My mom constantly parents my child from under me: What can I do?

please post this but id like to stay anonymous.

My mom and I have raised my 7-year-old cousin since day 1. We have certain rules for him such as not watching youtube or eating in his room. (he was watching girls twerk on youtube and throwing leftover food under his bed to rot) Yesterday, he broke both rules which he hasn’t done in quite some time. I disciplined him but my mother swept the rug from under my feet and bought him a movie. Calmly, I explained to her that she shouldn’t treat him when he misbehaved all day. She yelled at me and in a petty way said: “sorry you feel that way”. So my first question is: Am I wrong to be upset that she gave him a treat after being naughty all day?

She said kids will do it again. also since he is 7, she thinks he doesn’t fully understand the rules. In my opinion, kids will do naughty things repetitively when they are not correctly disciplined and he does understand the rules we have in place.

My second question is: How can I discipline him when she constantly pulls the rug from under my feet?

last question: Since I was calm the first time I tried explaining how disrespected I felt, how else can I help her understand my point of view?

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My mom was like this with my niece. She actually got physical with me because she didn’t like my way. She is a pushover, and hates actually disciplining her grandkids. My sister and I have had to sit down with her and explain why they need proper discipline. How if she keeps giving in to the behavior, they will not learn a lesson. Eventually she saw the error of her ways. Maybe find a way to discipline that you both can agree on and stick to? Or, since she like to give rewards, set up a rewards system for him. If he can follow directions for the week, then he gets to choose something on the weekend.