My Daughter is Being Bullied in School by a Family Member: What Do I Do?

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"I’m really just lost on what to do or how to help him. My 6 year old daughter is in 1st grade and she has a little girl in her class that is in the family. My husband’s cousin is married to this little girls mom. (The mom and I have issues outside of this situation.) My daughter comes home from school and expresses to me that said girl keeps being mean to her and hitting her on the head and in the face. My daughter is kind of shy so she won’t go and tell a teacher about what is going on. I have expressed to her next time it happens she needs to go tell the teacher as soon as it happens. *My daughter being as so kind hearted as she is, still wants to be her friend. My husband’s aunt told me that said girls mother has talked to the teacher and the teacher states “that she has never seen her be mean to any kids”. I have had one other person with a child in the same class come to me and say said girl was bullying her son as well. *Also, the teacher knows my husbands aunt which is the “said girl’s” step grandmother. Should I go to the teacher or just go straight to the principal?"

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"Sounds like a lot of conflict if interest going on. Change her class."

"I would go to the principal and ask her to be moved to a different teacher."

"Don’t go to the teacher go over her head"

"Go straight to principal. You are your childs voice, dont be silenced"

"I would send an email first requesting a meeting and include both the teacher and principal. I would then request my child change classes and no longer be put in anything with that other little girl."

"I would definitely write a email and make sure you add the administration to the email so something has to be done. Administration will be on the principal asking if changes were made. Good luck with this situation."

"Put the girl in a separate class and go to the principle. This person has no business being a teacher if she’s playing favorites and facilitating the bullying."

"It seems like a lot of drama. I’d def speak to the principal about it."

"Take her out that class"

"Go to the principal and have her moved to another class. And you need to teach your child to defend herself."

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