My Husband Is Saying Hurtful Things

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"'If I wanted someone to just watch the kids I would hire a daycare service' 'Do you know how much happier I would be if I was single' Just a few of the choice words my husband said to me this morning before going to work. I’m 7 months pregnant and taking care of our 10 month old and 8 year old. I’m lost. I’m sad. I’m lonely and I’m seriously about to lose it. I’m exhausted. and I feel completely worthless."

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"I’d tell him to go be single then you're not stopping him"

"No that is not okay!! Do not let him by with those comments! Stand up for yourself!"

"He’s a narcissistic man. I hate to say this but you probably better off alone or tell him exactly how it makes you feel. If he can’t accept it and change then move on"

"Tell him there the door is… why is he still with you if he’s so unhappy. He's just making you feel bad."

"I’d tell him, then go be single. You're doing it on your own by the sounds of it anyways. You don’t deserve what he is saying to you."

"You’ve heard this a million times and I know it seems impossible but LEAVE. whatever option you have to make that work take it because his words will get worse and his actions will become not so nice either."

"Don’t give up on yourself. Please don’t let him talk down to you like your nothing. If I was in that situation I’d grant his wish and leave with the kids leaving nothing but a note Now you can be happy single. He sounds emotionally abusive. Get out asap. This will not be healthy for you or the kids. Do you want your kids to treat others the way he does you? They see this & will do what’s modeled in front of them."

"Change the locks and tell him to go be single then. You’re worth so much more."

"Divorce him & don’t look back!"

"I know it’s always easier for someone on the outside to say… But please, your kids are hearing and seeing how he treats you. You don’t want your girl to think this is how women should be treated, and you wouldn’t want your boy to think this is how he should treat his wife. Or anyone in between. If you can’t be strong for yourself, be strong for your children. This isn’t ok, even if he’s just in a bad mood and apologizes later. This is never, ever ok. Words do more damage than so many people realize. Damage that cannot begin to be repaired until you’re out of the situation. Good luck, and know that even though I don’t know you, I know your worth is more than what he shows you."

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