My in laws haven’t said sorry for your loss

I’m not sure how to handle this. I lost my 4th baby at 25 weeks (Juniper Rayne) my in laws still haven’t said anything to me about it. I’m not sure if they’re still mad cause I moved back to MN from GA where they live. I moved cause their son was being a hoe and almost broke up his family. He was talking to a girl at work I just had a baby and I was changing her and I decided to look at his phone. He had been acting really weird for a month before baby came and I found a pic of his co worker in a towel on her bed like really. He forgot to delete it it was in the trash bin it makes me wonder what else happened. Point is I was leaving I was done this was his second time doing this and I just had a baby my family lives in MN his in GA. Well he decided to pick his family like me and the kids blocked her found a new job in MN to prove to me he wants us to work. I’m not sure if he told his parents the truth about what happened cause they haven’t spoken to me but want to talk to the kids when they call (I let them) I just can’t believe they can’t say anything to me about losing their grandchild. What should I do?