My Daughter's Husband Sends Me Good Morning Messages: Should I Tell Her?

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"My daughters husband has been sending me “good morning text messages” I feel its weird and inappropriate. I have been divorced for 8 yrs . I don’t know if he does it because he thinks I’m “lonely “ I surely don’t want hurt my daughter by telling her~ her husband of 20yrs is acting in a “flirty” manner towards me . What should I do ? This is so uncomfortable. I told him to stop sending me messages , but he doesn’t stop ."

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"You have already told him to stop. So talk to daughter"

"Yes tell your Daughter as u already told him to stop This is inappropriate"

"If you’ve told him to stop and he continues then tell her"

"Show her the messages and be open with her about it! U have told him to stop now u should tell her to talk to him. Maybe all sit down together and talk this out. But the one thing is u don’t want ur daughter to think anything different from the truth!"

"You need to tell your daughter because if she finds out a different way then she may be done with you."

"Maybe he’s just being nice? You telling him to stop definitely is a red flag that he did not though"

"I would just discuss it with your daughter. If it makes you uncomfortable just tell her. Even if it’s just a “hey * messages me every morning, did you know about that? I feel it’s a little excessive everyday although I appreciate the gesture could you talk to him and just tell him not to do it or do it as often?”"

"Tell her the truth and let her know"

"I mean I can understand if he’s trying to cheer you up by sending messages but not everyday and good morning texts imo are a bit weird. Maybe asking how you are etc. Especially if you told him to stop and hasn’t… I would tell her what’s going on and she can figure it out from there!!"

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