. It’s only if someone reports you. I’ve had it happen to my son he’s perfectly fine"

"Everyone knows babies roll off beds and couches on occasion. As long as you got him looked at and no serious injuries it should just fine. It happens! They’d only be called if injuries seemed inconsistent w story."

"I wouldn’t worry about cps showing up it’s an accident and you took precautions to make sure he is healthy. You did nothing wrong. Accidents happen Honestly each one of my kids had rolled off the couch about that age because I turned my head for a second. Also have had their head on the corner"

"Unless the emts suspected abuse I highly doubt cps will show up."

"I think this happens to every baby at some point. I wouldn’t worry about it"

"If cps is called for every time a baby falls off a bed, they’ll have a lot of babies in the system. It happens"

"Unless there are other signs of abuse I highly doubt they would show up for a kid falling off the bed. My daughter fell off the bed around that age and took her to her pediatrician, CPS never showed up at my house."

"No, you should be fine. Does MIL have a fearsome memory related to CPS or threats of it? I myself was traumatized by Cps so I could see why she’d be worried."

"Not likely. Unless the EMTs found wounds/bruising inconsistent with what you said happened, then there’s nothing to worry about. Kids fall off beds and couches all the time."

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