My husbands breath is horrible: How can I tell him?

I love my husband so much, and he really is the most amazing man. That being said, he has the worst breath on the planet. He brushes his teeth once a day, and on days he doesn’t have to work, he sometimes forgets. He is so sensitive though I’m scared of hurting his feelings. But oh my God y’all, it smells like something crawled in his mouth and died. HE IS SO SENSITIVE THOUGH. One morning I asked him to “breathe the other way,” and his feelings got hurt. How do I kindly tell him that he is killing me?! Lol


Have him go to the dentist and let the dentist tell him lol


He probably needs to go to dentist

He probably has periodontal disease

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Ask him if he wants a piece of gum?

Tell him… honestly. It’s a hygienic issue not a personality defect. Tell him it’s for his health. Hes an adult. He should know better.

Just tell him it stinks and say its best to get it checked

Just tell him the truth!


He should mention it to his dr. Could be a underlying condition


Tell him to go to his MD and have them check his throat for tonsil stones.

Same lol I just ask if he wants a piece of gum. If he says no I give him one anyways

Just schedule dentist visits for the whole family.

Does he brush his tongue? Lots of odors are trapped on it? Next, have him ask your dentist, it could be sinus related

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Try this…“babe your breath is unkissable…please help US by getting this addressed.”…my s/o eats so much sugar that yeast forms in his throat (gross I know) and his breath is gagable!

He’s your husband…be honest. You can tell him in a way that isn’t meant to be outright hurtful. It’s all in how you say it

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Take him to the dentist? But blind fold him and pretend ur going on a date and them BAM! DENTIST


Tell him his breath stinks… when my husbands breath stinks I tell his ass to go brush! Lol it’s part of being in a relationship you tell them when they stink…

Suggest he go to the dentist, he probably has gum disease.


Tonsil stones
Periodontal disease
Rotten tooth
Built up plaque

Tell him you made dentist appts for both of you guys (do that as well) go together
When making appt gove a heads up


He’s a grown man tell him he stinks and there’ll be no kissy kissy till it’s fixed.

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Make an appointment for him at the dentist he mite have a germ. They will tell him :mask:

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Have the dentist tell him, or his Dic

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He might have a bad tooth just say you have a bad smell in your mouth I think you might need to get your teeth checked for holes or abses excuse my spelling

I can’t help dying of laughter reading this :rofl::rofl::rofl: because on one hand if the only thing wrong with him is his breath you hit a goldmine ( especially if you read through most posts on here you’ll see exactly what I mean…) but on the other hand I know that really is an issue. Maybe just make a dental apt for both of you for a cleaning. If he has any decay, tarter, or plaque build up they can fix that! Or it could be periodontal disease which is also treatable. But really any of those things can really affect a persons breath badly.


Be honest! Tell him straight up. I do, my OH may feel uncomfortable but he wouldn’t know if I didn’t say anything


He needs ro floss his teeth and tell him to brush his tongue.

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I would tell him I’m concerned for his health. Have him go to the dentist. It could be a health issue.

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Do what I did! Go in the bathroom put toothpaste on his tooth brush and hide it while you ask for a kiss and shove the toothbrush in his mouth :joy: my man got the hint after that


Theres no other way of saying it. Tell him and thats it. Because if not itll turn u off and thats the end of that.

Make him a dental cleaning appointment! They will tell him nicely and help him to get it under control with oral health techniques as well as mouth rinses especially for his issues.

Tell him to brush his teeth and suggest chewing gum

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My partner had the same resulted in 3 teeth being pulled at the back

Tell him rinse his mouth with peroxide every morning before he brush his teeth. Leave in bout 5m problem solved.

He knows and he is sensitive because he can’t fix it. He probably has impacted guns or a rotten tooth. Book him an appointment and lovingly drop his ass off at the dentist.

I’m dying rn hahahaha! I’m so sorry

Make him a cleaning appointment at the dentist office they will educate him. He may possibly have periodontal disease which can cause really bad breath.

I just straight up tell my husband how it is :joy:

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Be honest and suggest dental appointments for both.

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Shads Belinda Fay Anella what would u do?

It may be a health issue or a bad tooth. I would suggest somehow mentioning medical and dental appointments. Say you need to go to, it’s a new year let’s do things right and healthy.

If you are his wife just talk to him. So people don’t talk about him.

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“your breath stinks”


Make him a dentist appointment

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Every morning samahan mo siya nag brush, right after kumain ihanda mo na brush niya. Do it everyday. God Bless :blue_heart:

There’s many reasons why this could be happening. Was it always like this or is this something new? If it’s something new, it’s probably a medical problem and if it’s been going all along why is it a problem now?

Just tell him. & recommend a dentist visit.

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That’s not normal, he needs to see a dentist.

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Could be many things. Halitosis, bad tooth, infection. Could be something further inside as well. Ask him to make an appointment because you’re concerned

Book him in for the dentist and explain that you think there might be an underlying issue, like maybe needs a deep clean or that there’s an infection somewhere. The dentist should up him :joy:

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Buy a Waterpik and sonic toothbrush combo for you guys to “try out” - maybe he will like it

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Maybe he has tonsil stones or something- schedule him a dental cleaning

He needs to go to dentist. Something is brewing.

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If he has any form of post nasal drip that can cause bad breath, not just bad oral hygiene. Have him see an ENT.

Get him mint gum lol

Fuck feelings lol i tell my husband babe go brush your teeth your breath STANKS.

Probably just needs a good cleaning.

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I tell my boyfriend all the time I want him to make a ent appointment as I believe it’s his sinuses that are causing it

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He might have tonsil stones! They cause horrible breath and most people dont even notice them

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You tell him: honey your breath “stinks” can you please brush your teeth, floss and mouth wash! And if that doesn’t help: set up an appointment with your dentist to see about why his breath stinks!:eyes:

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Stock up on mouthwash and all kinds of toothpaste , new toothbrush , floss etc.

Girl if you don’t tell that boy to brush his teeth and tongue and floss!

But on a more serious note, he may have tonsil stones or something causing the bad breath aside from not brushing. Honestly, though, it’s better you break the news to him than someone else. There is no “nice” way to tell someone their breath stinks, unfortunately. The offender will always take it super personal.

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I’d just be bluntly honest. They have mouth washes your dentist can get you for that exact reason, even if he does brush daily. It isn’t something he should feel embarrassed about. There can more reason behind way it smells so bad

I’d have to tell him I couldn’t deal with that and have anyone talking about him behind his back just be like babe I love you and I don’t want to hurt your feelings which is why I’m saying this but you seem to have a funny smell in your mouth should be brushing at least twice a day if he smokes then three times a day x

" Hey look your halitosis is in need of a dentist. "

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Tell him his breathe stinks. We tell each other all the time if each others breath stinks. There could be an underlying issue causing her breath to stink

Why would you not be able to tell him this.

Probably needs a good cleaning

They have mouthwash to help with that unfortunately my husband lost the prescription for that because I told my husband his breath smelled so bad it would make an onion cry. I even left my husband for a while because his hygiene was so bad. Because no matter how nice or mean I was here wouldn’t do anything. Trust me I’ve tried EVERYTHING except making him use prescription mouth wash

I had a dentist who’s breath smelled bad, he had haleltosis

It’s usually a sign of infection, either in his teeth or his gums. It’s important to get it checked, an infection unchecked can eventually lead to health complications unrelated to his teeth.

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I heard heard don’t know for sure how true it is but if a person doesn’t poop for a very VERY long time their breath can same gross. Now I really need to google this because I’m super curious lol

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Just tell him ! Better you telling him than other people avoiding him

Ya breath stank. Next.


Brush your tongue thoroughly

If you can’t have honest conversations with your spouse, why are you married?:woman_facepalming:


Hygienist here! He really needs to brush at least twice a day! A lot of bacteria can reside on the tongue so he needs to get in the habit of brushing that too. There’s a lot of rinses that can help with halitosis (bad breath) I would just get him into the dentist for a cleaning, there could be several things going on that are causing it. When you make the appt I would tell the front desk your concern but have it be anonymous to him and then maybe they can address it when he’s there. I see this ALL the time, it’s very common. Periodontal disease can cause the rotten smell you’re describing and it’s terrible but can be helped! Good luck!


He needs to scrape his tongue probably

Bad breath can signal underlying health conditions. He might even have tonsil stones which can stink. Just tell him.


Talk sweetly to him about maybe health issues you are concerned about or dental issues start somewhere with appts. Coukd be stomache issue also. Mean time buy mouthwash and mints. Not to taje the place of dental issues tho. You could secretly tell them when you call for appt to tell dentist to take note but plz don’t mention you said anything .

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Hand him some mouth wash every day and tooth brush he is too grown to not do it


My ex would just say Go eat an onion. By that I would go brush and floss and mouthwash.

If u can’t even tell your husband his breathe stinks you have bigger problems :sweat_smile: also he should speak with a doctor if it is all the time

Just tell him you love him and you want him to be healthy so you guys can live a long happy life together. Ask him if it’s okay for you to schedule a dental appt. to check out the cause, and so he can get suggestions on what he can do to fix the problem. Show him it’s because you love him, not because it bothers you.

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My husband just tells me my breath is kicking

How long yall been married???:flushed:

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Use a mouth wash called “Smart Mouth” it works wonders. It actually gets rid of morning breath which I was skeptical of…but it really works. You can buy it anywhere I think. Amazing product.

Is he a mouth breather? A dry mouth can lead to bad breath or snoring too. To not hurt his feelings maybe do a breath check yourself when your around him lol breath into your hand with it right up to your nose and be super dramatic about it. Omg my breathe reaks!! See if he picks up on it.

I’m sorry but if you can’t tell your own husband his breath stinks without him getting hurt that pretty sad he is an adult not a kid. Tell him I love you but your breath smells bad please make a dentist appt. It’s better to hear it from his wife then from a stranger who will probably be rude or to let him walk around unknowingly with nasty breath.

Bad breath - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic maybe this will help?

Omfgggggg. Tell him his breath stinks, and to brush his teeth and to also grow up if he’s that damn sensitive :roll_eyes:

It could be coming from his gut he could have an ulcer he might have decaying teeth go to the dentist

Just be like “hey sweetie y’all breathe is stanky wanna gobby”?


Schedule a dentist appt. could be rotten teeth. Get the gums cleaned as well.

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Tell him that you would like both of you to start having better oral hygiene habits. Say you would like him to start brushing twice a day (morning and night), flossing, and using mouth wash. Do it together at the same time each day.

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It might be kind to “out of the blue” read an article aloud about how dental health affects general health - it’s true and might seem loving if you register surprise and vow that you are going to try to

Uh open ur mouth and talk 💁

Make him a dentist appointment lmao

Make dentist appointments for both of you. That way he’s not singled out.

I would just tell my husband :woman_shrugging:t2:

Floss… regular cleanings… tongue scraper & listerin!!!