My husband makes comments about me staying home: Advice?

My daughter was born in February, and I was able to stay home with her. Sometimes my husband makes remarks like "You get to see her all the time " and “I wish I could stay home” and other stuff, kind of like he wants to be the one staying home and like I have so much time I can do anything, which obviously isn’t true. Lol, I wish he knew how hard it is mentally, but I definitely wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I keep having dreams as I’ve been back to work, and then I tell him I refuse to go the next day because I need to stay home with our daughter. I love being able to stay home, and if I needed to go back financially for us, I would in a heartbeat, but I wish he understood how mentally hard it is because I worry that I’m not doing anything to help pay the bills. Also, my mother n law thinks I’m going back to work when she’s one year.