My co worker and husband have been talking on facebook

I invited a co worker who has never met my family to my baby shower. When she was there she made comments about my husband being “cute” which whatever…he is…very cute so I didnt think anything of it…a day after the baby shower she added my husband on facebook…which at first i didnt think anything of it, but then i noticed she was liking his old posts ( he didnt post for a long time and barely ever posted, just scrolled)…then i noticed he would respond to stories she posted…he started also posting to fb and they were liking each others posts and replying to each other and now i feel some type of way…she never posted half naked stories before and now that she added my husband she is…my husband scrolls right past my posts but replies or reacts to her…am i over reacting or am i right to feel some type of way?

red flags!! my husband did some shady shit when we literally first stared dating. then he would start liking all these other girls photos and posts and scroll past mine. well i quickly deleted some of those friends from his list, i spoke up and mentioned to him that i had noticed these things and that i was not comfortable with it. like why the hell do you like these other chicks phots and cant even like your own wifes? ive literally watched him scroll past mine and like the very next one in line :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: confront him or itll get worse