My Daughter Feels Her Privacy Was Violated at School

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"I am just curious how others feel!! If your son or daughter was in school and using the restroom and a teacher was looking for another student, called the students name she was looking for and no one answered, so the teacher began to peep in a bathroom stall crack and make eye contact with your child and say" Susie q " is that u? And ur child is like Ummm yes, I’m Susie q feeling like her privacy was violated literally with pants pulled down using the restroom, would any other parents be upset !! And just because it was a female looking thru a bathroom stall crack at someone’s female minor doesn’t mean crap . if it was a male, we wouldn’t just be having a “meeting” please feel free for advice or if u would be upset or what would u do ? I do not believe that just because students go into stalls to vape means teachers should have the right to look in on minor children using the restroom PERIOD. Susie q had never vaped a day in her life btw!"

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"Okay, well you can’t know your child has never vaped, because if they did they wouldn’t tell you. But I’d definitely be going to the school, and maybe even calling CPS."

"No no no no no no no. Wrong. 110% wrong. If it were my child I would be pressing charges. There are stall doors for a reason. That teacher had zero right to be peeking in that stall door at that child. Zero."

"yeah hell the fuck no. this is absurd and i’d be pressing charges for whatever i could. unnecessary and violation of space/privacy"

"Nope, I would for sure be taking that further, complete lack of respect and a violation to her privacy. Especially at her age she could even be feeling a bit embarrassed. I would be raising hell fire"

"I’d report her to the school board and police for voyuerism. There is absolutely no reason for a teacher of any gender to be looking into bathroom stalls for a child. Idc if they think they’re vaping or not. That’s a complete disrespect of your child’s privacy"

"No one has the right to peek in between the space between the door and the door frame. You have the expected right to privacy behind the closed door, and I’d be bringing this up to the principal, the school board, and anyone else who might make a difference in your complaint."

"Regardless of what they may have been doing or not doing, the teacher in question didn’t have a right to be peeping in doors especially in the restroom. HOWEVER there is always 2 sides the the story(well, almost always). Was your daughter or “Susie q” actually doing something wrong in the bathroom and got caught? So she came up with a story about her privacy was invaded? Because there were ALOT of things I did at/in school that were against the rules and my parents never really knew. Until I got caught. I think it’s something you need to go in with an open mind with and address a meeting between you, your kiddo, the teacher in question, and the principal and call out the issues face to face to know the true story."

"Not cool! I would be pissed and would be in the principals office, calling the teacher in for a conference! You’re so right, if it were a male teacher, he would have been fired! The teacher was very wrong here!"

"I’d lose my cool. Using the restroom is a private event, no audience needed. This actually angers me and I think I would have been at that school ready to chat."

"Well as a substitute teacher, I never go into the bathroom. If I need anything I send another child from the classroom who knows the child to check… or I stand outside the bathroom and talk into the restroom. I don’t know any teachers myself that would do that. Not ok… certain boundaries for sure are definitely crossed. Make a report."

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