My family is upset I have not started my baby on solids yet: Advice?

My baby is 4,5 months. He is breastfed only. I tend to wait closer to 6 months to start solids. But I feel like I am constantly getting criticism from those close to me because I haven’t introduced solids. He is gaining weight and the Dr said he is doing fine. Any other mom’s wait closer to 6 months? Let me add he is not my first baby.


He is your baby, no one else has a right to make that decision. Some babies are ready for it young some are not. My daughter was eating solids by 4 months with no issues. My son could barely handle solids at 6 months. Your child is getting all the nutrients he needs from the milk alone so dont feel too stressed about the decision. Most doctors actually want you to wait until 6 months anyways, people are just impatient with wanting your baby to hit that milestone. It will come in due time.

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We waited until 6 months. I’ve heard it’s best to wait.

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It’s best for their digestive systems to wait until then. Your baby, your choices. I’d tell them to eff off!


Your baby, your decision. Its not upto your family what you do with your baby. The parents always know best and have their own intuition about things.


I started solids after 6 months but I started juice of pomegranate mosumbi at 5 month age you can start by juicing


6 months or signs of readiness is just fine.
Either way they all become picky toddlers. :person_shrugging:

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My niece is a year…eats solids and is still breastfed

6 months plus ALL signs of readiness.
And most babies don’t even want the solids.
Baby led weaning is great!


Yes, we waited until 6 months.

Some wait till 12 months to feed kids solids but just give them a rusk for teething or frozen fruit n veg for gum relief. It’s entirely up to you! I wish more mums would be ok with their own decisions :purple_heart:

i started all mine at around the 4 month time which was just the cereal type food slowely introducing more and more , i have to add that 2 off my kids were basically bottle fed as my milk wasnt up to par but 3rd child was breast until 10 months (he bit me 1 too many times) but all 3 was introduced at around 4 months to solids

There’s only certain things they can eat at that age, I would just look up what they can have an start purées maybe. At that age food is just for fun anyways :slightly_smiling_face:

You do what you think is best for YOUR baby! :white_heart:

6 months is the recommended start age for introducing solids so you’re fine to not start them before that age.

My daughter was cleared at 4 months. Did purées at 6. She’s 9 and we are slowly doing solids because her gagging freaks me out and she’s not my first baby. I like to wait until my kiddos get some teeth because then they chew instead of just swallow but that’s my own personal preference. My son didn’t chew until he got teeth and it’s been the same for my daughter. I tried solids at 7 months and she would puke after eating because she wasn’t chewing. So I stopped until now and she’s doing great. Every baby gets their own timeline

I only waited until 6 months with my youngest, she was also 12 weeks early. All 3 of my others started between 2- 4 months of age. It’s your baby so it’s your choice.

6 months is the ideal time to start a baby on solids. Any sooner is actually not great for the child.
At least, that’s what doctors in Australia recommend.
Do what YOU feel is right.
How you raise your child is YOUR business. As long as the child is safe I mean.


Yes wait till 6 months. Your baby your rules

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This is your child. Let them criticise but at the end of the day it’s your choice. I started my first on solids at 6 months my second I started at 4 months because bottles just weren’t enough for him and I felt like all I was doing was wasting formula. It’s your decision momma.

You’re supposed to wait until at least six months. I started my son at four and a half months and the baby cereal made him constipated. You know what you’re doing- trust your gut and tell people that take issue with it to kick rocks.

6 months is what they recommend plus they have their entire lives for eating food, why rush? Fuck anyone else and their unsolicited “advice”

it has absolutely nothing to do with your family what you do and when you do it. block out whatever they say and carry on doing what you’re doing.

My pediatrician advised me to wait until mine were 12 months before starting solids. Prior to that they got teething biscuits and baby oatmeal… your baby, your choice.

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I started mine at 6 months

Your child. Your decision. As long as he is healthy and getting what he needs. When I had my first doctors said start solids at 4 month. With my last (twins and 6 months old) they say 6 months. I started them at about 5 months, because of the formula shortage and one of my twins is on special medical formula that can’t be found, unless You are the WIC program. I had to supplement. Cause he cannot have regular formula. Each baby is different. Do what you feel is right.

If your baby is thriving, it’s fine to wait.

I had babies that were almost 9 pounds when they were born. They were on cereal with a spoon by 6 weeks. They were never satisfied with the bottle only. The dr had me put them on the cereal because they were eating way too much. They slept through the night at 6 weeks and grew to be healthy active adults. Whatever the dr suggests for the baby. Each child is different. If I had breastfed my kids I would have had to attach them constantly

At 6 months I started with solids. And giving to my baby water :sweat_drops:

It is recommended to wait until baby is 6 months before starting solids anyways. There is a ton of research that has been done on this by credible health organizations verifying this information. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommend waiting until at least 6 months anyways. The breastmilk your baby is receiving provides the majority of the nutrients your baby needs. Plus if you introduce before the six month mark, it can really impact your breastmilk supply as your baby will ultimately need less from you. You have your pediatricians support so I’d definitely just tell your family you appreciate their concern but you are the mother and you have it under control. :green_heart:


Before one foods for fun I think I started my daughter at 5 months but only bc she was showing signs she was ready. Wait until you want to start the food

Listen to your pediatrician

6 months is when you earliest you should start solids. Any sooner can cause problems, look up “open gut syndrome”.

Also it doesn’t matter what your family thinks. Baby is not theirs, he’s yours. You make the decisions for your baby and that’s it. There are plenty of choices my husband and I have made for our kids that our family doesn’t agree on, but we tell them, “it was our decision, we are the parents, our decision is final”. If they go around our decision then they don’t respect us as parents and that’s something we will pull our family away from.

I say it’s up to the baby. If they seem interested let them try :person_shrugging: if not interested, then they are not ready.

I did around 4 months with my first and waited untill 6 months this past time with my twins. It’s your baby!
Recommendations aren’t until 6 months. Only if you the parents choose to start at 4 months just to Introduce but it’s not meant to actually give nutrition at this age yet. Completely up to you mama! They get everything they need from breast milk/formula up until a year! So over the un-ask for advice these days!
My babies are 8 months old and are not ready for solids yet at all. You know your child best :heart:

Started doing 6 months for us and did baby led weaning. Best thing we ever did. All babies gut aren’t ready for solids untill 6 months old. We need to get away from the old research and time with feeding babies so early.

Your baby, your decision. They should not tell you how to raise your baby. If the Dr says your baby is fine, then it is right to keep doing what you’re doing.

You do what is right for you… go with your own instincts.

Do you feel your baby is ready for foods ?

Your the child mom tell them to back off your already doing wat u should be doing an wat u think is best for your child

Please, tell them to take a long walk of a short bridge! As this is not your first child, and your obstetrician is happy with the the general health and well being of your current baby then they can go and get stuffed. :blush:

All 3 of mine were early but that was because they were hungry babies, every child is different and goes through the stages at there own pace, your mummy I think you will no before anyone else when your child is ready don’t listen to others or books or even the health visitor no one knows your baby better than you so listen to them not anyone else xx

You do hat is comfortable for you, everyone has opinions sometimes they should keep them to theirselves

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6 months is the earliest you should even think about starting solid foods, tbh. I never understand people pushing food on babies so early smh.
Personally, I waited until 6 months and ALL signs of readiness. Here’s the “signs” I waited for. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


If the doctor says baby is healthy that’s all that matters.

You’re his mother. Nobody else can tell you how to take care of your child. You know him best

Relatives gave my baby solids at 4 months… It was to early for that, her stomach wasn’t able to handle food. She suffered from bowel movements from that first day for being given food until she was 5yrs old. It hurt her to use the bathroom even if she went potty on time and she would get bad bad tummy aches. Had to take her to the pediatrician and she even mentioned that that was what caused problems since the digestion system isn’t ready for solid food at 4 months…

Listen to your doctor

I had a family member constantly telling me to give my two week old water. :roll_eyes: Babies don’t need solid foods at that age so tell them to stfu.

Good before 1 is just for fun. We waited till 6 months with both my boys and did baby led weaning

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There is a new study they just put out to wait until 6 months for solids, if the doctor said he’s fine just try to ignore them


You are mom, they need to sit dow

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I started my first on solids at 6 months, my 2nd probably around 7 or 8 months (he was a preemie and had no desire for solids before then). They are now happy, healthy, average size 11 and 12 year old boys who now eat me out of house and home. Does anyone have tricks to get them to stop eating everything in my house every night lol seriously lol

6 months and all signs showing the baby is ready. Solids can be very dangerous for babies if started to early. So you are doing the right thing!


Our daughter didn’t start solids till she was about 8 months cuz that was when she was ready we tried to start her at 6 months with a little here and there but she wasn’t that interested and our doctor told us to wait till she was about 1 year old or until SHE showed signs of being ready u will know when to start them

Your the parent. They should mind their own business.


My son was 6 months when he started on solids. It’s time you put ur foot down let them know ur mom and will do it when u want if they are being pushy about this then they will always be pushy about others things. I made my self clear before my son arrived that I will be the only one to make decisions about my child ur opinion don’t matter unless I ask. It’s worked out pretty good he is now 7 and absolutely no one has ever tried to push me to anything :person_shrugging:

You are your baby’s mother therefore any decision you make is correct both for you and your infant!

Do not listen or entertain other people s so-called advice.

Mum always knows best !

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Tell them to eat a d!ck


My son is 6 almost 7 months Breastfed only and just now started solids. I don’t think it had to be rushed!

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It is doctor recommended to wait until 6 months, their stomachs can’t breakdown actual food


I waited. I wanted my daughter to only have breastmilk til 6 months, my doctor was absolutely fine with it. Others should not ever make you feel bad for the choices you make for YOUR child. You do what you feel is best and what you want to do. They aren’t doing the raising, you are. Nothing wrong with waiting til 6 months.


Mine did not start solids until 8 months , only breastfed. Keep up the good job. Don’t let people coerce you to do what you do not want to do. Do what you think is best for your baby


I started them at like 10-11 months. Doc said they can drink milk till 1yr.


My first born just had breast milk until 8 month-old. Not even water.

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My doctors said about 6 months to start. I never rushed it either. Do what u want to do w your baby. If the baby is content why bother.

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Check out led wean feeding. It’s soo much easier and helps with hand eye coordination. Starts around 6 months. Mum knows best. Don’t worry about everyone else.

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You know your baby best

Lucky he’s your kid and not theirs. Just try your best to ignore them. You are mama and you know what’s best for your little love. :heart:

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If he is solely breastfed , he has no nutritional need in solids yet… he can be EBF up until he’s one. Now do I recommend that, nah. But girl he can wait, 6 months sounds perfect. It’s your child, stand your ground mama. You’re doing great!


I started feeding them once they showed interest. Oldest was 4 months, middle was 7 months, youngest was 11 months.

My daughter, now 21 ! Breastfeed only for at least 6 months! I listened to my baby not the crowd ! Do it your way, you’re not wrong …the last instruction book I saw only had blank pages to be filled by the reader !

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I delayed with mine. Even doctors recommend the 6 month mark. Tell any naysayers to call a ped and just walk away. :woman_shrugging:

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Do they have kids? Try telling them what they should/shouldn’t be doing and see how they react. You are mom and know your baby. Also, my first born wasn’t on solids until 7-8 months because he wasn’t showing any signs of being ready. Second was on cereal around 5 months, doctor’s advice because he could just not get enough. He still eats like that and is almost 5 :joy::joy:

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Tried at 6 months, she still had the tongue thrust reflex, waited until 7.5 months.

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Man they’d hate me. I believe food is just for fun before age 1 so I never started solids until that point lol

My Pediatrician said no solid foods for a year because of allergies. She scared me enough I didn’t give her cereal until she was a year old.

I’m guessing these people putting pressure on you are older ? We started introducing solids much younger than todays mums.
Please don’t give in . You bring your baby up your way.

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Unless something has changed since the last time I had an infant, which was 9 years ago, it is actually recommended to wait until 6 months to start solids. That is what I did with both my kids who are now 13 and 9 and when they turned 6 months old we went right to baby lead weaning.


Years Ago I started my 2 on solids quite young, On Baby Rice at 2 months Old, But it so different now, You start your Babies a lot older now, what we did we thought at the time was the right time, As long the Babies are putting on weight and they are happy let it be, Listen to your Dr: he should know best, Yes I think 5,6 or 7 months is OK, well that what I think I am 75 now, what we did than, And what is done now, it’s up to the Mother decides. God bless you all XX

Yes we waited til 6 months and with all signs of readiness. We did baby led weaning. Their stomachs and all aren’t ready for solids until around 6 months. Ask, it’s your baby not theirs so do what YOU want and feel comfortable with

It is now doctor recommended to wait til 6 months

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You don’t have to until you’re ready.

6m is the recommended age

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My daughter breast fed for a year…then solids…
They are extremely healthy

Wait until he is ready. My daughter was 13 months before she had solids. Breastfed for 2.5 years

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As long as your baby is doing well, that is what is recommended to mitigate allergies.

You must be doing a lot of things right if that’s all they’ve got to get upset about. Ignore them.


WHO (World Health Organization) states that babies should start solids AFTER 6 months of age!


Most pediatricians recommend starting rice cereal at 4 months. But you can do what you want, it’s your baby. If your pediatrician says there’s not an issue with baby’s development then wait. It does teach them to handle eating on their own sooner if you follow typical protocol but just ask Dr. My grandsons pediatrician had him doing rice cereal at 4 months. He’s 15 months now. I also still give him toddler formula in the evening and almond milk instead of regular. He’s a very picky eater though so that’s annoying :sweat_smile:

6 months is the recommend age … also… it’s YOUR baby NOT there’s so do what YOU want


I let my kids tell me. If they need solids you can tell. Each is different. If they seem to be hungry shortly after a feeding, even with all the breastmilk they could drink, I started solids.

I started my kids on cereal in theyre formula at 6 months. They loved it and they slept through the night too. Your doing fine. :purple_heart:

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I waited until all 3 of mine started show signs they were ready which was about the 6-7 months and it was baby lead weaning. As long as your baby is healthy and gaining weight it shouldn’t be a problem, if you are concerned you can always ask the doctor.


Its when baby is ready do what you want

It’s fairly new to start solids later and a lot of people just refuse to believe there are benefits to waiting it out.

My daughters pediatrician recommended that we started her on solids at 4 months. I tried it, but I decided she wasn’t ready so I didn’t give it to her again until she was 6 months. You know what’s best for your baby. If you don’t think your baby is ready then wait

With my oldest my family was on me horrible. My mom’s sisters would call several times a day harassing me about feeding him food. They would sneak him food. They were giving him solids around 1 month old. He was given suckers & spoonfuls of ob around 3-4 months old. My now adult child has stomach issues like gerd, ibs & some unexplained issues. Don’t do it. Wait until baby is sitting up. He needs those muscles to be strong to digest properly.

Mine started solids at 5 and a half months and was still breastfed. Doctors recommend 6 months and above for starting solids, but you make that call if your little one is ready or not.

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