My mom expects me to pay her to babysit and for me to work around her schedule: Thoughts?

I could really use some advice on this. My boyfriend and I work full-time jobs, so my mom travels the 10-minute drive to our house to babysit our daughter. I pay her $20- 40 a week. I mainly just pay for the gas she uses in my grandma’s car. She doesn’t have a job and lives with my grandmother. She expects me to work around her appointments and/or her road trips to another state to see her married boyfriend with my work schedule. She also expects me to give her money for other things outside of babysitting. We can never buy anything for ourselves or for our daughter without feeling guilty for not giving her what she wants or without getting judged for buying things for the house instead of buying her things or giving her money. She expects so many things from me just because she watches our daughter, but it would be a book if I wrote it all out. I’m at my wit’s end with this. I’m thinking about looking into daycares in my area, but 1. We can’t afford a huge amount for childcare, and I’m terrified to have someone else watch our daughter with all of the horrible daycare stories I hear about, and 2. It will cause a lot of drama between my mom and me. I don’t want to cause any issues because my mom takes things way out of proportion if she doesn’t get her way, and it’s a huge fight. What should I do??