My husband is not excited about my pregnancy

about 2 months ago my husband and I talked about having baby #3. Then we decided against it because we are so close to being out of diapers and being able to take a real vacation … well found out this morning I’m pregnant . Husband is in denial . Usually we celebrate right away when the test comes or positive , but we haven’t talked about it since this morning … what do I do ?


He’ll come around and there’s not much you can do about it honestly. Just enjoy your pregnancy and good luck with baby #3

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give it time. im sure it was unplanned but not unwanted, for him too. he may just be in shock or maybe he had already imagined being done w diapers n stuff. don’t touch the subject for now n just wait a few days to see how he reacts…congrats! a baby is always a blessing!

Just give him time he will come around and be excited

Give yourself a second to let it settle. The excitement will come. In a few years the vacations, no diapers, and sleep will also come. Once that baby is here you wont be able to picture life without him or her. Just give yourself a few days. Everything will be just how it is meant to. :purple_heart: Congratulations

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The ols trick of we want a baby and when you decide not to have a baby you end up knocked up it happen to me :joy:

Ur pregnant. And It took both of you to make this beautiful baby. He will come around. It will be ok. Babies are a blessing. Congrads.

The shock will wear off!

Take your vacation now while you can.


Give it time to sink in. I’m sure he’s in shock

Congratulations! Maybe he just needs some time for it to sink in. Sounds like he’s shocked about it.

I think he will be happy. Obviously this baby was meant to be! Congratulations

Give him a little time💗

Mine about fell out of his chair when I told him last month… All I said was i need a bigger vehicle… At dinner… Lol and then handed him the tests. We have a 4 year old and a 1 1/2 year old :smiley::smiley: he’ll come around. He was puzzled for a few hours but then he instantly started talking about names.


Go on vacation while you can.


Go on that vacation, give it some time and then talk.


Just give it time, it is what it is so…sometimes things are not planned but I can say from personal experience, my 2nd child was planned, and 3rd one was not. They are 17mnths apart, altho they are 18 & 19 years old now but still live with me lol so I can say u will make it work and u may be surprised with how much u love the 3rd child…

Just give him some time he’ll come around I’m sure

Give him a few days to adjust. He’ll come around. Mine always did.

Have that wonderful child it is a gift always a gift babies are never a bad thing I truly believe you’ll regret any other choice


Same happened to us except my husband never came around to accepting her. I left him 10weeks pregnant and our divorce was final when she was 8 weeks old. After she was born he realized he loved her but by then it was too late for our marriage. I will never forget the day he found my prenatal vitamins and he lashed out on me, I will always remember that moment. Now I have a beautiful 2 year old that was not planned, however she is everything I could ever hope for. Shes my baby cakes


My husband & I just had our baby #3. Not planned and a total surprise! I cried for days and my hubby was in denial for a while. Then we accepted it and now I have three beautiful babies :heart: God gave you a baby, not a death sentence. Pack up your kids, go on vacation & talk about it/deal with it when you get back :tipping_hand_woman:t3: This will give him time to process and it will be a great way to take your mind off it for a little while until you’re both ready to deal.


Have a baby… Not go on vacation :joy::joy::joy:


He should of pulled out then


I had a surprise baby #3 and I can’t imagine my life without her. She’s clever and amazing! And yes go on that vacation…

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My sons father was in denial for almost a month before he finally started coming around. Give him time. He is probably just in shock after yall decided not to. He will come around just go on vacation while you still have time.


Talk about it and enjoy. Some things are meant to be.

He will likely get over it. We got pregnant with our 6th a month after our 5th was born :sweat_smile: my husband was pretty shocked for awhile

He has unprotected sex, you’re not on birth control and he’s in denial??? How does he think pregnancy happens? If he didn’t want another baby y’all should have taken precautions.


Um it hasn’t even been 12 hours yet lol. Maybe he had his heart set on taking you away for a holiday and now needs to rethink it all lmao. Just let him process it. He’s a male, they take longer for that lol

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Don’t forget men see dollar signs going out the front door when a new baby is about to become apart of the family.

Give him some time. My husband never was over the moon excited but he was happy each time I told him we were expecting. It’s just how he is, and honestly after the first one I didn’t make the announcement a surprise. It can be hard especially since y’all decided to not have anymore, he just got his head there and now he has to get used to thinking of another one on the way.

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Give him time to adjust.

What can you do? Lol give him time to let it sink in and have a baby.

You take care of yourself follow the doctor’s orders and he goes and gets a vasectomy

Sit down and talk about it🤷‍♀️ & get your tubes tied, have him get a vasectomy after you have this baby if you both don’t want anymore kids.

I’m seven months PP and I’m eight weeks pregnant and let me tell you that is NOT what we planned but we weren’t taking the precautions we should’ve so here we are :woman_shrugging:t4::joy: I’m definitely still in denial and didn’t even talk about with him for the first few weeks we found out but it’s becoming more real I guess I don’t have time to focus on my pregnancy as much as I did with my first because my little one is needing constant attention :joy:

Nothing… let it sink in and then enjoy! Making a baby is a joint effort.

Join the club!!! 🙋:grin::baby_bottle::scream::baby:🤦

Accept gods gift with grace and be happy

I was on birth control because my husband didn’t want another felt our family was complete w/ 2 a boy & a girl… Found out before our youngest was 2 that I was pregnant w/ our surprise # 3… Another girl had her when our older girl was 2 1/2… Honestly my husband was in shock too & didn’t really even warm up to the idea of having a 3rd especially so soon until the 1st ultrasound & even more so when I almost lost her at 9weeks because of the placenta starting to tear away he realized then that he did very much want this 3rd child… She truly completes our family & can’t see life w/o her. :blush: We were meant to be a family of 5. :sparkling_heart: Congratulations on your surprise baby & good luck w/ everything :hugs:

You go buy diapers, that baby is coming rather he likes it or not