My friends and I are going on a girls trip: Advice?

Never been one to spontaneously pick up and go or have a girls trip or anything but a friend and I are thinking about taking a long weekend in April(Friday-Monday) thinking Miami or Fort Lauderdale… either fly out of Newark or Philadelphia.Is it worth it to rent a car? Orcheaper/easier to do Uber? I live in such a rural area that I havent ever even used Uber. Places to stay? Hotel? Uber?Also haven’t been on a plane or anywhere really for 15+ years Any tips/ideas would be appreciated trying to keep it cost effective but fun

If you are booking a hotel room, look into one with a shuttle service. Hilton Garden Inn for example. They will shuttle to many places around the local area.

When we went to Orlando we used Uber it was cheaper and never had to wait long