My kids school has been upset she has been missing school for being sick...advice?

When your school puts a guilt trip on you for your kids missing school because they’re sick,  I know the difference between just a little cold and fever sick and throwing up my kids don’t just miss school over a little cold and if my kids are sick like fever, sick and throwing up then they’re staying home. My girls are ages five and 10 and recently my five-year-old has been sick a few times this year to where she’s had to stay home and her school is getting upset with me because she’s missed school due to her sickness, but I’m just like what do you expect me to do that’s my child her health comes first and foremost anyways, sorry venting


Straight up don’t worry about it. It’s your kid and their health is your priority. You’re doing great mama!


Just a thought, we thought our granddaughter just kept getting the flu & other crud going around. throwing up, tummy hurting, fever, missing quite a bit of school, turns out she was having a medical problem that wouldn’t of gotten better without a visit to the doctor.

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You just tell them to stay in their lane and if there is a problem they need to worry about, you will let them know.

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Was it a letter? They are autogenerated at our school. Just keep doing what’s best for your kiddo!

My kids school requires a drs note for them to be excused for missing days when they are sick and miss school 1-3 days out of the week.

Which helps a lot because it doesn’t count against them.

This year’s sicknesses are wild. We’ve been out a lot but private school so it’s a tad different. Always get Dr notes if they start to get on you. Incase they do anything legal. But never feel guilty for letting your kids stay home and rest and not risk other kids.

Figure out what your policies are at the school regarding illness. If we have a dr note they don’t count it against us in my district.

Bc our government says they need 180 days to learn !!!

I always take my kids to the dr if they’re home sick so they will have a dr note.


they can’t do anything about it. Ignore them

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You think they would be thanking you for keeping them home while sick (and not spreading germs around)!


Make sure you’re getting doctors excuses for each absence.

When my daughter was a freshman in high school she missed 25 days of because of migraines. I called each teacher and her counselor to let them know what was going on.

Then they’ll complain when you send them to school and have you come get them so they don’t get others sick! Make it make sense.


I have to take mine to the doctor once she’s well and get a sick note. She usually ends up missing an extra day due to that, but it’s the best way to keep them off your butt.

Could always pull her out and home school- it’s not unheard of. I make the decisions regarding my children- if they’re sick they won’t be present. Call the truancy officer

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Good on you for not sending her too many parents send sick kids too school

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If you have doctors excuses then you’re fine no matter what they say but if you don’t then you have to be careful because there are truency laws. I know someone who had to go in front of a judge over their kids missed school days.

Ya they probably miss out on gov. Money?

A doctor’s note might help.


Yea that bothers me as well. I had covid a few weeks ago and my daughter did not. So I had to take her to school while extremely sick. Anywho what bothers me the most is every time she is sick I am forced to get a doctor’s note for her to miss school. It’s frustrating let’s be honest if her stomach is upset there is nothing the doctors can do or at least they don’t. If she has a fever or a cold it’s go to Walmart and get this and that. So we are wasting our time going to the doctors just to get a school note when she/we can be resting at home taking the same walmart meds the doctors told us to get. Not to mention she has anxiety and sometimes just needs a breather sometimes are weekends can be busy. It’s a number of things that bother me. Also let me apologize I’m sure I could have explained this a bit better if it wasn’t 430am lol :laughing:

Schools have to have great attendance rates! Take care of your children :bangbang:

My kid’s school does that until I remind them of their sick policy. Just take the kid to the doctor for a sick note.


Are you getting the absences excused? If they’re excused they can’t count those but unexcused they can report you and you’ll have to go to cps court.

Attendance rates affect their scores. We need to normalize it being okay to miss more than 10 days out of 180+ days for kids. They need mental health days sometimes too. Plus they get sick that’s normal. At 4 to 5 absences my kids schools send me a letter. Even with Dr notes if one is unexcused cause say I forgot to send a note, they still send the letter. I send back, it’s my kid I think I’ll do as I please with what’s best for MY child :blush:. They don’t send me the letters anymore. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: sometimes you just gotta set em straight.

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That’s crazy. I keep mine home too. They feel like crap and need rest and two so not to spread it to any more kids. Wow I would have an issue with this. Good luck Mama

Get a drs.excuse that’s the only way to help with the missing days.We have 7 kids in school and believe me it’s very sudden one of them are not home sick.

Write ur dr to write a note excusing your child from school. Then give it to school it it’s a medical excused absence they can’t do much

I would get Dr’s notes so they don’t get u for truancy

Don’t be sorry
You know your child better then anyone else
In my part of Australia
If your kids turn up to school with a sniffle or a cough
They are instantly sent home
Untill all symptoms are gone
I can’t tell you how many times
My grandkids have had to stay home from school

Have you ever noticed,"from the age of 5 to 18 the school has are kids for the majority of their awake hours 9 months out of each year. Yet whenever theirs a issue it’s always the parents fault. Tell them to blank off the probably got more education away from the school those days Anyway. The issue empty desk means less money for them

My middle schooler was out with the flu and they called and said she’s missed 5 days you’re facing truancy we’re about to send the letter to you. I told them she has the flu and doctor note id send when she returned she was written out for 8 days and they made me email it to them. :woman_shrugging:t3:

I’m SC they send the law out to ya

Oh for goodness sake! Your child is ill and you, a responsible parent, keep them at home. How does it benefit the school or your child to send a sick, potentially infectious, child to school? If this occurs regularly I would get my child checked over by the doctor, just in case, but I’m in agreement with you.

take to dr. and yes get dr notes and take up to school yourself saying there sick its basically a back up . if dont sick or not and passed so many days school can come after you.