My daughter keeps jumping back and forth with dance and gymnastics: Advice?

my daughter loves dance & gymnastics. She has advanced in both. She decided to do team in gymnastics. After about a month she wanted to quit & go back to dance. Then she said she wanted to just go togymnastics two days a week. That is what we did. Well, now she doesn’t want to do gymnastics she wants to go back to dance. We can do that but, we can’t keep going bath & fourth.She is an only child & I feel like a horrible mom emailing gymnastics & dance. Should I just skip a movie of each or let her dance a month & then decide?She knows she can’t do both.


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I’d explain to her that to being a good sport, once she starts a sport, she needs to stay committed and finish until the end. And once that sport is done, then she can start and complete another sport.


When you make a team Commitment you stick to it.


To get her to make a choice and stick with it take a break from both. I know it sounds harsh but if she can’t make a decision to stick with one then she doesn’t need to do either because she is wasting everyone’s time, money and effort. It’s not just yours and her time, money and effort on the line it’s the instructor’s, students and other parents as well.


I would ask her what she likes and dislikes about both. Help her choose. And then teach her what it means to commit

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I think it depends on her age. I’d say if she’s 10 or older… she needs to pick one and stick. She’s old enough to know which she likes better. If she’s younger let her do the full season (usually a school year) and she can switch back and forth until she chooses but not until the year is done. I wouldn’t be hopping back and forth per month. I’d be annoyed if I was that organization- adding her to a roster, taking her back off etc lack of commitment starts with parents… stay consistent.

I always tell my kids when you start something you finish it. Is there a reason she can’t do both?


This would be a great opportunity to teach her how she is part of a team and the whole team relies on her being there for things to go smoothly. You should be telling her she made a commitment to her teammates and she has to stick it out until the end of the season.


Have you ever thought about having her try cheering? Tumbling and dance are a huge part of it. She could get a little bit of both worlds doing cheer and only do one activity.


I would really talk to her about choosing one, as both can become very time consuming.

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I would tell her that she has to stick to her choice and can’t keep changing her mind. That it’s unfair to the teacher, her fellow team, and even to you!


She’s a kid and probably trying to figure out what exactly she wants to do as far as an extracurricular activity. There may be aspects of both that she likes and aspects of both that she dislikes. I would sit her down and find out the WHY as to why she wants to bounce back and forth or why she keeps changing her mind.

My parents had a rule for my brother and I when we were growing up, that I’ve carried on with my kids. I will put you in whatever sport or activity you want to do. But once you’re signed up and it’s paid for, you’re going to finish. If you don’t want to do it again next season/year, you don’t have to, but once we have paid registration and bought equipment, you’re going to finish what you started.

This is what happened with my daughter. She wanted to cheer. She started, half way through she wanted to switch to soccer. We had her finish cheer, and she didn’t sign up again this year. This year we’re playing soccer. I would also talk to your daughter about cheering. That’s a combination of dance and gymnastics.


Put her in cheer or drill team
Then she can do both at the same time :joy:


Why can’t she do both?!

Kids play multiple sports all the time.

And I think each would benefit the other also!


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Maybe talk to her about doing cheer or trying that at least. It has a combination of both of those. So she may like they a little bit more and decide to stick with it.

Wow. That’s a toughie. Maybe you could get a sheet of paper and have her do pros and cons for dance and gymnastics. See which one has the most pros and the least cons. I would look for things like which one has the most of her friends involved. Which one allows the most time for homework. Costs? Which one does she already have the most equipment for. If you’re still stalemated, flip a coin… heads-gymnastics; tails-dance.

Why can’t she do both? Both sound like fantastic things for her. Some days dance, some days gymnastics. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Sit her down and explain to her that she will have to pick one and stick with it. Let her know that when she joins one, she becomes part of the team The rest of the team members and coaches or teachers depend on her.

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Tell her about cheerleading. Bit of both

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Then you decide. We all make decisions in life. She has to learn to stick with what she chooses. 1 year. She misses out and messes with team building when she bounces. So, if she can’t or won’t make a choice, do it for her. But she sticks to it for a period of time.

I would try put her into rhythmic gymnastics, combines gymnastics and dance. If she doesn’t like it.
Try to manage both, however if it’s something very expensive. Probably would be better to commit to one.


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Keep her in gymnastics and put her in little league cheerleading/ they do dances for their games and competitions and gymnastics gives her the upper hand honestly🤷🏻‍♀️

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