My daughter doesn't stay full...advice?

Okay so I had my second daughter July 27th she’s a little over a month old she doesn’t stay full when we give her bottles she eats like 3 maybe 5 bottles just in the morning and there between 4-5 ounces each with my first daughter she was the same way but we added rice I just can’t remember how old she was when we did it so my question is do you think it’s safe for my baby to have rice added to her milk so she can stay full longer?


My son was the same. It felt like I was feeding him full servings every hour. He’s almost 8 now and still eats every half hour or he’s a grumpy fella! I would get calls from his school to bring more food for him and they would offer him whatever they had too!

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My first was like this was reflux

I would increase the amount she’s eating so increase it an Oz or 2. Before you attempt rice in the bottle, it’s a choking risk.

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No rice til atleast 4 months old


I would go to the Dr my baby cried all the time even after eating turns out she had reflux and needed med and it helped so much .


Yes, my daughters pediatrician told her to do just that

She is a months old. I have 3 children, they was all up every 2 hours at that age having a bottle.


1month old is way too young to give baby rice cereal. Usually around the 4-6month mark is the best. Doctors say to wait till your baby can sit up with no support to prevent chocking


I would check with your pediatrician. But my son had the same problem and at only a couple of days old his doctor said to feed him if he’s hungry. So if your baby is eating more than you’re giving her you can give her a little bit more milk and it’s not going to hurt her. No rice yet though.


I’d say to early I’d rather up the Oz by 1oz slowly than add anything to be honest
There were bodys can’t hand Alot there only small
But after 4/ months you can add half a risk in a bowl with her formula and mix it up and give her it in a bowl as a seareal or baby breakfast sachets in a bowl but not before then and deffo nothing in the bottle xx

My baby was dealing with a lot of spit up during his first month even in the gentlease and would spit up like watery saliva even an hour to two hours after eating and I felt like he was just hungry more often from throwing up all that he had just eaten. I came across this formula and talked to the pediatrician and she told me I could definitely try it to see how he does with it and I feel it’s been so much better. Now just your normal spit up after eating.

Feed more often up the ounces in her bottle and seek advice from your health visitor

It’s cluster feeds, and it’s normal and healthy


Sounds like cluster feeding


My baby by one month needed 6 ounces to stay full and sometime within that month my baby was eating 8 ounces. My doctor approved it and knew about it. All babies are different but might want to try the added rice starch formula to see if that will help your baby stay fuller longer. Some babies just eat more and continue to do so. My baby is a toddler now and ears grown man size plates. Most days more than I personally eat.

Just feed her more often. She’s too young for anything else.


6 months plus is recommended
It may be health visitor or baby doctor can help? Maybe stick to 5ounces makes sure baby is well winded. Is she seeking comfort?(if she’s not drinking the full oz you’ve stated) could be a touch of colic or silent reflux
If it’s wind get baby’s legs and do the cycle motion slowly and push gently her legs to her belly and down again

My daughter dr told me when my daughter was born to add the rice cereal to her milk just a lil because she wasn’t getting full with just milk

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Feed her a little more on first bottle give her 6 ounces

Back in my child raising day. Babies were given 8 ounces. At a time. Might try that first


At a month old, just feed her when she’s hungry. At least for a few more months.

My daughter was like this I changed from regular formula to formula for hungrier babies it was cow and gate I’m sure most formulas have a hungrier baby option

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Speak to her maternal health nurse

At 4 weeks my daughter wasn’t full and wasn’t sleeping. My sister in law was a pediatric nurse and told me to put a little cereal in her last bottle. She slept all night after that. This is something that you need to consult a professional on though because it could be a number of things. Good luck with your precious new baby :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

At 4 weeks my daughter wasn’t full and wasn’t sleeping. My sister in law was a pediatric nurse and told me to put a little cereal in her last bottle. She slept all night after that. This is something that you need to consult a professional on though before it could be a number of things. Good luck with your precious new baby :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yes I would add rice cereal to formula

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No! No rice! Nothing but milk in the bottle. You can give oatmeal mixed with milk, spoon fed at 4 months.

No. It’s a choking hazard, it doesn’t keep them full longer or make them sleep longer. It’s only acceptable under extremely strict and rare circumstances when babies have bad reflux and a doctor has prescribed it. DO NOT add cereal to a baby bottle!


My babies was eating everything from the time they was born and so did my grandkids!!!:woman_shrugging:t3:

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I added baby cereal to my daughter’s milk when she was only 3 weeks old because the milk didn’t fill her up she would just cry after adding a little baby cereal she was fine she is now 36

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No too young for rice cereal in her bottle. She’s probably cluster feeding and going thru a growth spurt. She’ll slow down once it’s over just up her intake a little feed her when she’s hungry.

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She’s supposed to eat every 2 hours…so 3-5 bottles in the morning is right on track. It’s way too early to introduce cereal. I used it closer to 3 months and we tried solids around 4.


I wouldn’t add anything until 4 months, baby oatmeal is the way to go too (it offers more than rice) Mix with your milk and spoon feed when old enough


My son was same way. They had me give him diluted baby cereal


This is a question for her Dr

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Your baby is supposed to get hungry every 2-4 hours. It’s biologically normal. Feed baby on demand. My ped said 1 oz more than their age. So if your baby is 1 month old, feed 2oz. And so on and so forth. Babies grow at a very fast pace. Their metabolism is insane. They need to be renourished often.


Maybe try a 6oz and see how she goes & definitely don’t add baby rice

My son,age 51 now, was a big baby. He was started on rice cereal at 2 weeks because he could not get full. His Dr told me to feed that boy. He is over 6 feet tall and no health issues. My daughter refused food until 8 months. All kids are different.


Shes one month old, she’s supposed to eat all the time. You can do some major harm to her gut by giving her rice cereal this early.


Don’t add baby rice! Not only is she too young, it also has 0 health benefits. She isn’t gonna stay full shes still a newborn, feeds are 2-3 hours. x


Try gel mix. Ask you peds first.

I’m old school. I would start some cereal. I put mine on cereal at 2 weeks and baby food at a month. Off the bottle at 10 months.


Mine had breast on demand and hungrier milk it was insane, by 11weeks he was still on booby and 32oz hungrier baby milk… so we added food as soon as he could hold head up and looked interesting a week later… first try hungrier baby milk though x

She’s not made to stay full


No, baby is way too young and rice cereal has no nutritional value. Her stomach is only the size of a large chicken egg. If she acts hungry after her bottle, offer more milk.

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She could be lacking something, my son has to take vitamins daily by the doctor

Put the baby on a hungry baby milk

Ma’am… she’s a little over a month old … babies eat all the time at that age … I’d imagine if you asked your kids dr, they would say absolutely not to giving a one month old baby rice in their formula


They are supposed to eat that much. 5 bottles is not too much for the morning. They will eat every 2 hours. That’s normal. Absurd do not give your baby rice in a bottle if they under 6 months. Babies can’t stay full because they have very tiny stomachs. That’s why they eat so often. Don’t give them rice. A baby that age should only have formula or breastmilk.


No it’s not safe please if you have any questions about this visit for gp or your local pediatrician as they can give you the proper advice xxx


At a month I was told by our ped 3oz every 2 to 3 hours, (im in the same boat as you our little guy was born july 26th) but just feed on demand when you are able… your little one may be going through a growth spurt and need the extra calories I wouldn’t feed more than 3 to 4oz in a single sitting their poor little tummies are still small at this age


I would bring it up too her pediatrician,that doesn’t sound right


Solids in a bottle are a choking hazard. Newborns cluster feed. They aren’t meant to stay full.


They’re not going to stay full at that age she’s in the cluster feeding stage when I nursed my boys ate every hour for 4 months pretty much and I wouldn’t do rice yet


right now your baby should still be eating once every 3 or 4 hours. so that sounds perfectly normal. never put cereal in formula unless directed by a pediatrician. hope this helps.

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I would say add cereal but maybe your baby needs a different formula. That’s alot of bottles to me.

A month old?.. Absolutely not!
At that age all babies do is eat and sleep.

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We had to put cereal in my daughters bottle bc she had such bad reflux. I don’t see a problem with doing this, but then again I’m not the mama.


Consult your pediatrician, not FB​:two_hearts::pray:


My son was put on rice when he was 2 months so check with your baby’s doctor and it didn’t hurt him. He’s a grown man now still always hungry and he thin.

U not given enough try some cereal n the milk

Baby cereal certainly does have many nutrients and are fortified with iron also. I started feeding my little one a few teaspoons of rice cereal at night and it helped her sleep longer and more soundly. Every baby is different. And rice cereal does not stretch their stomachs and make them hungrier. So many misconceptions.


My baby dr put her on rice and cereal at about 2 months for acid reflex

Try gas drops. I thought my baby was still hungry they’d cry and cry and cry. They’d eat bc of the pain it was something to suck. Once I gave them gas drops it was fine. I feel like the whole burp feed change or bored and needa held or played with scenario needs to add GAS. ALMOST ALL babies get gas and it’s painful bc there bodies aren’t fully developed yet. So they eat and they cry shortly after and when all those things are taken care of u assume they are still hungry. It’s a cycle bc then they start puking so you think I should add rice to help bc it’s too much milk at once but there still hungry. Your baby very well could still be hungry but I’ve taken care of 3 tater tots and all 3 needed those gas drops. They are all natural harmless and saved me so many sleepless nights.

Try feeding every 2-3 hours instead of every 3-4. Your baby is still very little and it sounds like your baby is eating too much at one time and you are spacing it out too far

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Rice isn’t recommended! There might be a whole different issue. Babes that are constantly eating and still fuss usually have gerd I’d get her in to see her pediatrician! She might just need some acid reflux meds to help her out!

she is old enough , but maybe, just maybe talk to her pedi Dr about this, As a M/B nurse & I do have 2 kids, my son drank /or had a bottle every 3 hrs around the clock & we fed them by a month old back then (1973) This just does NOT sound normal at all with what you are going thru

No, call your doctor. Things have changed over the years.

Do not add pablum. She is a month old. They eat constantly

She’s cluster feeding its normal. She’s not staying full cuz she ISNT full.

NEVER use rice cereal it contains arsenic.

Use the alternative, oat I think it it? If you do choose to. But ask your DOCTOR not Facebook


You’re giving way too much. Babies belly has stretched out from being over fed. Babies suckle for comfort, it doesn’t mean they’re hungry. Also, pace feed. Very important to pace feed and no cereal in bottles it’s dangerous.

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I read a few comments; not sure if anyone left a similar one but try changing formulas!
Certain types are heavier and help keep baby full longer.
Rice right now will just stretch their stomach and make them more hungry and more irritable due to being uncomfortable.

You could try making a 6-8oz bottle, feed half, burp, feed other half and then time for exactly 3 hours after that - repeat. Honestly the consistency with my little ones helped so much. They’d get grumpy about 10 minutes before my alarm would go off so I knew it was time to prepare.

Good luck mama!


That is a choking hazard and empty calories. She’s a newborn, newborns eat at least every two hours, more if they are cluster feeding or have a growth spurt.

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Is babe eating it all without spitting up? They eat every 2-3 or 3-4 hours and if your baby is a bigger baby, then 4 ounces is just fine. Rice just makes it harder to eat and tires them out. It’s usually only recommended for acid reflux or similar types of situations.

If baby is gaining proper weight, not spitting up, and isn’t unusually cranky then it sounds fine. My first needed 4 ounces immediately after birth and the nurses kept telling me ‘no more than 1 ounce at a time’, well she kept screaming and screaming. Would want more not even 30 minutes later. I was at a loss and hubs said to give her more, that SHE knows how much she needs. 4 ounces later she slept like a dream and never screamed again, just gave usual cries.

Follow baby’s lead :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’d be asking this type of question to your pediatrician not a Facebook group. Too much incorrect advice.

To be 100% honest, you should be talking to your pediatrician about this. If you take advice from a peanut gallery there’s a chance that it’s wrong. So please just refer to your pediatrician. They would rather you ask them.

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Please be careful as rice can rupture her intestine as it’s heavy. Maybe take her to her pediatrician and can recommend a safer solution

Sounds like she is crying because of overfeeding not hungry


I would feed her more often. 2 hours in between instead of 3 maybe. She’s too young for cereal.


Speak to ur doctor. Due to medical issues I had to start adding baby cereal to my 3rd childs bottle since she was 2 months

My pediatrician advocates no rice in bottles unless theres a medical reason such as gurd; however, he still perfers spoon fed. Ages can vary depending on their development. Usually for sure can start foods like rice just for fun at 6 months. At a month babies still can eat every 2-4 hours and will eat about 3-5 oz each time. All babies are different but your baby sounds 100% normal to me. And for experience i have 6 living children, one on the way and my pediatrician also has 6 children and 1 he adopted from a patient. So i trust his judgement. Also after about 2oz i would be burping and let them fed the rest and burp again. It could be possible some bubbles are in there and burping can help.


Lol. Try breastfeeding. The child is always on the teet.:grin::grin::grin:

it sounds like she might be cluster feeding?

Increase how much she gets at once

I would go back to 2-4 oz and just feed her more often. My kid ate 2oz every 2 hours for like 3 months. Anything over that she spit up or had upset belly.

Also if the baby is crying it could be many other reasons. Colic. Wet. Maybe upset tummy or gas. Not necessarily hungry.

Are you formula feeding or breastmilk?
I would check with the babies pediatrician.

Add rice a little, if you feel comfortable… it’s your call as a mother to determine what your child eats when. Everyone is different. I did my kids and not a problem one. But again it’s your call.


No cereal until 3 to 4 months

Newborns need to eat every two hours

Yes add the rice. They use it in NICU to help babies grow.

It’s a pediatrician question. We will have different answers based on our babies

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As Above Rule out Reflux.
A baby with reflux will feel ‘better’ while eating…it is a vicious cycle.
A breat fed infant eats roughly every 2-3 hours.
Bottle feed every 3-4.
Some feeds closer, some further appart. During a growth spurt they will eat more/ more frequently.
Is there any time during the day s/he goes longer between feeds? ( Preferably between 11pm - 6am)
Count the Number of Oz baby eats in 24 hours.
And the start of each feed…and number of Oz taken. It should very.
Take that w/you to the peds.
How big is baby? Birth/now?

Too young for rice. She needs to eat, feed her . Not all babies are the same

All you would be doing is tricking your babies brain/body into thinking it’s not hungry because rice cereal is SOOOO hard on their tiny bodies.

Wait till they turn 9 and a teenager talk about hungry .it’s normal .

Nowdays they don’t suggest that but if u r breastfeeding exclusively u may need to supplement. I suggest talking to pediatrician about this as there are great formulas that provide extra nutrition for cases like this.
Years ago when I nannied we had a lil guy that was never full, he had the worst diarrhea too from Mom’s diet. She was an OB and ate crazy times and lots of stuff hard on his lil belly. I started mashing bananas with a bit of her breast milk at barely 3 months old. He fussed less, his diapers were less nasty and he stopped spitting up as much. I only did it a few times a week. He started on solids too at 4 months. He was grabbing everything and still hungry all the time til then. He is in middle school now and healthy kid. But def speak to your lil one’s Dr cause it could be a sign of another health issue or they may be something they suggest to help!

I have never in my life heard of a 4 week old baby that eats 25 ounces just in a morning. I think it’s best for you to contact your pediatrician.


No rice, no solid or fillers at all. There is a reason they say not to give them u tik a certain age. They can choke on spit up and it can cause digestion issues as their tummies aren’t strong enough to handle it. Just get her on a routine for feeding and stick to it. STICK TO IT. otherwise she’ll want food 24/7. It’s normal for a young babies to feel hungry all the time so it’s not biggie giving a little here and there more or so every now and then but allowing to over feed will lead to never ending disappointment on the child end as she will want more and more. My son was like that. Still is. He eats like a grown man and he’s not even two. He will eat until it comes back up and then he’d try again doc never said anything was wrong just said boys are naturally more energetic and growing faster and faster which causes hunger even when the body isn’t actually hungry. He also used to drink two bottles every 3 hours from 1 month to 9 months. He was just never satisfied with his bottles or meals for a long time I almost thought something was wrong as I felt it was unusual for such a small baby to want to eat so much but he’s as healthy as can be and stronger than ever so :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3:

No I don’t think it’s safe

She definitely is just being over fed. She isn’t still hungry. Yes bottle every two hours or so but not that much, if she is still screaming she is tired and wants to bed held and soothed. Trust me, don’t cause more of an issue for her little belly by over feeding her like this.