My husband has been playing call of duty mobile and talking to girls: Thoughts?

Not ok. Why does it need to go beyond the game? Sending pics ? Not good!! Setting a foundation for an affair- emotional and/or physical.


2 choices, really. Accept he’s untrustworthy and turn a blind eye - OR end the relationship.


Depends what kind of pictures are being sent lol if it’s just memes or screenshots of the game then stop worrying, he may have only changed the lock because you had an issue with that and he feels strongly it’s not an issue.

But if it’s graphic pictures and the phone is now locked to you then yeah, dump him ? :joy:


If you are going through your partner’s phone, there are trust issues to start with


My partner plays cod, sometimes on his phone and that is not part of the game whats so ever, do not take that as an excuse. Hes been talking to girls and sharing pictures with them, thats a huge red flag and if it were innocent he wouldn’t have changed his passcode. Ive been in that situation before, caught an ex partner talking to a girl, he said it was innocent, and then changed his passcode, to continue talking to girls. U need to have a serious chat with him and tell him u know its not part of the game ets.


speaking as a man, If he’s changed his password to his phone there’s something to hide. My partner could never remember my phone password (she uses it to play games on now and then), so I changed it to 1234 for her. I’m always leaving it lying around so she can check it anytime she needs


Separate account, talking to other women, and a password change? You already know what the answer to all of this is. Its tough with kids, but 100% this behavior is less than innocent at minimum. His behavior is dictating the reaction. You’re not exaggerating. Shut that shit down.


If I had nothing to hide, there would be no problem having a significant other use each other’s phones. He’s most likely hiding something. I’ve been there years ago and learned from that. And why isn’t he spending his Call of Duty time with you, anyways? Perhaps create family time with video games?


Well maybe he wouldn’t have changed his password if you hadn’t gone through his phone like an insecure person. If he has never given yoy reason not to trust or believe him then he probably stopped when you asked. Unless he’s sending or receiving nudes then you shouldn’t care.


He changed his password and made a new fb to talk to them and also is sending pics . NOPE ! He already did those things behind your back that’s cheating in itself. You only found out cuz went thru phone so he said he stopped and then changed his phone password ? So he didn’t stop :raised_hand: my ex did the same with the phone password thing and found out he was cheating on me . Sooo , I mean I would already leave bevauee he already cheated and has made the intent on sexual cheating with these girls if given chance to meet in person . he’s already cheated so I would LEAVE . But if you don’t wanna throw marriage away say to delete fb new page delete the game and app and give the password or you’re gone


A real man would put they game away and be a father to his 4 children, instead of making extra FB accounts and changing his password.

If he doesn’t want to be present in your marriage or with his children and wants to play in his sad little make believe gaming world, let him. Leave him and let them have him.

His lack of respect for you is unacceptable. Do not continue to accept his behavior.

Boundaries. Make them, keep them. Don’t let him make you feel bad about having them.


He’d already be deceased if he were my partner… :woman_shrugging:


Sorry my partner plays cod and has never sent photos to girls. Granted there are a fair few who play online they speak during the game and that’s it.


Well now that you’ve put that all in writing. Read it. Out loud to yourself. If those words came out of your BFF mouth what would you tell her?
It’s not right. Period. I’m actually angry over it for you…


Since he can’t respect your feelings, when he goes to sleep either delete the whole profile that has taken many hours to create or cut the damn cord on the game (including controllers, break the games n bust the game system) tell him since he couldn’t make that “hard” decision to stop talking to others, you did it for him as a courtesy from his WIFE!


Four kids ? How the hell does this man have time to game ? Tell him to get off the damn game and help with the kids when he comes home from work ! Lol


Oh that’s all the red flags. It’s quite obvious that he intends to keep his shit private. There’s something going on. But… Why are you calling them girls btw? Is that intentional, cause would people over 18 be called women?


Changing the password is already guilt. He knows what he’s doing is wrong but you could also get into it with him.? Are the pics inappropriate/sexual?


My husband and I both play CODM. It’s not part of the game. There is no need to talk to ANYONE outside of the game. The only reason to talk is when you’re in a team and to discuss the game.


In your heart you already know what needs to be done. He’s lying to you. So even if he deleted the game and got rid of it you wouldn’t be able to trust him. He made a separate fb account (wtf) so he can talk to girls. Take the kids and leave him. A man that loves you and really cares about wouldn’t do that to you! My parents have been together 35 years and my Dad would never pull this kind of shit with my mom.

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Id be posting a photo of us with a caption about being married and tag his alt account in the dead of the night so it crops up on his timeline but im very much aware on of my strong bad traits is being passive aggressive so…


As a woman who used to play cod (on xbox though)
Pictures are not needed to be sent, unless it’s about the game I guess :woman_shrugging:
Plus I had more than enough encounter of guys saying inappropriate things or trying to constantly flirt.
Made one normal male friend on there that I could have a normal conversation with, and he never made a new fb, could tell it was his because of how far back it went. Plus we only really messaged on xbox.
The whole changing the passwords says it all though


He is putting way too much effort and attention into that game by the sound of it and not enough into his relationship with you.
You wouldn’t have felt the need to ask if he was!
Talk to him, tell him how it makes you feel. His reaction to that will tell you everything you need to know.

Do what makes you happy, don’t let anyone make you feel insecure or any less. know your worth :blue_heart:

Walk and don’t look back!!! He’s not worth your time!!!

I play this mobile game too and it is NOT part of the game to talk to girl. I don’t talk to anyone, just play. Also a whole new Facebook? No ma’am. He is being slimey.

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In my mind, if any significant other feels the need to hide something, then they either know its wrong, or it’s something they feel guilty about.

Sounds like you both should put the phone down and talk and/or seek counseling.
You shouldn’t be going through his stuff. He might just feel that way too, and changed the pw so you couldn’t.
I have a pw on my phone that I change frequently. I don’t give it to my husband, though I will if asked, or if I need to him get in my phone. I am 100% NOT hiding anything, but if I ever lost or left my phone somewhere, I definitely don’t want strangers seeing my stuff. And I have a kid who could do all kinds of wreckage on my phone.
You both simply need to talk it out, otherwise this is already a failed relationship because there is obviously no trust or communication with you, or him.
There needs to be a lot of personal growth here before you can both grow together.

I play COD on mobile. That not part of the game. My fiance and I play together, our passwords are same. He knows i talk to guys with my mic. What he doingband my fiance agrees he cheating.

Log on to his site under a different name and picture make a date with him and see if you catch catch a thief one got to think like a thief.

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Sounds like you already had issues if you go through his phone


The amount of women on here that want to bury their head in the sand is astounding. These are the people you hear stories from that their partners had long affairs or cheated on the for decades and they didn’t know.

Ladies, we somehow got the idea that we can’t question someone we are in an intimate relationship with when they are being shady. You are sharing a life with someone so that means you get to dig around, question them and do whatever else when the person is not acting like a mature adult. It’s not like she was bored on a Wednesday and decided to snoop. He gave her cause. She can’t just up an disappear with 4 kids in the blink of an eye. A little common sense…

If you didn’t know what to do, it wouldn’t be killing you. Move along Queen. You never know where it will take you.

He must think you are that naive. Idk but to change the password means only one thing

Marriage is based on trust, perhaps he is not getting the attention at home he needs. I know you have 4 kids that take up your time. But perhaps you both me some time together. And do not start accusing him,

Make up an anonymous account yourself and chat with him


You already know the answer to your question . Woman listen up …because there is only one reason a password is changed blocking you from access… you tell him you want transparency in this relationship or you pack up your shit and move on and don’t look back . Leave this punk

Well, I understand when playing those games there’s a lot of communication between players going on but, it’s the exchanging of pics that worrisome. So, my suggestion would be sitting down like two adults and talking, not screaming and accusing, about how this makes you feel and setting some kind of boundaries with this game that would make you feel more comfortable while still allowing him to play it. Compromise.
As for the locked phone situation, my take on it is you are probably constantly going through his phone and causing arguments to the point of him feeling like he has to keep it locked… Again, you need to compromise on that situation as well. If you don’t get a grip on your jealousy feelings now and talk this out it’s only going to eat you alive and you’re never going to have any peace within yourself which will cause major fighting and possibly separation or divorce. Sometimes if you accuse someone long enough of doing something it’s possible to push them into doing it.

I play it and have never spoken to anyone


Block their numbers…Change all of their numbers to your number in his phone while he’s sleeping

Dude… I play COD online and never have I ever spoken to or added people on my personal social pages EVER. I hear them talking and shit but I don’t interact because… why? I think it’s pointless and stupid for him to do that. It’s a mobile app - it’s not even real gaming in my opinion. There’s no scrims - no clan matches - no international matches… it’s straight up just an app.

It’s one thing to be playing a game and talking to the people on the game (like on how game systems you can play it live with your headset on) but it’s another thing to make a new Facebook, send these girls pictures, have the girls send you pictures, changed his password on his phone, and then lie + tell your wife it’s part of the game… no, no it’s not dude!

I’d say don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you :wave:t2:

Yall should have been focusing on Warzone and it wouldn’t have turned into a warzone lol.

I am so sorry. Hold your head high and move on to a better life without him.

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Relationships begin in games all the time unfortunately :sleepy:

:speaking_head:Leave and find your brain cause girl what

How on earth do some people end up with such gross partners :neutral_face::neutral_face:

If there is no trust there is no relationship :confused:

Sending pictures isn’t apart of any video game whatsoever. Divorce him. He’s cheating.

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Seems like she already knows what to do, no trust no love :man_shrugging:t2: am i wrong? No i am not

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Making a whole different Facebook account to talk to them? That’s shady

He’s cheating that’s what social media does !!!

My question is what are the pictures of? If it’s screenshots of the game, or topics related to it, that’s fine. Your partner is allowed to have friendships and bonds with people who are not you.

If it’s of lewds/nudes, then that’s where you should have issues. If that’s the case, tell him to be done with them or you’re done with him :woman_shrugging:t2:

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This is up there with a woman needing some plumbing jobs doing while the husband is at work.

Can I ask what kinda pictures like gaming photos ?
Have you seen those type of chicks that play games :face_vomiting:
Ahaha I wouldn’t worry babe
Apparently cuz you can’t pause call of duty some of them even get buckets to pee in so they don’t leave there room

I was with a gamer for a while
They never worried me :face_with_raised_eyebrow::joy:

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Yeah, he’s cheating o. You… and you know it.

Dump him and he will soon come crawling back

Are the pictures of the game, or of themselves? There’s no reason to send pictures of themselves for the game.

Get a divorce

You lost trust
Without that you have nothing


Focus On Dem Kids And Yoself

Well… what is the context of the pictures being sent? If you’ve been through his phone completely and seen the pictures they’ve sent and the pictures he’s sent back, that right there answers this entire question. If it’s just game related stuff, you may be a little paranoid but should still stay on top of the situation just in case, or as his partner sit him down and tell him your not comfortable with the situation in general and ask him to play something else. But if it’s photos of themselves the girls are sending to him and he’s sending photos of himself back, then it’s clear as blue sky, that mans a hoe and there’s some issues that need to be dealt with pronto. Idk why I didn’t see barely anyone else in the comments address what the context of these photos and conversations was

Idk as a gamer i could say ur husband is doing wrong


Why would you care? You go through his phone? I would start with getting some self respect and a job cause it sounds like you have too much spare time.


The one thing I NEVER, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER do is deny my wife when it comes to who I talk to. I agree with most here. He IS hiding something. There is NO reason to be talking to anyone outside of the game they are playing. I do have female friends, but my wife knows exactly who they are and when I talk to them. She even knows most of them personally. The only ones she doesn’t know are the ones that live all the way across the country and I RARELY speak to them anyway. I wish you the best. Good luck.

Get out!! Coming from a tired, dumb ass momma who is living through years of other females in his phone and always defensive and twists shit back on me saying I’m crazy!! He’s honestly thinking I didn’t crack his pass code again!!! Like I said though, run because I’m the Dumb ass that still hasn’t…:

Why would you go through his phone? If you don’t trust him, leave. My husband goes on vacation with his childhood woman friend, and I don’t think anything of it. He has lots of female friends…

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Are you serious ? Im surprised you even have to ask. Its pretty clear hes using this game as a platform to cheat and meet women and have pics sent back and forth. Get rid hun. You’re worth so much more than that lying piece of shite x

Your Husband is a pathetic child. Smack him round the back of his head with a shovel, then pack your bags and leave for a real man. :wink:

He is bored and looking for excitement somewhere
How is your sex life that will give you one answer
How much attention and conversation does he give you.
Do you do things together.
This should help you figure what direction to go

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Trust me its no issue…

He is playing a game, half the time he cannot choose who he has on his team

And as a guy who does that while married i can guarantee you the last thing on our minds is wanting them in our bed.

More interested in if she can handle her own coz i cbf reviving everyone​:ok_hand::ok_hand:

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The kind thing to do is just divorce him. You are going through his phone, he is changing passwords. Neither of you trust the other anymore. Your marriage is already over, whether you want to accept it or not. Every minute that passes now is just going to add to the pain when you both finally accept it.

So ill be real honest the biggest reason a man flirts is his own insecurity, I Did it myself. Til I wound up with 50 phone numbers but never called a single one. Its like we have something to prove to ourselves. If its several women your prob ok and he prob wouldn’t cheat hes feeding his ego. If its one specific woman be worried. Do you really think we can hide an entire harem of females from our spouse. Clearly he’s not good at being sneaky anyways. If he wanted to cheat 1 female would be sufficient. If his goal is to cheat you can’t stop it anyways and at that point its time to accept reality. It all depends on how much you love him if you choose to stay and put up with his insecure shenanigans.

This is hit n miss. We used to play World of War craft and take screes hots and videos of chat/gaming moments and share them in a Facebook group we made…
That said if he’s doing things you said made you feel uncomfortable (though controlling) should have been taken into account

Edit: The amount of women on here showing they’re being controlling to their other halves and not seeing the hypocrisy… Wow…

If it was JUST the game, he wouldn’t need a separate social media account and he SURE AS HELL doesn’t need to send and recieve intimate images from these people.

Time to move on, fuck him and his women

Maybe take an interest in the games he’s playing , he may just be looking for someone to connect with with shared interests , don’t listen to all these dumbasses telling you to bail , they clearly don’t know how to Mai rain a healthy relationship

He’s bored AF with you.

He sounds incredibly immature

There is a difference between playing a game and sending pictures

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Take a hammer to that game console. GROWN ASS MEN.shouldnt be playing kid games. If that dont work take HAMMER to the t.v. … Problem solved.

Leave, you don’t trust him. Simple.

Download the game and play with him

Tell him it’s his family or the game

Sounds like u need a hobby or a job maybe read a book do something mfs like you do not need to be married​:unamused::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I play online games and I play with a lot of guys but I have never and will never send them pictures or message them outside of the game. This is crossing the line.

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Believe. Their. Actions.

I’d choke him out with the phone

All part of tbe game hes playing with your :eyes:

This dude sounds like a loser. Dump him👎🏻

Join his new Facebook and introduce yourself, or play call of duty with them

First class bastard that’s what hé is… Hé is cheating so never accept this.

What type of pictures?
If their game related than no issue, if their not than abit suspicious

I have seen the tv advert for this online game. They show the two players chatting at the end.It is blatantly promoting opportunities to chat engage or otherwise.You need to pull the plug on this one.

Hes a fkn liar. Tell him to open that phone in front of you or he’s history. Cheating and lying thats what he’s doing.

Hell no, I play the call of duty mobile, no u don’t just go make a Facebook and send each other pics. Tf

Sounds like trouble & a problem.

Yup his cheating once password gets changed he has something to hide.


“A part of the game”
I play. No it’s not.

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Start playing too, see how quick it changes


Never heard of the game, what is its purpose?

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Bradley Stephens sounds so familiar :face_with_monocle:

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