My daughter refuses to eat meat: Advice?

My daughter refuses to eat meat. We are a flesh-eating family. She is 8yo and has had an issue with beef since FOREVER! Since she started eating food. She likes no meat at all. I don’t know if I should keep trying to make her eat it or just accept that she doesn’t like it and give up. It’s a fight every meal every day. I am exhausted fighting with her every single day every meal. I don’t want always to be yelling at her. I mean, I don’t raise my own cattle or chickens for the meat we eat anyways. It’s all store-bought crap. So I mean it might be better and healthier just not to make her eat it. But my husband (her dad) says that she needs it. She is tiny for her age. Not unhealthy at all. Just petite. So I think he meshes the two together and thinks she needs it. Growing up, I had a major issue with textures. I hated meat, as well. My mom never made me eat it! So it’s hard for me to make her eat it since I know how she feels. Ugh. She does eat beans and peanut butter and such, so she gets protein. And she even likes protein shakes. So I can get protein in her. But I am just wondering what you might do? Just stop trying to make her eat it?


Mines the same … texture issue. I don’t make her.

Never force a child to eat something they don’t like! I’m by no means against meat lol but you should never try to force a child to eat something, there are plenty of other options for protein.


Im the same as your girl. Always have been. Dont force her. Not liking meat isnt a big deal. Just make it a point to make at least 1 or 2 sides that she likes so she gets dinner and have some healthy non meat snacks like fruit and veggies on hand.

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Why make her eat meat? I had to stop eating meat for 4 years for health reasons when i was 10 and got all my protein and iron from other things and occasionally take an over the counter iron pill. Even now i rarely eat meat just because it’s not that good lol

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Give her pediasure. She will gain weight and not need meat. She will eventually like it more than likely. A lot of kids don’t like meat.


I wouldn’t make her eat it if she really doesn’t want too, you can get plenty of protein from things other than meat xx

The only meat I liked as a kid was chicken tenders lol let her make you a list of her favorite dinners and then cook them together:) don’t force her to eat anything!

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I was the same. Just keep making sure she get her vitamins and proteins elsewhere. She doesn’t need it if she’s not deficient.

You shouldn’t make her eat meat. If she doesn’t like it she doesn’t like it. I am sure you don’t want to be forced to eat something you don’t like.

If she keeps up with that then she just probably doesn’t like it or it might be the texture thing like you were saying with you. Every 7 years your taste buds adapt so you want to try again and 7 years try it and so on and so forth every seven years try something you didn’t like because you might like it now otherwise it could be a texture thing because there’s still some things that I will not eat today just because of the texture it’s not that it doesn’t taste okay

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As long as she is getting enough protein and good fats, I don’t see a problem

Can you talk to her doctor about a healthy diet that doesn’t include meat? I don’t think you should force her.

My daughter is only 1 1/2 and she’s the same way. I keep offering it to her, but I’m not going to make her eat something she doesn’t like. As long as she’s getting her protein from other places, I don’t see it as an issue.

Don’t make her eat it. Especially if she has no issues gettjng protien. Plant protein is much easier for the body to digest, so her body doesn’t have to work as hard. She’ll have more energy and less digestive issues as an adult

Stop forcing it. Just let her be at peace eating and make her make her own dinner. It’ll help her learn and you’ll have peace at the dinner table

I was like this also at 5 now 38 and still dont eat it and never will !!


And as long as she’s healthy do you really need 2 force her to eat something she doesn’t want to eat I mean you’re not forcing her to eat a McDonald’s sandwich she wants to eat fruits and vegetables she wants to eat eggs instead of meat she wants protein but in forms that are okay for Hershey’s she’s good


I wouldn’t force her to eat meat if she don’t want to. I come to terms with all 5 of my girls do not eat the same thing one kid only eats meat and very few veggies but lots of fruit can’t win all the battles as long as she’s getting what she needs in her body I wouldn’t force it she may never eat meat and you don’t want to be the one who forced her either

I’m 35 and still only eat meat when I feel like it. 🤷 if she doesnt like it, give her what she likes. :heart:

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Dont make her eat it if she doesnt want to eat it then dont force her stop putting it on her plate

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Sorry for her not hershey

Dont force her to eat it. She may be vegetarian. Some people just dont like meat. My son as always preferred fruits, veggies, beans and nuts over meat. Just make sure shes getting her proteins from other foods besides meat. My son grew out of it some as hes going. He will eat some meats now.


My daughter was like that for awhile. Eventually she started eating it. Just keep offering it to her and when she doesn’t, offer protein filled foods. You’re doing what you can. That’s all we can do as parents.

Don’t force her find alternatives that will still give her protein etc

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Don’t force her to eat it . make sure she’s eating her vitamins and not just eating junk. My 3 year old prefers not to eat meat. Leave it as an option but don’t fight it

Keep trying in intervals but don’t force her. You are getting her protein in other ways but she needs iron as well.

Meat is not necessary for a healthy diet. When do you ever hear that someone is sickly because of a protein deficiency? Give her vitamins if you’ll are concerned 

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Accept it as her choice.

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My son is the same way. The only meat he eats is bacon. He gags on it and hates the smell. It’s a sensory processing thing. I wouldn’t force her to eat it. I believe they will one day.

Mine never ate meat until last year or so, and he’s almost 9. I’m super into the “you will eat what I cook for dinner. I’m not making anything different” BUT I also made sure to make extra sides I knew he liked and he ate plenty from that. Just do the same.
You’ll have to deal with Your husband in your own way.


Some people just dont like the flavor or texture. If shes 8 then I would stop pushing it on her. Just make sure she is eating some good supplements so she gets the right amount of protein

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I was just like her when I was little! I never ate meat because it grossed me out–especially veins in chicken! :unamused: my parents made me sit at table until I ate everything & it was traumatic! I outgrew it…do not force her to eat meat, find other protein substitutes.:+1:

Well my daughter has spd along with other issues and she has never liked ground beef but goes thru stages of liking pork and chicken. Drs have said just keep offering it and eventually when shes ready she’ll eat it.

I didn’t eat meat as a child either. I eventually grew out of it. Feed her Iorn and protein enriched vegetables.

Don t make her eat it. She eats other things then its fine

My house rule is you eat what you are given, food is expensive, people work hard for money for that expensive food so you eat what you see given or it becomes your next meal. Usually a cold dinner for breakfast fixes fussy eaters.


Ifs she healthy allow her choice of no meat. If unhealthy take her to the doctor. She’s old enough to make decisions on what type of food she likes.

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Don’t force. My daughter is also petite. 10 yrs old just hit 60 lbs.

Mother of 4, parent of 29 yrs, I have 2 that have texture issues to this day, MEAT being one of them. As long as she is getting protein from other sources, beans, pine apple, peanut butter, other veggies, put her on vitamins, she will be ok. I personally didn’t make my kiddos eat what I KNEW they didn’t like.Pedisure is an EXCELLENT substitute for iron if you have concerns if she’s deficient.


If you are making it anyways I’d still offer it to her. At least plate a couple bites but don’t force it if she will eat other sources of protein

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She’s getting protein, I’d let her be. You can talk to the doctor for ideas on foods for her to eat.

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My kids went thru that. I crumbled it up super fine in hamburger helper. And ghoulash and spaghetti. Then after they had eaten their fill i told them they had just ate it.

Her body may not be able to process meat. Some people have that issue. My niece is one of them. As an adult she has found that if she stays off of meat that she feels better. With my girls once I had them try a food a time or two and they still had an issue with it I didn’t force the issue. I believe our bodies tell us what they need and can handle nutrition wise. I also believe it will tell us what foods we may be allergic to if we just listen.

I don’t force it. Not worth the headache if you know she’s getting a good diet.

Kids do that, just sub beans for meat and keep living your life. She probably just doesnt like the texture and or flavor. Unless her doctor is concerned with her weight then dont stress the small stuff, it isnt worth fight for.

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Leave her be shes fine no need to make her eat if shes getting the right nutrition.

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That no meat phase ended fast

My 2 year old doesn’t eat meat. I dont either but all I can do is offer it to him, one day he might want to. In mean time I try to vary his diet with eggs beans quorn rice pasta etc some days are better than others lol

My almost 16 yr old is the same way. Cant stand meat . So i dont make him eat it all the time but i try to throw in some a couple times a week to get protein in him. Dont force her.

I wouldn’t “make” her eat meat. It sounds like she has healthy alternative protein sources. Make a visit to her dr and confirm she is getting the nutrition she needs and developing normally.

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Give her a multivitamin like a Flintstone everyday, and tell her to take one bite if she doesn’t like it she doesn’t eat it

My mom was like that when I eat little and I didn’t start liking some meats until I was in college

My brother used to chew all the meat, get the flavor and then spit it out lol

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Don’t force her. I hate the whole you have to eat this idea. They’ll come around when they’re ready and you don’t want to make them not want it. I never changed meals, but I always did his slightly different or didn’t add things. He now eats a lot of things he wouldn’t before


My son doesn’t eat meat. He’s 5 & has barely ever ate meat. I wouldn’t force him too either.

Speak to yoyr doctor and just work out a good diet sishe gets protein in

Accept that she doesn’t like it, stop trying to force food down her throat, and make sure she’s getting proteins in other ways.

Well, at 8 years old she’s definitely old enough to state her preferences. I believe forcing her to eat meat, for any reason, wouldn’t be worth the consequences.

Maybe visit a dietitian as a family and voice any concerns, and educate your husband on alternatives. :woman_shrugging:

If it were veggies and fruit youd have problems but since its meat I’d say leave her make sure shes getting the necessary vitamins and nutrients through other foods

Don’t make her eat it. It’s going to cause more issues in the long run.

Don’t force your kid to eat something that they genuinely don’t like. That can create eating disorders. Yes, people say “my mom did it and I’m fine!” Good for you. Not every single one of the billions of people on earth are exactly like you.


Don’t force her it will only make it worse… my niece is 9 and has hated meat since she was a baby my sister doesn’t force her cause everytime she tried eating some she would throw it up… as long as she is eating other things with protein and stuff she needs and she is healthy she will be fine without meat


My grandson was the same way put it on there plate encourage your child .We worked with him he was 6 before he would even eat meat so be patient

Just roll with it. It’s worse to create this stressful situation over it, you know? There’s other foods that she can eat as a substitute for meat, and they’ve really started fortifying lots of other foods with Omegas and vitamin D. And then there’s just iron which can come from lots of greens. Make sure she takes a multi. Should be good. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Respect her choice… Allow her to be… You will be both be happier💟


If anything just maybe get a flavorless protein powder to add to her drink. That’s where you get a majority of your protein. Iron comes from red meat as well, so just have her dr check her iron.

Don’t force her to eat something she doesn’t like.

No child should be forced to eat what they don’t like, sounds like shes vegetarian, try her with meat free foods… it would be different if she was just genuinely being fussy an refused

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Let her b. Just give her various types of veggies. It’s healthy for her and she’s getting protein. Later if she wants meat she will eat it on her own.

I believe meat is vital. With that said, I wouldn’t force it, but I would do my best to try every possible way to change up the meat [trying different meals, cooking methods, etc] and have her try one bite until maybe you can find something that works.

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Don’t force her, but she will need to get her protein from ither sources. Beans, oeanut butter, cottage cheese…

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My 2 year old doesn’t eat AT ALL… I’d take the no meat fight any day over not eating at all!


Lots of other protein foods :slightly_smiling_face: … will she accept seafood over meat? Homemade beans ? Toe fu?

Forcing a kid to eat causes eating disorders!! There is actual proof/evidence/studies showing this! Please dont listen to the uneducated, archaic, barbaric advice on here. Yes, food costs money, save some and your child’s mental health by listening to them… great question mama!


Mine stopped eating meat at 7 or 8…shes 14 and sooooooo much healthier and fit than the rest of us. She doesnt need meat as long as she is eating a healthy balanced leal with protein.

Don’t make her eat it. There’s plenty of other protein options

Don’t make food an issue, it causes trouble later. Talk to her pediatrician. Have him suggest foods she may eat. Will she eat beans, peanut butter or fake meat? Try substitutes. Get that protein in there other ways.

Make sure she’s getting b12 since that pretty much only comes from meat

Don’t force someone to eat something they don’t like. Offer healthy alternatives. Nothing wrong with being meat free

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Get her protein elsewhere? You can’t force someone to eat meat if they don’t want to or just they don’t like it

Talk to her pediatrician and consider a nutritionist to make sure her protein needs are being met. As long as she’s healthy choose your battles mama.

Just let her eat what she wants. There is always mac n cheese, grilled cheese, omelets, deviled eggs, sweet potatoes, maybe chic noodle soup? It may just be a stage.

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I have protien aversions too. Sometimes I won’t eat mest for a week or more. Then when I do it makes me feel sick and I wont finish it all… As long as shes getting protein in other ways don’t force it.

My son didn’t eat any meat until the age of 9, he just never liked it and then he slowly started trying some. He still doesn’t like alot of meats and that’s ok. He has always gotten proteins from other foods and still does.

I wouldn’t force my kids to eat anything they don’t want too. But they don’t get anything else. Last thing I want is them associating negative feelings with eating.

My 5 year old hates meat too (except bacon! Lol!) Seriously though she rarely has bacon but dislikes every other meat out there. She does, however, eat peanut butter and some beans. She also likes hummus ao she’s getting protein frim other sources. I wouldn’t worry about her not eating meat as long as she can get protein elsewhere.

The only vitamins that she’d need thats only found in meat is a range of B vitamins . Just make sure she eats or drinks a supplement. And has protein rich foods.

I hate meat, I’ve know since I was very little, like 3 years old. My aunt Mary was a bitch and would force me to eat it when I spent time at her house. I stopped talking to her when I turned 18, and she wonders why I don’t talk to her. I’m like because I hate you , you nasty food forced, no water even till that eww was eaten. I will never make my kids eat or even try something they don’t want to. And I will never forgive Mary for her nasty forced meat.

Accept it…shes old enough to know what she doesn’t want…

My girls dont eat meat I was told to push proteins in others foods such as peanut butter and eggs

I was never great lover of meat either as kid. As long as she gets all she need within veg diet its fine.

I would keep offering it to her at dinner time just smaller pieces and ask her to try it & if I didn’t eat my dinner or at least try it I was yelled a ect. And had to go to my room :woman_shrugging:t3:

At the daycare I worked at we had little wobblers and toddlers who were on a vegetarian diet. It’s perfectly safe and normal as long as you supplement her needs through other foods. She might never like meat and that’s okay. Don’t force her :relaxed:

Its a pain when one eats differently then the rest of the family:) I do as well, no meat but I cook it for my family. Research affordable alternatives for her to get her protein and calories, it may be a phase or a life long thing, but if it were me, I would rather just cater to her a bit on it for now and let her make her own choice when she is older.

Let her choose! She may be vegetarian she’s old enough to make that decision

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I would stop making her eat it and be thankful that she will be healthier for it in the future. Animal protein can cause serious health issues, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and cancers. Tell dad to watch the Netflix documentaries regarding plant based diets, forks over knives, what the health, or fat sick and nearly dead are good ones to start with…

Nothing wrong with not eating meat…

Don’t make her eat it

Don’t make her eat it? My 16 month old will barely eat meat, but he sure loves potatoes lol

Stop forcing it. If she wants it, it’ll be there. My son isn’t a big meat eater, but eats any kind of veggie. My daughter is a huge meat and potato girl, but will not eat anything green :woman_shrugging:t4: both happy and healthy