My friends and family give me a lot of grief because my toddler doesn't eat meat: Advice?

… we just didnt make a big deal of it. That’s literally all.

I have a 5 year old almost 6 and she hardly eats meat… maybe a hot dog once in a blue moon… or when her mom gets baby back ribs she loves but that’s about it

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Someone will always say something. Always. Luckily, its your kid not theirs and if she’s healthy then its none of their business :slightly_smiling_face:

Just say “isn’t it great that were free to raise our kids how we see fit!” Smile & change the subject. I’d limit my time around people who couldn’t respect how I raise my kids.

Omg. It’s not the “normal” so yeah people are going to judge. That doesn’t matter though, what matters is that you not force it on your child that’s cruel. Went not introduce it and at least allow it around family members who do eat it. Why can’t you just let her be and when she’s older she can decide. People love meat so they feel bad for baby never knowing it. In the end your making the decision for her as your her parent so you’ll just have to suck it up when people judge it comes with the territory.

What do they expect u to do, force feed her??

This is the biggest reason why I dislike when people force there kids to eat food even if they don’t like it. Other then vegetables that’s a must

My son was the same way, everyone would give me shit. His dr said children don’t like the texture? Idk. He was all about fruits and veggies. Now he’s 8 and all he wants is medium rare steak!

My son is 3 and prefers to eat a meal with no meat. He loves chicken nuggets though. But he ain’t about any meat really. He has always been that way and he is in the 95th percentile in height and weight. He’s a tank and not eating meat does not affect that at all. He loves peanut butter anything and scrambled eggs are a huge go to for him. I would not worry about that. Unless your child starts being too small at appointments, losing weight etc Don’t worry about it! And they shouldn’t either.

I would tell them that they can mind their business and that you know your child. They obviously know nothing about her! But, I’m crazy, and woke up feeling feisty this morning… lol

When my girls were little I used to worry about family members. Now, as I am getting older I’ve realized I shouldn’t care about what other people say about the way I parent. My girls are happy, healthy, loved, and have everything they need. All I can tell you is to keep doing what you are doing as long as you know is the best for your child and your family.

I have a 1.5 year old and she’s the same way. The only meat she willing eats is chicken nuggets and she’s picky about that. We try all the time but my fiancés mom would probably blow a gasket if she knew🤷🏽‍♀️ my kids part of the top 98 percentile for height and weight so I don’t bother
You just have to remember. You’re doing the best for your child. Don’t forget it

Meat is not meant to be a regular part of our diet we have just made it that way do what if people say something she is your child not theirs

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if you include eggs and dairy your child will be fine, however a total vegan diet is not good as people can appear to be healthy but as their B12 stores are used up they can suffer damage to nervous system before seeing symptoms. I was a vegan for a long time and my children suffered from it.

My son is 28yrs old and he occasionally will eat a hamburger but otherwise no meat. Hes 6’1 and healthy as an ox. To each their own I think their body lets them know if they need something

Tell them to be quiet and ignore them. Meat is not required for a healthy diet. She is just fine.

My child doesn’t eat meat dairy or eggs for allergies and health/environmental reasons. His doctor and nutritionist are totally ok with how healthy and good he is. I just don’t listen to people who try to tell me how to raise my kiddos

Our 7yo has never loved meat outside of the occasional chicken nugget and holiday turkey/ham. Just make sure to occasionally have kiddo checked for anemia. We make sure kiddo gets all his nutrients via vitamins, iron supplements and iron fortified foods and vit c to insure iron absorption.

Tell them to go suck it! You are the baby girl parents. Do you boo

My daughter is 3. She stopped liking meat when she turned 2. So we stopped trying to force it. We get it a lot too, about the not eating any meat. Both my husband and I grew up with the “everyone eats the same thing at dinner” and she does, she just picks out the meat. Her Dr says she’s in great health as well, so I’ve finally just resorted to telling people to stuff it. She loves veggies and fruit and she gets plenty of other sources of protein. You should just tell them to stuff it too

My daughter didn’t either and is going to be 10 and still prefers veggies

The only meat mine will eat is cheeseburgers and occasionally chicken nuggets. He used to love tuna and meats in things but now he wont touch them. If she perfectly fine I wouldnt worry!! We use pedi shakes for our son because we went through a phase where he just wouldn’t gain weight no matter what we tried.

My daughter loves her fruits and vegetables. She doesn’t eat a lot of meat.

The doc says she is healthy, that is all you need to say. If people persist and get rude politely say thank you for your concern but mind your own business and walk away.

My 3 littles didn’t care for meat until they were almost 3 years old. I was the same way when I was younger. As long as she is growing and healthy that’s all that matters.

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when my great niece was little she would spit out any meat they tried to feed her. They would give her a mixed bite and she would Waller it in her mouth, swallow the veggies and spit out the meat. I dont know how many years she did that or if she is STILL a vegetarian!!

If she’s healthy and happy it isn’t any of their business. Don’t tell everyone and you won’t have to hear their negative opinions

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Mind there own business she is healthy and your child !!They will be pissed of but guess what will leave you alone !!

Why tell them anything? How is it any of their business? You don’t owe them any explanations.

Tell them it’s none of their business. Why even worry about them trying to give you grief?

You are the momma, ppl need to mind their own business

Tell people to raise their own children, and you’ll do the same.

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Meat in not mandatory. As long asyour toddler gets alternate sources of protein. A lot of time the alternates are better for their bodies than there typical toddler meat fare: chicken nuggets, hotdogs and other fatty meats. What your kiddo eats is a concern for the parent of child and healthcare provider.

My toddler was 4 before she would even think about trying meat. Of course she got protein from other foods and I never pressed the issue. I eat meat and would offer it. She had no interest in it. Healthy as can be. I wouldn’t worry to much about others opinions you’re the mama. Your toddler may never like meat its not a thing in my eyes as long as they’re healthy. Take care mama :heart:

I definitely used to get some comments from extended family but my 12 year old has never eaten meat. Here are her stats, tallest girl in her grade, competitive athlete in synchronized swimming, amazing cross country runner, one of the top students in her grade level, she has won several academic and creative arts awards. Meat isn’t relevant to physical health or mental development. You do you.

As long as she’s healthy it doesn’t matter, I’m not much of a meat eater, soups and vegetables are good

Pfft my 10 year old still refuses most meat. She’ll do Turkey lunch meat and pepperonis. But she hates the texture.
My 2 year old will eat nuggets and lunch meat but that’s about it as far as meat is concerned.

Just give plenty of other protein options so when someone does give you grief you can hit them with nutritional facts.

We eat too much meat in America and that is part of the reason we are so unhealthy. If the doctor says your babys diet is fine then listen to him.

She’s healthy, leave her alone. Some kids just don’t eat meat!!!

If she is healthy tell them to butt out!

Brush it off. My 2 year old eats like a bird. A handful of goldfish is pretty much all he’ll eat most days and I get told by family that he needs to eat more. It’s not that hes not offered food hes just simply not hungry. His doctor said we didnt have to worry about it because he’ll just eat when hes hungry. Let it roll off your back. If you know shes healthy, their opinions on the matter are irrelevant

I think people who don’t know better are just scared. It’s their problem!
A mum always knows if her child is well and happy. Congratulations on raising your child so well and as others say, it’s yours and your child’s choice.