My fiance saves rather than helps with finances

Is it unfair or am I being a little much, when I am constantly paying for child related items when my fiancé gets to ‘save’ said money yet has none when I’m completely down to my last pennies.
He purposely keeps money from me when he has more than I do. He’s unwilling to split bills.
It feels very one sided…
Is this enough for someone to feel the need to leave a relationship
4 years and 2 kids.
It was a fast relationship


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Sweety if you’re already doing it by yourself. Than why in this world do you think you need him to begin with. He is just a piece of furniture in the home apparently.
Throw that old furniture out!! Get you some new furniture… Men take care of their business. And apparently he isn’t much of a man.


Leave! It’s definitely unfair and not right. Those are his children as well, his responsibilities. He needs to help pitch in


Leave! You can at least get child support… obviously you’re not getting that even now while he is living there and not paying any bills! If he won’t pull his own weight and help support his family, send him back home to mama. He’s not a man, he’s a mooch!


Unwilling and love don’t belong in the same sentence. I’ve been married 30 years… honey don’t waste another year of your life with him. Get your ducks in a row… and leave or kick him out. That’s not love. But when you do find it you won’t know how you ever stayed with a man like that. Love is doing all you can FOR someone. :rose:


Yes, definitely. If you are doing it all by yourself anyways you might as well be happy while doing it. Good luck mama!


Talk to him about how you are feeling and try to come to a resolution when it comes to bills and child expenses. If he is unwilling to start paying a portion of it (which should be dependent upon the individual income). Than think about possibly leaving.

Personally my partner and I we contribute to a joint account a certain amount each week that covers living expenses and household expenses. So what is left from our own pays is ours to do with how we please. He contributes a bit more as he has a higher income than I. But the amount we put in we both agreed upon when we first moved in together and opened our joint account. That was 12months ago

Try talking to him first, explain how you feel when he does these things, if he not willing to change and financially help then deciede if leaving is what you want nees to do

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If he don’t pay the bills he’s no real man. You should only have to help out maybe but groceries. Get rid of him.

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That was the first thing I did with my bank account when we got married was make it a joint account, both savings and current. But we were still paid in cash so not much money in either (1970)

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He will never change so you have to decide what you want.

Have the bills changed over to his name n take your name of all the bills


You need to leave him, even if you talk to him hes not going to help, he will say he will but he won’t. You either leave or tell him to leave. Get someone that will help you

Tell him bye and go spend you’re money on yourselves and your kids

He is what you call a leech! He will suck you dry one day.

Do you guys still have separate bills, like you guys still pay for your own cars, cell phone ,credit card, insurance, that you had prior to the relationship? And when you guys moved in together did you guys split the new bills, rent, water, gas , grocery evenly?
This normally doesn’t happen 4 years down the line. You had to have a system at some point when did things change?

Sounds like you guys need a nice long talk. Before you end up married and divorced. Both cost alot of money.