My kid has been sick since starting daycare...advice?

My 3 year old started daycare 3 weeks ago & has been sick since his third day. Coughing & runny nose. Took him to the doctor last week & they said nothing was wrong and that he’s probably sick from being exposed to all the germs. Which I’m sure. This is his first time being in daycare.Has anyone been through this? How long did it finally take for them to not be sick?


I had a dayhome for years and kids were always sick beginning of September after school started, first bit after Christmas, and sometimes after Easter break.

I’m going on 7 months of daycare and constant sickness for my kids. We currently all have the stomach bug :sob:

It never ends. You finally get them better and healthy, send them for a day and you have to start all over again. My son is going on two years of day care and has only just stopped coming home sick. My daughter has been going about a year and still getting sick every week.

Daycares just as adult day programs both are under paid and not fully staffed as needed. Thus causing the cause and affect syndrome in most/all centers due to the lack of employees & lack of actual preventable measures to keep down the spread of all germs/virus’s in the environments. Proper cleaning of the children’s hands and what they are touching and utilizing within the center actually do matter. Thus being said from another mother who experienced the same experience, but then I also went into a few facility’s and observed or witnessed all of this for myself knowledge as well as I also tried all other methods of probiotics and vitamins/immunity boosters etc. :disappointed:
The struggle is Real serious, shop around and find one that’s fully suitable for you and your child and to your standards because the real change that is needed is for the wages/salaries to increase for our children’s/futures sake!

You will find germs and viruses lurking in nearly all nursery schools, if it’s ok with his pediatrician, give a daily vitamin, and elderberry. :two_hearts:

My son is in 4th grade and still gets sick all the time. So much sicknesses always going around. Can’t get away from it.

Congratulations :confetti_ball: daycare and school are petri dishesn

It sounds pretty normal for a little that’s hasn’t been in care before. That can happen at any time of year but also those Littles could have siblings in school since it’s the start of a new school year. That can potentially be introducing then to some other germs as well. I’d just keep am eye on it and if it gets worse or something else happens you can always take your little back to the doctor.


I hear it doesn’t get better. Just happens every year with kids in school. After the first year of my son going to school & getting COVID I just decided to homeschool. He got sleep apnea and all sorts of issues his first year of school from getting sick all the time :rofl::sweat_smile: Healthy diet, daily vitamin for good luck. Practice good hygiene! Remind them to wash or use hand sanitizer after coughs, sneezes, touching other kids, etc. it’s super hard at this age, let alone they will literally come home sick at any age from schools! Hope it’ll get easier for ya momma!

I had three….6mos , 1 and 2.5. And it took a very long time. And tbh, it was like that while they were growing up. Thankfully, they had a doc that knew the struggle and would basically handle all three if need be at once, but within days of that makes sense. But, teaching them to wash and not touch their face. Keep things out of their mouth and don’t share drinks and stuff.

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Right of passage. It happens with most kids. Either daycare or school


Ehhh that notrmal. But my littles were at a daycare that the kids always seemed sick. Just take a look around and see what’s going on. If it doesn’t seem to let up, I’d switch.

Well if he has been home and then he gets exposed to a daycare with alot of other kids he will probley catch alot of stuff before he gets ammuned to all the sickness. I been at home working for three years went back to office I been catching everything in office.

Kids stay sick in daycare. It’s normal

I think most little go thru this unless they have older sibs that have brought colds home from school.

Nothing can be done for viruses. Most will tell you to let it run its course… Some doctors will give you something if it’s been 10 days.

Pretty much through 2nd grade. But all the runny noses, etc. means they are building and strengthening their immunities. And it’s good to get it all done in day care, because when school starts they’ll lose more if they stay home then or the homework will keep piling up while they are sick. Better to get through it all now.

Start all kids on elderberry syrup, will made a huge difference. Even in adults.

My daughter started preschool on august 10th she’s already been sick twice. She had a one day cold, she threw up in class, had the sniffles, and a fever. The 2nd sickness was last week it lasted a lot longer, it was croup cough. The one time she had a sickness that would not go away it ended up being an ear infection, did the dr look in his ears?

It never ends lol
My daughter started prek last year. Has pretty much been sick at least once a month. If not twice.

Thats normal! He is going to be sick alot! He’s building his immune system, it lasts a few months but it does get better


Probiotics and daily vitamins i got 4 ages 11 my twins 9 and my son 7. and when my oldest started school she did the same i started her on that she hasn’t hardly been sick since. So i did the same with my other 3 and they haven’t really ever been sick they had a slight tummy virus last year some time but not too bad.

Normal. Give him some locally made and sold elderberry syrup daily


A year at least. Mine was constantly sick the first year and his pediatrician said it’s either now or kindergarten. It’s inevitable but they have to build their immune systems and this is how it usually happens as annoying as it is. I usually got sick right along with him it sucked. Even now fall still sucks with all the cooties

Mine caught RSV there the first week and was hospitalized for it the second week after he started. Daycares and schools are Petri dishes

This is the new normal for the next 10 years or so.

It’s normal till he builds up an immunity

Check your sippy cups for mold

It won’t stop lol. There will be more germs, more sicknesses, more immunity building. Don’t worry, it’s all good for him. The immune system is learning and growing, so it has to face all of it in order to build defense against it all.

Mine gets sick every year and it lasts a while. They told me it’s likely ‘allergies’, but once she’s out of school - boom - NO sickness. :man_shrugging:

My son still gets sick each time school starts every year.


My daughter was a daycare baby from 6 weeks old to about 3. She was consistently sick the whole time. Everytime I would take her to the doctor their response was always “yep she’s a daycare baby” it used to make me so mad because they never did anything to help her. Once she was old enough to go to school hey immune system was built up and very rarely gets sick.

I work at a daycare and it’s a germ fest and kiddos are always sick :tired_face:

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It’s normal. We started giving our little a daily probiotic, and it has helped greatly.


If your child hasn’t built up immunity to germs then when they start nursery or school they will get everything going.

Oh it’s gonna be like that. :woman_shrugging:t3: and it’s gonna be worse when they go to school. Between kids just being gross kids and parents who are too selfish to keep their sick kids home, you’re gonna be sick all the time unfortunately.

Honestly, my kids range from 7-10 and my husband and I work different hours so we dont miss so much work. Good luck!

When you start out as a teacher, you’re continuously sick. Most of them you can just go on as normal. I must’ve had three lots of D&V in my first term though! I think you do start getting fewer bugs after the first couple of months and now I only seem to get bugs so I’m ill when the school is closed :joy:. Daycare and schools are used to it.

Both my kids were sick last year from September until July. Then it all stopped until weekend before last. And last night my oldest came down with a fever so it seems we are starting early this year.

Lol well it will come and go for the rest of his like now but will build up immunities and will with time not be as susceptible to everything that comes along…

And welcome to motherhood!!
My kids did great all summer of not being sick. First week of school, bam, sick kids. Good luck!

this sounds about right …
he sounds like he is right on track honestly …

Vitamins !!!

It just doesn’t end. Mine were sick from the time they started preschool until like…well now I guess :laughing: They’re 7 and 8 and still constantly sick. I have also been a preschool teacher for the past 7 years so whatever they don’t bring home, I definitely will.

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I work in a daycare both of my boys went threw day care expect to be sick pretty much a full year…unfortunately but then it gets a little better and by the time they reach Kindergarten their immune system is great and simple cold don’t take them out lol its just the reality no matter how clean and sanitized the daycare is kids that age are germ super spreaders

Yup my daughter has been in daycare since she was two and unfortunately it’s a constant. It slowed for a while but then she started kindergarten. Do your best to keep their immune system strong. Weather that be a good, balanced diet or vitamins. To each their own. :woman_shrugging:t2: Lots of water. Good luck mama!

My son was off sick more times then he was in. It’s normal for there first year. Yes it’s a nightmare but they are just getting every germ going x

Kids are Germy little souls, I worked in two children hospitals and was sick as a dog for 2 or 3 weeks. This too shall pass

The first year of daycare/school is basically one big never ending sickness unfortunately :confounded::weary:

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My daughter was sick like the entire first year of daycare.

Yep our ped said they actually can get sick 30 times in the first year - pretty sure my son was sick 100 times the first year

My daughter is 4 she’s sick all the time from pre k and she’s been in daycare since she was 9 weeks old

Be thankful they are developing a strong immune system. This is not a bad thing.

Young teachers are sick all the time. Old teachers are impervious to most coughs and colds.

Well, mine’s 12 now and still sick so……… :woman_shrugging:t2:

The same thing happened with our grandson so my wife decided to help out for three days a week. Her daughter could work from home the other two days and the boy no longer gets sick. Try to find someone to come into your home and look after your kid instead of sending to daycare.