My ex is refusing to let me take our daughter for Mother's Day

My ex is refusing to let me have our daughter mothers day weekend because it is his weekend…I even asked him If i could at least have her some of the day Sunday and he is straight put refusing…its bs to me…anyone else feel this is unfair? He also has her his weekend and I dont get why he wont give her to me for mine…


What does your custody agreement say. Usually it specifically designates Mother’s/Father’s Day.


Do something with her next weekend or a day that suits you. Make your own mothers day, make it special. Just remember and hope fathers day falls on your weekend and don’t change for him.


It’s just a day ! Don’t let it rule your emotions ! Do the mothers day thing when you can ! Just breathe ! Don’t give him that much emotion dear ! Be strong ! I ha e walked this path many many years ago !


Most court orders have specifics for mothers/Father’s Day. If not, then celebrate the weekend before or after.


Don’t give him the power!!! I agree with a lot of people. Set aside a day of YOUR choice and plan the day around just you and your daughter! I’m not sure the age of your daughter but if she is younger 3-4-5. I guarantee it will mean more to her in the future. Kids don’t remember Mothers Day and Daddy Day at that age. So make it extra special and she will remember the fun.

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Should have had that added to custody schedule. Mother’s day for you, father’s day for him, alternating Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas is pretty standard division of child custody.

I have never put weight into specific days. I made sure my children were happy where ever they were for any holiday. Then celebrated with them when they returned. Take the power away from him. You are still a mom even if your child isn’t with you. Celebrate you! Celebrate the joy and privilege of being a mom. Pamper yourself! Go for a massage or pedicure or whatever makes you happy. Don’t focus on the negative. Show your child a better example than his dad.


If that’s your custody agreement then he does not have to give any time to you


Have it put in your paperwork if you have an agreement. My papers say regardless of how weekends go, I get Mothers Day weekend and he gets Father’s Day weekend. Took out all the argument of it.

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My ex is the same. I’m sorry.

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If it’s his weekend then he doesn’t need to share it with you. But if you have a custody agreement then look at it. Mine specifically says that I get Mother’s Day weekend and he gets Father’s Day regardless whose weekend it is.


Do you have a court ordered agreement? Because in mine it specifically says on this holiday mom gets the kids these years and dad gets the kids those years ect ect…
If you don’t have one… then get one. If it needs to be modified then do that because you can… but this year if it’s legally his time… then enjoy yourself and celebrate when it’s your time. You just get 2 different mothers days!

You better not be listening to these fb lawyers. His weekend his time no court is going to find him in content.


Choose a different day to celebrate mothers day. You can choose any at all, before or after, it doesn’t matter so long as you guys are together. That’s his weekend. Honestly, I don’t see it as BS at all. I’d be thankful that he’s wanting to have all of his time with his daughter, especially if he only gets weekends. It’s a bit unfair to him for you to want to take her away from him. I understand why, I just understand his side too.
Let him have his special time with her and you celebrate afterwards. You’re still mom even after mothers day.

Every day yo have her is Mother’s Day . It’s just a name don’t let him get to you . Just a shame he is using your daughter to get at you .

You should automatically have her and MOTHER’S DAY, just like she gets him on fathers day. I would relook at your documents. It should automatically be that way, if not I would contact the courts and tell them exactly what your ex is doing so they can change it from here on out. Don’t play his game as he trying to not allow you to have her on mother’s day. What if you could get her the day before mother’s day like tomorrow and do something with her. I know it’s not on mother’s day but at least it’s something.

What does the Court Order Documents say? Does it list Mother’s Day and Holidays with certain Parent? If it states you get child on Mother’s Day then inform him of that and get your kid. If not and it is his Weekend then can’t do anything about it. It may hurt yes. But have to go by Custody Court Ordered Documents. You get your kid the whole entire time. By the sound of it he only gets kid during his Visits. In the end you just admitted it is his weekend. So he has a right to have his time with kid.

He’s hurting you because he still in love with you don’t let it bother you in front of him that’s what he wants and soon he won’t be able to hurt you no more


If your custody papers say you get her on mothers day then he has to let you have her no matter if it falls on his weekend if he won’t then you can get him for going against court orders.

Do you have a legal custody agreement? Mother’s Day is listed as a holiday and has outlines on when to exchange


Father’s Day falls on your weekend. Let him think about that


My custody agreement specifically says mothers day/fathers day/parents birthdays, are spent with the specific parent.


Thats why you always put in your agreement separate stuff for all holidays, so incase the other parent refuses to co parent properly! It sucks this year, but maybe go try & have agreement amended


Celebrate on your next weekend. Its just a day. If you wanted to you could declare your mothers day for you and your child(ren) in October. I understand it can be hard, but its just a day on a calendar


As others have said most parenting plans specifically line out these holidays in the holiday section of your agreement.


Unfortunately, you have a difficult bitter baby daddy. The only thing you can do is to let him know it hurts you, bite your tongue, take that time for yourself and celebrate when your daughter gets home. Men like that like to see you vulnerable, he knows he is wrong but he just wants to hurt you, shitty father’s do that thru the children. Good luck and Happy mother’s day :heart:

It’s “okay” (saying it like this because I get it, you want to soend the day with the babes who made you a mother🫶… but try and be positive) if this weekend is his weekend, father’s day should be your weekend (then it will be your turn to play his game too) !!! You should adjust you custody agreement via court so you can at least get her on mother’s day going foward tho! (that’s what I’ve done before) or take this day to pamper yourself!!

Pamper yourself and have him video call you with her. I know it’s sad to think about but sometimes it’s going to be unfair . Just enjoy your day to the best of ur abilities. Just know ur daughter loves you

My ex took my kids to Florida for Mother’s Day one year. He’s an ex for a reason, relax and enjoy the day :purple_heart:

Reread your documents I can guarantee it’s in there you get your day. My friend had this exact problem well guess what now she has full custody of the child because he kept playing games.

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You can celebrate once she’s with you again, make it special and she will problably never forget how special it was.

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Most court documents specifically lay out how mothers/father days occur in a custody agreement.


Unfair, he could let you have your little girl for mother’s day, xx

Unfortunately if your court order doesn’t specify that you get your child on certain holidays then there’s nothing you can do… plan a special day when it’s your week/weekend

Maybe there making you a gift
Just remember that if fathers day is on your weekend you could say no of he only gets to spend weekends with the child let him have it

He is a you know what. Childish little… I’d never allow him but that’s me.

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To me Mother’s Day is just another day! It doesn’t have to be a specific day in order to do something with ur kids. My kids dad has them this weekend as well but we are doing something next week.

Suck it up…everyday is mother’s day, it’s his weekend…don’t stoop to his level…

Usually court order even if it is his weekend you get the child for mother’s day

Have you ever denied him of a day he’s asked for? Just asking as it might to him be tit for tat. If not then he’s being petty and doing it for a rise out of you

When it comes to visitation schedules you have to truly take a look at a year calendar and map out all the holidays and special days then specifically have them written into your plan.
Some areas will automatically add mother’s day and fathers day etc but some still do not .
If your order doesn’t designate these days to the specific parent then you will have to work around it by celebrating on a day that you have your child.
Remember it’s only a date on a calendar and those mean absolutely nothing to a child.
Fighting with an ex over such a thing can cause stress to everyone involved.
For now just live with a day is just a day and move forward.

Even if it’s his weekend. Usually court papers say that the mother gets the child on Mother’s Day and the father gets the kid on Father’s Day and holidays take residence over weekends

Check your papers normally mother gets on mothers day

Aw thats horrible u should be able im sorry girl

Just be glad you’re NOT married to him.

In Texas it’s every 1/3/5 weekend is the non-custodial parent’s weekend.

My ex did that to me one time.

Parenting time orders have holiday schedules. If yours does not than you need to go back to court and get the holidays added.

Also bring up that Father’s Day falls on your weekend

ya we wrote it in the decree

Could just do it the next day or before. Be less busy also cheaper. I’m waiting to see mine for that day.

Sounds like a first class A$$ Hole to me.

Girl let that man keep his kid and go live your best life!
Celebrate with her on your weekend!

Maybe offer him the next 2 weekends after mothers day.

If he is with holding her on mother’s day document it. Save every text. Every time he keeps her from you. It will all eventually out in your favor in court.

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It depends on the court order. I made it apparent that I wanted split holidays (he wanted every other) but I didn’t want to miss any holidays and wanted him at least a portion so we finally settled on it cuz most judges think that’s in the child’s best interest to see both parents if they aren’t in different states. And with that kind of schedule they usually do Mother’s Day mother gets visits and Father’s Day father gets visits, regardless who’s day it falls on. It may be his day but your court order should specify mother gets on Mother’s Day if not he’s just being petty and should allow you to have her anyways

If it’s his weekend it’s his weekend. Ya’ll up in here acting like he’s the ahole.

If you don’t have this day n your visitation agrreement and it his time there is nothing you can do

My daughter was married for 18 years to a jerk like that, she never saw a dollar from him

Hes doing that intentionally to hurt you. This might not seem small. It is in the grand scheme of things. Father’s Day, Graduations, Vacations that will be on your day will come… The tables will turn. Bide your time.


I would document this and bring it up in court. Nothing much you can do right now, but judges don’t like uncooperative parents. It won’t be a good look for him.

That is totally unfair he’s a jerk

Read the court order about mother’s day.

Most judges will specify. You get gets mothers day. Check it out

Dan is ze gewoon ziek jammer voor die lul

Why because he is a jerk,and a. bitter man .

My kids should have been with their dad for Mother’s Day aswell but court order states Mother’s day is to be spent with the mom and Father’s dad with dad regardless of who’s time it is.

Your lawyer should have had that specifically added and if she didn’t I’d get in touch with her to have that changed asap.


Does he realize that Father’s Day will be your weekend then? Because of how it falls this year? We have my step daughter this weekend, and she is definitely going to her moms tonight at 7pm so she can wake up with her mom tomorrow morning. I’m sorry he’s doing that, that’s really awful. :disappointed:

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Do you have a court order outline? It doesn’t address Mother’s and fathers day as a holiday weekend? In ours, no matter who’s weekend it is, I get her for mother’s day weekend and he gets her for father’s day weekend

Also I assume you get child back at 6pm Sunday(Mother’s Day).
Have a dinner set up and waiting for when she gets home. Or even go for ice cream and make the most of the few hours before bed.
And most importantly remember be the bigger person, even when it kills you to be. Your daughter is watching and will see/remember who put her feelings first.
Keep a very detailed journal and best thing to do, is ask courts that all communication be done thru the Family Wizard. It’s an app that courts allow parents to use. No one can delete things, judges can access it etc.
Text messages judges don’t always allow, because things can be manipulated. Like deleting messages etc.
so Family Wizard is best. It’s $90 for the year, and would save so much bs.

I don’t see either of my kids tomorrow they’re both with their dads. I do have them next weekend and we’re just doing it then. Nothing is set in concrete on what day you have to celebrate. Plus you’re a mother 365 days of the year not just one. If father’s day falls on my weekend they don’t go to their dads they get to call just like I’ll get a call tomorrow. No need to get upset over it.

We’re doing the Mother’s Day thing today bc it’s going to be packed everywhere you go tomorrow. Just choose a day with her and make it your day. Also remember that on Father’s Day. What a douche

This should be stated in your custody agreement. Each parent gets their respective day for a certain time frame. For everyone I know, it is. If it’s not, maybe think about getting it put in the order.

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Do you have a parenting plan? Mine states I could’ve had my son every monthers day every year no matter if he’s with dad or not.

Most states have that fathers/Mothers day the child is to be with that parent. Regardless of “schedule”
So he can be held in contempt. And I’d desfile, nip this shit in the butt now. And show him, you’re not playing these games.
So by law, friday 6pm to Sunday 6pm on matters day weekend is your time!!! Regardless if it’s his normal weekend. All holidays like Mother’s Day trumps court schedule!!

Maybe look at this from another direction. If he has your daughter, you then can focus on doing something that is relaxing or brings you joy without having to care for your child. It’s like a day off from work. He’s providing free baby sitting for you to enjoy your day. Then enjoy your child when you have her.

Dude youre bitching about 1 day? Soooo let me get this straight he’s in the wrong for wanting her on the day he has her scheduled? Lol and he only gets to see her on the weekends? Yeah you need to let that shit go. Be thankful the father even wants to be in your kids life with how things are going as of late :joy:

Also PSA: I don’t know about you guys but here in California if he would have MISSED that scheduled day , he can actually have his visits revoked , this can cause an increase in child support and can actually be cause for the case to be reopened .
So it’s important to remember that legally she is 100% in the wrong asking for that. If I were him I would bring it up in court that she is not cooperating with our mediation/visit plan agreement.

Another things to remember is, she has the kid 24/7 he only sees the kids on the weekend. You can celebrate with your kids on another day and make that day up to them. He cannot he has a limited amount of days per year to be able to see them. Its selfish and wrong to ask him to give up those days for your own selfishness when u can celebrate on a different day thank you very much ,:hugs:

It’s just a day and can be celebrated any time. I get where you are coming from though. After this I would definitely go back to court and have that stipulated in the custody agreement. FYI it will also make him look bad to the judge and court that he was not willing to work with you and you had to go back to court and waste their time because he is a child!

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If Mother’s Day falls in his weekend that means Father’s Day falls on yours! If he wants to be petty you can be petty too, next time you go to court put it in your order that each parent gets her on the Mother’s Day/ Father’s Day regardless of who’s weekend it is, that’s how it is with my daughter so this year we are switching weekends for those weekends so each of us have her for those “special” days.

He’s just bring hard to get along with.its not going to hurt him to let you have her for a few hours.

My court papers stated mothers day was mom and fathers day was dad… get the special day provision added

For me it’s just a day. I’ve never celebrated mother’s day unless my kids made me something. Usually they don’t know. Just do whatever you do on mother’s day next weekend. Places will be less crowded & cheaper anyway.

Check your court papers. I think mothers day their are hours set for that as Sam as fathers day

just turn another day into mother’s day that’s what i’d do

Enjoy mothers day next weekend.

It’s just a day, celebrate with her next weekend

He do not have to do it ,
Is just a day , you can celebrate with her any other day