My husband pays child support for a kid that moved out: Advice?

What can I do about my husbands situation with child support? His 17 year old daughter moved out of her moms house and into her boyfriends house… he still pays $600 a month in child support for her but I feel this is unfair because she doesn’t live there and mom is NOT giving her any of the money she keeps it for herself… is there anything we can do about this?


Yes, tell him to take her back to court to modify the court order


Why aren’t we asking why the daughter doesn’t just come live with dad then?

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It’s been years, but my mom and dad went thru this when I was a kid. I moved out at 16, in August, and my dad had to continue paying my mom child support. My dad took her to court that following April, and she had to pay it all back. So it might seem unfair at the moment, but he’s doing the right/legal thing. There is a remedy.


Is she living with the boyfriend alone or with the boyfriend’s family who is now supporting them? She might not be ready for emancipation.

It’s just one more year or less of support until the daughter is 18, right? So decide if it’s worth it to pay a lawyer, go to court and deal with the paperwork which might all take a good chunk of time, like several months anyway. Not sure how backed up the courts are where you live,

How close is dad to daughter? If so he needs to talk to her about emancipation if she is taking on an adult role before 18 most emancipation can happen at 16. Also this can be beneficial to the child because she can take on adult roles such as putting bills in her name and getting credit before 18.

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You have to go back to court. File for a modification to have support paid directly to the daughter. Also, if the daughter is working, they may take that into account too.

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If there is any back support. He still has to pay. You have to have paperwork from their landlord or have some government agency stating that the 17 year old has moved out and is not being supported by the mother in any way. Proof is key. If the 17 year old gets anything from the mother good luck the odds aren’t in the father’s favor or if the 17 year old isn’t emancipated either. Then he’d have to ask the court for a review of the order and to modify that order. It depends upon which state the child lives in also.

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Is mom providing insurance and car stuff and anything? Don’t take support from child. Tmkids don’t get that the money we spend like health insurance and co-pays adds up each moth even birth control.

Goodluck. We had to pay on my husbands daughter till till she was 19, not living with her mom and she was pregnant. Reported it multiple times and nothing was ever done. Now my husband is paying child support plus she gets money from his VA check and she ain’t supposed to. She told them he wasn’t paying child support

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If it’s court ordered, the custodial parent gets the money…the courts aren’t going to have it changed to a minor. Sucks but you should need to tough it out for another year

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I’m confused. She’s a minor. Why isn’t she living with her parent? What kind of parent lets a minor move out? Doesn’t that automatically mean dad can just have the daughter live with him? Wtf?


If he owes back support, then there’s nothing you can do because he will have to pay until he’s caught up. But, if he doesn’t owe back support, he can definitely take her to court

U have to go to court and modify it so it goes to the child .if it’s court order .u just can’t stop it or give it to her because they will still take it out of check

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In nevada, my daughter moved out at 17. I reported it to child support. He is in the arrears and it’s automatically taken from his account. I stopped receiving child support until she turned 18 then the back child support that he owes started. He can report it to the court as well

Personally id be giving it straight to the daughter considering shes not living there…
Id defo speak to someone about it doesnt seem right as its for the child… whos nearly an adult living somewere else xxxx

Do not pay it to the child. The child is not 18. Suck it up and pay the support for another year. What the mother does with it isn’t your business :expressionless:

You gotta go back to court tell them the situation it will go to her or be stopped orit will go to the daughter


Have dad contact child support services. He has to pay until she’s 18 but maybe they can get it to the daughter.

He will have to pay it either way but his daughter could petition to have it go to her instead of mom

Take the ex-wife back to court. He shouldn’t have to pay if the daughter moved out.

Look a couple of the people mentioned I’d give it to the kid too

You can take her to court and pay lawyers

Stop paying the mom and pay the daughter. Keep all records of payment. File for court change and have provided proof of payments to daughter

Contact your Boyfriends child support case manager, and let him know the situation :four_leaf_clover:

Send it straight to the child not the mother. And if the mother tries to say u didn’t pay it have proof that u did pay it 2 the child

If it’s court ordered he has to go get a different court order to change anything.

He needed to file with court to ask for a modification hearing

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Bitching about a lousy 150 a week? Are you serious? That’s pathetic child support. Any parent knows that even when they move out especially at that age they are coming home for food, doing laundry, “borrowing” money for bills and using the car. How many 17 year old kids actually make it on their own? I wouldn’t be with a guy that didn’t want to pay his child support

Report it to the court with her new address .

Pay it directly to the daughter or put it aside and go back to court

If she’s in school you gotta pay still. He made that kid…

Give it to the kid and not mom

Go back to court and have her emacapeted

We went through this. She also didn’t tell us he quit school or moved out for over a year and we paid the entire time. Take her ass to court.

If he is up to date on his case alls you have to do is file a motion for a court date

Umm don’t you have to be 18 to move out?
Isn’t this considered "contributing to the delinquency of a minor ” right now?

Go back to court and either have it stopped or transferred to your daughter…

Give it to your daughter in a money order you keep a copy do not pay the mom none …you will be fine …

Go back to court…talk to your husband and you do it. I took my husband daughters mom to court for child support and got it!!! She brought up that I had no right, that it’s between him and her and the judge told her no that the child was in Our house and I was a wife not a girlfriend or friend, A Wife!!! Well she was on child support!!! I gave the $$ to my daughter!

Your husband gets to take her back to court

Call the department of revenue report that the child no longer resides with the mother they will.close the case

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It should go to the child

I’d take the daughter away from the boyfriend before she gets pregnant smh 17? How is dad not PISSED? Just worried about child support? She still a minor!!!

I was 17 when my pregnants were divorcing and I was pregnant and lived with my bf and they literally gave no fucks they still had my mom pay my dad support because I lived with him last

Does your husband have an issue with that?
If not, I’d advise you to stay in your lane

I’m surprised he’s paying $600 for one kid! Most of the time it’s way less. He needs to speak to his custody attorney. Maybe custody can be switched to him. Also how are two teens paying all of their bills?!?

Only way to stop that is if she’s emancipated otherwise he’s gotta pay u tio the child turns 18 or as long as is still in highschool he still has to pay even if older then 18

In Mississippi it pay till there 21 and doesn’t matter if they living with you or not ur stuck paying it till they 21

Ask court to modify support

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