My ex gave my 5-year-old an iphone: Thoughts?

Too young, and too many red flags

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Give him back the phone… Or pop the battery out an out it away. Give it back to her when she goes to visit him in case she needs to call you.

I dont think u have a problem with him giving her a phone. U have a problem that it is an Iphone. U cant tell another parent what to give his/her child especially if its not a danger to them. Im under the impression that u screen her phone n there is nothing inappropriate so what is your problem?? He has every right to his daughter as much as u do. U have no right to limit his time with his daughter if she is in no danger. On an other note since he was abusive to u doesn’t mean he is to her but i suggest u seek help n consultation to be sure n safe for both of u.

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5 is too young for a phone but I feel like your real issue is that you don’t like them getting closer. That’s his daughter too and he just wants to communicate with her.

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Since you agreed/caved, I’d set the rules of what time she can be on the phone and if she FaceTimes, she needs to let you know and be in a designated area (her room). I would hate if my ex called whenever and FaceTimed with me in the background not knowing he’s listening/ watching and that would go for any family member/ friend, not just my ex. I’d allow texting all day but limit the calls and FaceTime.

Make a set time for them to either call/text/FaceTime just like it should been set in the Parental plan and divorce. Try to calmly talk to her and see what the anxiety is about when it comes to her Dad and the phone. Do you review the phone regularly?

i wouldnt have caved and gave the phone back to him not at age 5. and i would have put up even if didnt take back just chat with your phone. no phone for my kids middle school phone maybe. and even if get phone her age get the phone for kids and set #S in to call and emergency.otherwise nope

Red flags! :triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post:

You need to take the phone away. It sounds like he is being manipulative and controlling. She is 5, it is not her responsibility to contact him, nor to make him happy. If that behavior continues, she will grow up thinking that it is normal and will end up with a guy like him.


The phone would stay at his house. Maybe get ur child into some counseling. It’s hard for children to be in split homes.

That’s weird. She’s way too young. Tell him to keep it at his house that she’s too young for a cell phone. If he wants to talk to her he can call your phone.

She’s too young…he made your life hell when he was with so why is he bothering you when you with your daughter… He should have a set time to call her once a day and that’s it… If he doesn’t like it he can go to hell… I hate abusive men who think they can still control and use people even their own children… He not a good father figure anyway… TAKE CONTROLL LADY IT’S YOUR HOME YOUR LIFE NOT HIS, YOUR CHILD AND HIS BUT YOU THE MORE STABLE ONE NOT HIM

5 is very inappropriate for a phone. This is bullshit. I would only allow her to have it to make phone calls to her dad. It would be steady in my position and everything would be filtered.

5 is way to young for that phone there is all kinds of trouble she can get into with it. I would tell him to keep it at his house and he can call her on yours.

U can download an app called Family link where the phone will only work at certain times he and she can call but she she can’t video call outside these times without your permission and he can’t remove it. X

Send it back to him. You answered your own question. Tell him whatever and sit down and talk with her. She’s young,and she won’t totally get it. But keep talking with her, she will as she gets older. I have been threw it with my 2 older kids. And now going threw it,(not a phone) with my 4 grandkids parents. Protect her and yourself!!

Honestly this story gave me a very eery feeling. Stop the phone now!

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Turn it off or discard of it.