My Doctor Wasn’t Happy That I Didn’t Get a Pap Smear: Advice?

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"Hey, so I was due to have a Pap smear after I had my baby and this time I said I didn’t want to get one. My dr. Didn’t agree with me but obviously didn’t force me to get it done. She did kind of “shame” me and she just said it should be done soon and every female should get it done for preventative purposes. Also saying it’s really quick and painless …. Which I think drs should not speak like that in general but that’s for another question. I just feel like it’s a big violation of privacy if I don’t think it’s necessary. Especially when so few people find anything wrong from getting Pap smears. I feel like if I go to the doctor it should be for something thats medically necessary. Has anyone ever thought about this before?"

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"You could have cervical cancer and other things and won’t know it. That’s why they do them. It’s called early prevention…"

"Pap smears are medically necessary. That is why they are supposed to be done once a year. She is medically trained to be able to spot informalities as well test the fluids in your vagina for other issues. Pap smears are 100% necessary!"

"Me personally, while I hate getting them, do view them as beneficial. While yes, they most often come back normal, there are a few occasions in which they catch a problem. I would rather go through a couple of minutes of discomfort every couple of years to make sure that I don’t have something like cancer, than avoid it altogether because I don’t think it’s necessary."

"1 in 3 has hpv and can trigger cancer that could be prevented by just getting a Pap smear. But if you believe it’s useless and you don’t want to that’s it you don’t want to it’s up to you at the end of the day!"

"Umm… its preventative measures. It’s also free… the whole point is to make sure you don’t have or get cancer. They keep the results in your record so that if one day you have cervical changes they know it’s not normal. I will never understand why people do not take advantage of preventative Healthcare."

"I personally don’t find it a big deal. My doctor is usually real quick about it and I go once year for him to check, make sure I’m ok and he gives me enough birth control for the year. Says see ya next year: If I want the birth control my offices requires me to do a yearly pap."

"They a very medically necessary, and your dr wasn’t shaming you, they were letting you know their concern with you refusing a test."

"You just had a baby come out of you and you’re worried about your privacy when this is a postpartum measure. There could have been issues come about during healing that should be checked."

"There’s a whole lot of reasons to get them, it’s medically necessary to get one especially after having a child, just to check up and make sure everything is okay. After childbirth they’re checking for abnormal cells that are left over that can cause a pretty nasty infection. You should definitely get one!"

"It’s a cancer screening that can save your life. It’s not only necessary, it’s crucial. I applaud your doctor for sticking up for your health over your feelings."

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