My Husband Has Been Begging Me for Back: Advice?

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"So… I posted a little over a month about my husband’s infidelity which has been basically going on for the 10 years we are together. But the most recent was he has a girlfriend for the last year of our marriage. We have since split…… but the man is crying at me everyday and begging for me back… also drinking himself to death. I try to be calm, cool and collective about this whole situation but me telling him I want to continue with divorce is tearing him apart. I don’t really know what to do in this situation. We both currently reside in our marital home, although he stays out a lot. Mostly because we both can’t afford separate places to live and I don’t have family here. We have kids together. Idk if this background helps. Thanks in advance for any advice!!"

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"He is sad because he can’t have his cake and eat too. Do not feel sorry for him. He will find someone crazy enough to let him move in."

"Don’t go back to him knowing he will cheat on you again. He wants his girlfriend and his wife. Can’t have it both ways dude. That’s a him issue."

"Can you move back to where you are from? If so move. He’s not worth it! Hugs momma your doing a great job."

"Tell him to get out! Find a new place or move in with his girlfriend. Get a separation agreement on paper and March your butt to the courthouse. Move on sister."

"Let him cry, he did it to himself. He had no remorse for the ten years he was actively cheating, and he doesn’t have it now. He’s crying bc you found out and separated, trying to guilt you into taking him back. F*ck him and his feelings. He didn’t care one bit about your feelings or dignity while he was out on you for a decade."

"If you still want the divorce…move forward with the divorce. He cares now…but it’s too late. You deserve to move on and be happy. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Don’t give him the opportunity to do it again. He made his bed…let him lay in it and roll in his misery!"

"You deserve better, he cries because he is wrong. Move forward with the divorce. Can you get your own place? For you and the kids? Leave him. Again, you deserve better."

"He doesn’t deserve you. Find someone who loves you and won’t make you wonder if they are where they say they are."

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