My daughters teacher is picking on her

You go to the teacher and get to the bottom of it. Your daughter is 8 years old and is upset cause the new girl became friends with her best friend. They’re all 8 years old. And you saying the stuff about this girls mom being low income shows how judgmental you are tbh. It sounds like your daughter is being the one who’s being sensitive. Sounds like your daughter might be starting some of the stuff honestly and as a mom we don’t like to admit to that even tho sometimes we know how our kids are. So if you really think the teacher is picking on your kid then you go straight to the teacher and get to the bottom of it and also have an email sent to the teacher as proof since it can’t be deleted since one person always has a copy of what was sent.


Speak to the teacher, surely the teacher realises that before the new girl came there was no issues . Maybe there is more to this . But your daughter should not have to go through this .

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Have your daughter record it

Meeting with principal first then with both principal and the teacher because what the fuck

Talk to the teach you have every right to express your feeling and thoughts who cares what that teacher says

Call a meeting with principal and the teacher, your girl and yourself… bring your concerns to the table, this is what’s happening, and its unacceptable. . If they dont deal with it, go higher.


Meet with the teacher. Have a discussion. Maybe there is something going on you haven’t seen.
Recognize that your daughter and others will feel the change of new girl in the classroom.

Well you never call out a student in front of another student. That’s what a hallway is for. Also the 3 girls should have been kept back from recess or gone to the school counselor to work this out a long time ago. I worked in the school system for about 15 years and never heard of a teacher handling the situation like this. Why have you not been called in for a conference when it first happened??? Go over her head, talk to the principal and if that doesn’t work for over her head to the school board. Just so you know, bullying is a federal crime. Sounds like the teacher is bullying your child by singling her out in front of the classroom. So what if the teacher isn’t warm and fuzzy, that’s your daughter, go talk to the teacher with another person present. A neighbor, a friend.


Talk to the student attendant and her her class switched

Instead of throwing around accusations about the teacher, maybe you should go talk to her. I’m noticing how you are trying to downplay your daughter’s part in all of this. Let’s cut the bull​:poop:, your daughter was upset about the new girl stealing one of her best friends so she started bullying the girl. But you’re one of those “not my angel” moms, so of course your daughter is innocent, the teacher is picking on her and the new girl is poor so she’s sensitive. :roll_eyes: The fact that you threw this little girl’s family financial situation into this SCREAMS volumes. What does that have to do with anything? :thinking: Hell you sound jealous too. You’re finding that people are feeling sorry for her and being extra nice to her, okay and??? Just go talk to the teacher. You might find that your little angel has her own version of the truth.


Have your daughter moved to a different class. Problem solved.


Pull her out of that class. Go to the principal. I know for a fact some teachers do this.


I don’t know what state you live in but in Indians we have an organization called Insource that protect children from teacher abuse call police ask them. Go to your superintendent of schools!


Get her moved out of that class

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I would talk to the teacher and let her know that you will not sit by and allow your daughter to be bullied by anyone including her.Then I would go to the principal as well

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I’d say
Arrange a meeting with the head and discuss your concerns about the teacher to the head and also say that if she doesn’t stop bullying her you will go to the head of governors

I wouldn’t have it if it was MY child
Mother’s should be allowed to protect there own child

Hope it gets sorted poor girl

Hmmm. How do you know your daughter isn’t lying or downplaying her side of things? Children will do that you know. Go talk to the teacher and keep an open mind. Your daughter may not be as innocent as you think.


I learnt early in my kids school years that the angel I sent wasn’t always the angel that arrived at school. I quickly learnt I needed to ask the teacher before getting upset about the story that came home. A child’s version can be somewhat different than the adults version. There could def be truth but without asking you font know for sure. That being said I saw my sons teacher blame him for things when he was no where near - so yes then made it known.


Always call the principal and have a meeting with the two girls and parents present.


Parent Teacher Conference, STAT, and I would ask that the Principle sit in. I wouldn’t put up with that sh** for 2 seconds. :rage:


You sound abit judgemental tbf and blaming the girl as obviously she’s low income. You also are downplaying your kids part in this. Girls are the biggest pain in the bums in school, I’ve 3 and 2 boys. The girls is always drama with friends, just naturally bitchy especially if a friend dare to get another friend. You need talk to teacher and the girls obviously should all be pulled findout what’s going on.You can’t just say your daughters the victim. It needs addressing

You need to get her class changed mama


Go talk to the teacher. I had to walk up in my son’s classroom to confront his math teacher for putting her hand in his face. This mom dont play when it comes down to my kids. You are gonna have to speak up and go to battle for yours…


Speak to the principal to talk to her.

Email the teacher and Cc the principal so it can not be ignored. Request and in person meeting with them to get to the bottom of it.


I understand you love your daughter and want to protect her, but you need to find out what the truth is before making decisions. Things may not be as you think. Have a good talk with the teacher and get a referral to have her see a counselor…Show your daughter to be respectful and kind no matter what.


Make a appointment with teacher and principal. put her in check. I would never allow anyone to be mean to my young daughter. I don’t care who it is. Know one has the right to harass her…


Homestly, I couldn’t quite figure out how the teacher was even “picking on” her daughter?… the examples she gave didn’t seem like the teacher was purposely singling out her daughter… In the newsletter she stated that multiple females were arguing… not just one…
I think there is multiple sides to this story and without having ALL sides, it’s really hard to give proper advice on the situation.
Also, I would need to know the childrens ages involved. As mothers, we all know how details can get misconstrued when children are the ones relaying the details to us.
Either way, if you’re concerned about the teachers professionalism then ask to have a meeting with her and bring up your concerns.


I’m gonna keep reading but red flag #1 :triangular_flag_on_post: “ stole one of her best friends away”

Children are not property, they can chose and change their minds on who to be friends with. It’s a sad part of like and your responsibility to teach your child about how to handle grief and loss with dignity. How you phrase that, shows how you feel about that and it’s incorrect - another child decided, for whatever reason, to no longer be friends with your child and you need to help your kid honour that with grace. It’s going to happen lots in life. It needs to be respected and ok. She doesn’t own anyone.

One day she will decide not to be friends with someone. That too will need to be respected.

Your job is to teach her how to regulate and sit with the big, ugly feeling that is jealousy without getting into verbal fights.

That could be seen as bullying.

That child is allowed to make a decision for themselves. Your child being jealous and starting verbal fights to get her way is bullying behaviour. That may not have been her style at 7 but welcome to 8, they don’t stay the same.

This new kids financial situation is none of your business, address your own child’s behaviour and get some self awareness. The common denominator is your child. And your mindset about it, it’s not your kids FAULT- she’s got hurt feelings, she’s reacting, she’s embarrassed but how you’re thinking about it and feeding into it is absolutely the problem I bet you that.

Own it, take a step back because I think the issue here is how you are viewing it, playing into it.

I would ask the principal to change teachers, or ask for a conference with both

Idk why you people keep asking for advice on here instead if just dealing with the situation like an adult!!! Its very easy to march up to a school and demand a meeting with the principal and the teacher involved they are just people like you and I have no power outside of that building! They have a duty of care to your child as well as the new one and no one, not a teacher or a police officer or any other adult have the right to upset your child or make them feel intimated… You need to show your daughter you can and will stand up for her and that teacher also needs to know you and your child will not be intimated and that you are prepared to take things higher… Go with the facts and be brave do not back down, show that teacher your child has a mother who will act so she better do her job right or you’ll raise hell!

Good luck


I have a spy pen camera. I would say get similar and record how she is being treated or what is exactly going on. Then not only do you have proof you can address it properly.


Report her to the principal and if they don’t do anything, go to the superintendent. And if they do nothing, tell them you will report these incidents to the local news stations on how they’re refusing to hold this teacher accountable. They’ll be quick to intervene before that happens, most of the time. Do. Not. Let. This. Be. Swept. Under. The. Rug. I’m a daughter of a former educator and guidance counselor. I have a decent understanding of how the inner workings of the schools are managed. Protect your child at all costs.


Kids can be very manipulative and your daughter may be playing down her involvement… I would arrange a sit down with teacher to discuss it and maybe invite the girl over for a play date so your child and her can work things out


This is a hard one we all can see no wrong in our kids and would defend them to the end thats what mums do. I would ask to see the teacher and find out exactly what is going on your child may not be innocent in this situation. You need to find out exactly what is going on what the arguements were over stealing friends happens all the time dont get stressed out over it . If this is the only thing that happens during the whole of her school life your lucky

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Speak up for your kid, talk to the principal, the teacher the mother and if all else fails go to the super intendent

  1. Your child may be a bully and disruptive. You do not know.
  2. Send the teacher a message with your concerns, if things do not change then get a meeting in person with the principal and the teacher
  3. Your child is not perfect. If she is a bully, then that needs to be addressed asap. seriously is none of your business what that family is going thru. Take care of yours.

I would call her onto the carpet in front of the school board. File a complaint. I had a similar situation when my son was about that age. In my case talking to the teacher made it worse, I literally had to file a complaint with the school board and threaten legal action.

I’ll be going to the principal and saying something to the teacher myself.

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I would contact the principal but I would also make sure your daughter isn’t doing more than she is admitting to. I know some teachers can be jerks but just because you think your daughter would never do something you may be surprised.


Kids don’t always tell the 100% truth and Exaggerate especially 8 year olds! so it’s best to get in contact with the teacher and find out exactly what’s going on

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Talk to the teacher and if things get worse, talk to her boss. From there I’d go to the school board.

Definitely talk to the teacher, principal or superintendent. When I was in 4th grade I had a female teacher who picked on me soo bad, one day I got something wrong and she said “see and thats why she has a D in this class” i cried soo bad from being embarrassed, I didnt want to tell my mom bc I was scared she would be made about the D I had in her class. I ended up telling my mom and she went to talk to her, come to find out my grade had just gotten to a C, she was just trying to be a bitch and make fun of a kid. My mom was really mad about that, but after they talked she was no longer mean to me anymore.

I’m sorry to be “that” person, but i think you really really need to take a giant step back.
1)People don’t “steal” other people.
This new girl didn’t “steal” Your daughter’s friend.
Your daughter’s friend chose to be friends with the new girl.
I understand that your daughter’s feelings were hurt, but she got jealous, blamed the new girl, and began picking fights with her.
Right here, you are massively down-playing Your child’s actions and attempting to hang the blame on this other child.
Do you know exactly what your daughter said to this girl? Does anyone?
whatever it was…it was enough to cause this other girl to react by name calling herself.
You’re sort of being a hypocrite here.
This child going through a tough time doesn’t excuse her poor behavior… then there’s no excuse for your child’s behavior.

  1. Hate to break it to you…but at 8 years old? She is absolutely capable of lying to you and trying to tell you the story in a way that keeps her out of trouble. I know a few 8-year-Olds who do this. Mine included. I work pretty hard at getting to the bottom of a situation before addressing it so i’m not slinging accusations at people who don’t deserve it. And sometimes, kids don’t really “see” things clearly. What they’re doing or what someone else is doing. For example…a while back…at breakfast. My son got up and emptied his tray. While he was gone another kid sat in the place he was sitting in (no assigned seats) and he tried to “force” his way back in. Well, the other kid didn’t move for him and he ended up falling off the edge of the bench. My son originally tried to tell me that this other kid pushed him. Like he honestly believed this other child did something wrong. Once i asked the right questions? The real story came out. I sat him down and i explained to him why his actions were actually the problem. Now can you imagine what would have happened if I’d gone up to the school and demanded “justice” for my child with the first story he told me when the other kid had done nothing wrong? There’s a lot of consequences in that for me as a parent and for my child as a student. Primarily that it becomes a “boy who cried wolf” type of situation.

You request a meeting with the teacher and the principal. Don’t go alone-another set of ears is necessary

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Be open minded to the fact that your child played a role initially. But it sounds like you are trying to teach her how ridiculous people can be

So in my opinion I think YOU feel some type of way about this situation and your bad feelings about it have spread to her and she’s telling you what she thinks you want to hear. Friends come and go, your friends cannot be stolen away from you. She could have chosen to be friends with both girls but she is trying to steal back the friend. My best guess is the teacher is over the fighting and just not being as sympathetic for it as she had previously been. I’d ask the teacher when would be a good time to call so you can figure out what’s going on rather than jumping her. Your child is doing something wrong in this too, my own 8 year old is the QUEEN of manipulating the situation in her favor.

Grow up and go talk to the teacher.

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Handle this through the school. You need to meet with the teacher & admin. To get the entire story laid out including your side.

Talk to the Teacher first not happy go to Principal not happy go to Board Office. The picture you have could be true and maybe not always 2 or 3 sides to the story

I would definitely go to the principal! Kids are so different than how we grew up! I am going threw issues similar but the teacher and bus driver are oblivious they don’t supposedly "see " anything going on but I believe my child and no matter what this isn’t good behavior I made an appointment with the principal I’m fed up!!

This right here is exactly why I homeschool my son


I would talk with the teacher before going straight to the Principal.
My oldest son was in 1st grade. He always said his teacher didn’t like boys and she was always mean to the boys. I would have talks with him about things. I even spoke with the teacher. She seemed warmed and friendly to me. But one day my son came home with a big old handprint on the side of his face, big welt. He told me she had slapped him for sharpening his pencil and the sharpener fell and shavings went all over the floor. I instantly went to the school, and straight to the Principal with my son. The teacher had already left for the day. I demanded that the Authorities be called and come to the school. It was a hot mess! Needless to say that teacher didn’t teach again! My point is, talk to the teacher, and then, talk to the Principal w/o teacher present. If it continues then talk with both. If it still continues then talk with the Superintendent and school board.


My son didn’t have this exact situation but was bullied by his First Grade teacher. So then the other kids in the class thought it was fine. She set him up to be bullied until he was in 8th grade and started to have to physically stand up for himself. Teachers do and can bully children leaving a lifetime of mental health issues. I did have to threaten to sue the school within a couple of years because the bullying became worse in 4th grade and my son threatened to kill himself if it didn’t stop. One of these kids was the principle’s grandchildren. I took their anti bullying policy and info from the State of Ohio on bullying. I also took the lawyer’s name. It did subside and was no longer physical for the remainder of that year but the verbal bullying continued. Thank God my son grew to be a lot taller and bigger than most of these kids because they started picking physical fights with my son. They were also clearly caught on tape by the school so they knew that my son did not start. He did finish it though and after 3 fights no one said shit to him. Moral of the story. Stop it now and do daily check ins with your child. Move her schools if it doesn’t stop. I wish I would have. My son is now 18 years old and able to verbalize how it has affected his life.

Meet her in the parking lot.


My childs kindergarten teacher would always punish my kid for what some of the other students were doing… she would get sat in the back (in the bad kids seat)… or get accused of spitting on someone when she was the one that was actually spit on…
We ended up changing schools because of it… at the new school the teacher even bragged about how well behaved my child was…

I know switching schools is always an option, but sometimes it is for the better, even if it is only for the rest of the year


Your first step needs to be acknowledging that your child had a part in this. You are saying bullying isn’t her style which might be true at home. School is a different place and let’s be real a very broad term. Then talk to the teacher. Figure it out. But all that info on the new girl isn’t relevant to the situation.


The bullying part… It isn’t my daughter’s style either but she just got iss for bullying and even told me she was when I learnedabout it. We as parents don’t think our kids are or don’t want to think they are but you never know what they’re doing when you’re not around… She’s 8…


The school year is almost finished… the teacher is probably just fed up from what it sounds like. Girls are catty and I’m sure there’s parts of the story you’re not hearing


A lot of people are saying the kid is at fault ect and to talk to the teacher/principal. I laugh at that.
For one when I went to school I had a teacher who was bias against me, at this girl’s age. I have ADD which made it harder to focus in class, most my teachers understood and knew it was a lot easier for me to learn if I had a small area to stand up ect. I mean, I learned 12th grade algebra in 9th grade and excelled because my teacher understood and allowed me to walk around and sometimes teach to help me stay distracted. But there was ALWAYS one teacher. I had two. One female one male, the female always Said I was in the wrong ect.(mind you I never made a disruption in class, was always at the back, and only spoke when I knew the answer to something, ask ANY other teacher in that school) but it frustrated her and I was constantly in iss for it, just this girl. My mom didn’t believe me so I stopped going to this girl’s class, instead I went straight to the iss room and did homework from ever other class.
Second was a teacher who would kick me out before I even came in, because I had one bad day. One day where I was upset and crying. He didn’t care. He just cared cause it disrupted his class. So I got sent out and ended up getting suspended for 3 days.(my brother who has adhd was also targetted because he was related to me. It didnt stop with me) My parents didn’t believe me(or him when it came down to it). So I stopped going to school, I went to a different county the teachers there were nice! I was almost 2 years behind my class because of this and I made up for it and graduated only a year late(due to having babies of my own) point is. My parents didn’t believe me. I was what they would call a "special " kid. And was made sure of it by two teachers who couldn’t handle the responsibility of teaching a special kid.
Because of that, my kids will never go to public school. The teachers are nothing but bullies to the kids(not all but there are some bad eggs there) and then the other parents not believing what’s going on makes it worse. I won’t put my kids through it. They will be homeschooled.


Have a meeting with her teacher!!! You need to get a backbone and get to the bottom of this!! Confront the teacher with your thoughts as you did hear!! Be respectful but Firm, tell her you will not stand for your daughter being mistreated in any way ,by other students or Adults and that should your daughter need any kind of punishment you will implement that at home! Be the voice for your child!

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Hello. Coming from a teacher myself, don’t go straight to the principal about this. Talk to the teacher first about it and if the situation doesn’t get better then go to the principal. Also, you say your daughter isn’t the type to do this and do that but I can promise you kids act so different when they’re at school. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had parents tell me their child does no wrong, they don’t act this way or that way and get mad at me :woozy_face: I’ve had several parents call me back and apologize to me saying sorry they didn’t believe me because the child started acting that way at home. I know as a parent you don’t want to believe your child does certain things but I promise you some of them do. We see it day in and day out. They do stuff when the parents aren’t around.


First of all a parent is over a teacher it’s not the other way around. Contact the principal go in speak with them face to face say there’s a problem I want it resolved if it cannot be resolved please remove my child from that class and put her in another class were she can be treated fairly let the principal know it’s distracting your daughter from learning. If the principal fails to do anything you get online you look up the information for the school superintendent you call or email and you let them know everything in detail as professional as possible about what’s going on that is distracting your daughter from learning it’s causing stress within the school environment as well as at home and you want it resolved ASAP you’ve been kind you’ve been understanding you’ve been communative you’ve taken the necessary steps and you want a resolution to it now.
My son’s teacher had an issue with a child that just was extremely disruptive and was causing lots of problems not only for my child but a few other children in the classroom and the teacher was at her wit’s end and finally after my child had been involved in an incident for the fourth time that was it. I contacted the principal and I let them know that this is not okay and I want a resolution to it and I want to resolution to it yesterday. I also contacted the superintendent who did respond and said that he would send someone from his office into look into the matter and get it resolved and it was resolved within 2 weeks they took that child out of that school permanently.
Your child is there to learn and if it’s disrupting her learning, if it’s making her anxious and it’s causing issues for her it needs to be fixed stand firm the teacher is not over you you are over the teacher.

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Go to the principal office ASAP Get this cleared up . No reason for this

Home school if you can.

If you say “my kid would never” or "my kid doesn’t "…yeah they do. When kids leave the vicinity of grownups, particularly their parents, they turn into little pack animal gremlins where general consensus behavior rules their brains. It’s normal. It sucks when you are the adult dealing with the fallout, but it’s life.


Go to the principal or vice principal and have a meeting with the teacher and one of them.

Talk to the principal

I had to switch my daughter’s school!!

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Have a parent teacher conference, get the teachers side of the story. Kids lie and exaggerate get both sides of the story. Maybe your daughter is acting out at school over the loss of her friend. You can also reach out to the other girl’s mom and get the other girl’s side of the story. Maybe have the girls spend time together outside of school to get to know each other without the pressure of school.


This happened to my kid, minus the conflict with other child just straight up teacher bullying. Ultimately I had to pull her out and homeschool her, I had the luxury of being able to do so. It was k12 so it’s still public school and had to take her for testing in Spring etc. I would create a paper trail and document everything that takes place daily. A hidden recording device (look up all first to make sure in your state you can do so without other party knowing) and take it up to the principal. Our principal was one that like to brush it all under a rug so it didn’t help us but maybe yours is different.

You have no idea how your child actually acts in the classroom. You need to have a sit down with her teacher. Actually LISTEN to what the teacher says, and try to address your daughter in a positive manner. If it doesn’t improve then take next steps.

Way too many parents are so quick to assume their child is the innocent angel of the classroom. The teacher isn’t always the problem.

And 8 is plenty old enough to learn to move on. 2 wrongs don’t make a right. Your child isn’t responsible for the other child’s actions. And she certainly can’t stop or change anything the other child says or does. Just teach your daughter to let it go, move on with her day, and stop giving any attention to the nonsense.

If she doesn’t learn this now, I can only imagine what middle and high school will be like for her


You only have your daughters perspective, you need to talk to the teacher. Whether she’s considered “warm” or not shouldn’t matter, there’s no need to “pick” on a child. From what Ive seen personally from working in schools. A teacher doesn’t usually just dislike a good student.

Our children are totally different humans when they’re not around parents


Talk to the teacher an see where the problem is!


I would say speak to the teacher an find out what really is going on. Our children are different when they aren’t around us. I drive school bus I see this far too often an parents always say not my child until they see video an prove their child is infact doing what we are saying.


Schedule a meeting with BOTH the teacher and the principal


Go to school administrators- request a meeting with them and teacher. Explain what’s going on. See if you all can come up with plan. Next step is request meeting of administrators, teacher, other parent and your children. Your next step is write a letter to school board detailing both meetings and results. Give copy to school administrators and teacher. Request a time to speak at school board meeting to discuss your problem. Inform administrators and teacher - of your meeting prior so they can come to.
Your only job is your child - and the environment you raise her in. Schools and teacher’s job is to educate, insure proper social skills, safety, and healthy environments in their classroom. If your child feels like she is walking egg shells, she is focused on learning. :heart::v:t4:

Go to the school board this is bs.they definitely don’t want me to come down

Talk to teacher and principal or school counselor. Take child to a therapist. Children can’t steal friends unless the friend wants to leave.

I would schedule an appointment with the principal. Tell him of the teacher’s General attitude toward you in the past and why you don’t feel comfortable going directly to her. Tell him about the conflict between the two girls and ask for a meeting with the teacher and the principal together. I would also see if you could include the other parent and the two girls. This situation needs to be nipped in the bud, before it gets worse. And I would try discussing coping skills with your daughter. If you can’t accomplish these things, speak to the superintendent about it and attend a school board meeting. You can’t force the teacher to like your daughter if she has already formed a poor opinion, but you can make her a little nervous about getting in trouble if she gives her a hard time. Don’t tell your daughter you are doing these things. You don’t want her mouthing off to the teacher about getting her in trouble with you if the teacher does need to correct her for something.

I agree that kids change when they aren’t around you, however should a teacher be picking on a child? When I read through the post, nothing fully stood out as horrible however nipping it in the butt is probably smart. We have had run ins with HORRIBLE teachers (trying to drag my then 3rd grader to preschool because he was crying too much…he is autistic and overly stimulated) and I sadly learned that the principals usually side with the teacher. I’d talk to the teacher and let her know the things you’ve noticed and ask her kindly to be patient as your daughter feels like she lost her best friend and may be acting out. Make sure it is an email though. Always have a paper trail…it will help if things do not get better!

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There’s a great chance your kid at this age is lying to you. Kids are struggling emotionally and socially as they’ve returned to school. She “lost” her bestie and it sounds like she and you aren’t coping well with with that. You didn’t name anything that teacher has done to bully your child. Acknowledging that girls in the class are having issues (without calling any of them out by name)alerts the girl parents to talk to their children. Asking her not to make a mess washing their hands is normal and reminding her that someone (the teacher) has to pay when things are wasted is a lesson to be learned. If your child and all the other kids make messes every time they wash their hands she has to stop teaching and go clean it up so it’s not a hazard to everyone. That’s not bullying. The saying something nice to the other child had nothing to do with yours… the child could struggle with being patient and the teacher told them good job for all you know.

Separately this new child didn’t steal the BFF … that child isn’t a thing that your child had ownership over. They are a whole person who gets to decide who they are friends with… stop blaming the new kid bc the BFF doesn’t like your daughter anymore.

Also why does the new girls family struggling financially have anything to do with the teacher “bullying” your child? Lots of people are struggling and rebuilding after Covid… you act like just bc they’ve had a hardship obviously the other child is the one in the wrong bc “sensitive”. The school wasn’t forced to post that go fund me. They chose too. Stop acting like everyone else is the bad guy here and take a look at your own kid and their behavior first and foremost. Just bc she toes the line at home doesn’t mean she’s an angel at school that everyone is out to get.

Go have that chat with the school and with all of your child’s teachers and really try to find out what’s happening here. I bet they tell you in nice terms that your kids behavior isn’t what you think it is.


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Whatever you do, listen to your daughter. My now 8 year old was being bullied to point where a kid was banging her head on pavement at recess, a few teachers brushed it of or would roll there eyes at my child because my child would try and talk to teacher about it but my kid is smiling and always a happy kid so when talking to teacher teachers would roll there dumba** eyes. This caused my child lots of trauma to the point where she was violent at home with her family to point where I took her to behavior specialist because she wanted to stab her brother and sister, three months into seeing behavior specialist, she started talking about what was happening at school.
School done nothing absolutely nothing because it wasn’t seen on camera. Well when a sixth grader started kicking her and school didn’t do anything my son whom was right there beat that kid, it took two high schoolers, and three high school teachers to pull my son off the kid. My son and that kid were in same grade. At this time my child’s pediatrician and behavior specialist already had filed a report on the school the report was filed the next day they wanted to take expulsion off my son I told em to stick it where the sun don’t shine.
This was last year but my daughter bulling started year before then, anyway I put my kids into a new school this year, also there old school, many teachers were forced to leave the super intindent resigned and the principal as well. The school got held responsible after the investigation and are stuck paying for my daughter’s Dr bills from behavior specialist and pediatrician.which is actually a lot of money, they have to also pay for further appointments my daughter has for the trauma

Meeting with teacher and principal.
Get to the bottom of things.

My daughter used to be bullied. I spoke to her teacher on more than one occasion and she said if she didn’t witness it there wasn’t much she could do then started being really harsh and quite hostile when my daughters attitude towards her work took a nosedive. Go straight to the headteacher/principal, explain the affect it’s having and say you won’t tolerate it. I told the principal that if his teacher couldn’t protect my daughter she wouldn’t be coming back.

Talk to the principal and be in the office as well and let them know u won’t back down from protecting your child.

I would recommend moving classes. I don’t see how the new girl could steal her bestie. It seems that she is finding hard to adapt to the new situation. Try to get both sides of the truth. Maybe they can’t get along and they don’t communicate well what is creating a riff between them. Probably, she is still learning to deal with her emotions and frustration over the situation.

About the financial condition of the child. That is not an influence in the child’s behaviour. If she is not adapting to the class, maybe move her into a different one would be beneficial. I was bullied at school and I wished my parents had moved me.

As a former teacher, I would go meet with the teacher to discuss. If you are not satisfied after the meeting, I would go to the principal. But give the teacher a chance to discuss with you first. Many things are going on in a classroom at once and sometimes the teacher doesn’t see or hear everything going on.


Sounds like the child from the poor family is catching a break from the teacher even if it’s not fair. Explain to your child that the girl needs that break right now and to just continue to be her good self and you’ll always support her.

Clearly there are low income**

It may not stop but you need to address it. Your daughter needs to see you on her side. With these things I always start with addressing the teacher directly to get their perspective on the issue. Their intentions are pretty clear in a direct conversation. It’s hard but try to stay objective and not involve your emotions but for conflicts like this you need to hear what part your kid is playing and how you all can work toward a resolution. She’s going to be going to school with these kids for a while unless you move her so If there’s a plan of improvement then be hopeful and help your daughter feel involved in the improvement. But if things don’t improve in a week or two then go to the principal.

Still confront the teacher. That’s your child to protect. If she retaliates then go to the principal about it. I don’t play about my kids.