My ex wants to be in the room when I give birth but I am hurt: Advice?

I am pregnant with baby number 4 from my ex-boyfriend. Long story short, he has broken up with me multiple times, claiming he doesn’t love me anymore. He has gone back and forth between his exes and me. He ends up coming back to me, blaming it on his PTSD from when he came back from the military. I honestly thought he had changed. We have been together for five years well recently he broke up with me again because we were in a stressful situation living in a hotel room because of losing our jobs due to covid. Every time something gets hard, he leaves and moves in with his parents. We’ll I have been letting him be with our kids and trying to be a good co-parent. He started dating this other woman just a week after leaving me. Come to find out, he has been cheating on me with her since last year. Now he wants to move in with her just three weeks after meeting her in person and wants to take our kids with her, and I say no because I don’t know her so he gets mad and accuses me of being unfair. He also wants to be in the delivery room with me when the baby is born but I am so hurt I honestly don’t want him there. I am so hurt I just don’t want to make decisions while I’m hurting because he has been lying to me. But I just don’t know what to do?

I personally wouldn’t want him in the room with me either. I am sorry you’re going through this. You deserve so much better than what’s happening to you right now. Stay strong!