My husband couldn't handle watching our kids...advice?

I hate “men” like that… tell him to figure it out… he’s a dad, deal with it.

So he’s just going to stop trying?? Wtf. GREAT FATHER.

He’s the type of Dad that wonders why his kid isn’t close to him.

Why does he think he gets a choice to watch them or not “im not doing it” thats so immature. Lose your shit mama hes a loser!!

I am so sick of these men not stepping up to the plate and taking care of their children especially when they live with them they are being complete cowards

Don’t force anyone to watch your children that isn’t comfortable with children. His behavior is a huge red flag for the potential of child abuse. A person either likes babies and children or they don’t. This guys behavior says loudly that he doesn’t like babies and isn’t interested in being a parent. There’s nothing you can do to make him feel differently. He’s in charge of him.
Did he act this way with the other children?
I would not leave him alone with the baby again and would not have any more children with him.
He should consider getting a vasectomy

Eventually u will resent him for this. I think this is rare most men are good dad’s but some like this one and mine hasn’t got a dad bone in his body even after 6 years he’s awkward never done anything for them but I raised mine alone I can’t stand men like this he isn’t interested in his own child how is a woman meant to love and be there for a guy like that??? Truth is in the end u cnt

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Yeah he needs to be changing her and putting her to sleep, things like that. She’s freaking out because they haven’t bonded.

My husband got up with our babies at night, fed them, bathed them, loved on them. I guess I was very fortunate.

Usually the Men of day are great to help out but the majority of Men back in my day wouldn’t help out with any baby care, housework, cooking etc whether the Mother worked outside the home or not.
They just went to work came home and took it easy for the evening. The young Men today are brilliant at helping out. I think its a lot to do with Mothers spoiling their Sons and their Husbands in the years gone by. Men and boys weren’t expected to do any of Women’s work as it was classed as.

Try talking to him explain its his responsibility too he might change but in my experience they don’t change unless they have too

Maybe go over how you sooth the baby when she cries let him know things she likes & don’t like certain ways she likes to be held a fav song lots for him to know to be comfortable with her

He needs to step up or get out

Umm he needs to step up and give himself and the baby time to bond…. Absolutely not acceptable. Man up and be a father! What in the actual heck?

Maybe call around and get prices of daycares in your area. Let him see them. Maybe that will help him figure it out for those two months. Also, sit down with him and explain your frustrations.

Your kids are your blood he isn’t! They come first! He needs an eye opener!

So lose it on him. He needs to grow up and do better…he’s also not “watching” the kids, it’s called parenting.