My childs uncles are not in her life and I want them to be: Advice?

My husband moved to my city almost ten years ago; he was going through a horrible divorce and trying to get his life back together. his ex-wife hides his rights in the divorce to their child. She got his mother to believe she could be in the child’s life if she had her son sign the papers. He was in a clinic taking a lot of meds when he signed them, so we are working on getting them overturned. However that was when his daughter was a few months old, she is ten now. of course his ex-wife lied and doesn’t let anyone see the little girl, my husband has two brothers who were really hurt by this. They don’t have a better relationship. And even tho I’ve been with my husband for four years now they barely talk, and we don’t really talk. I know its cause they don’t want to get close to someone again and lose them. I know they also blame their brother ( my husband) for not seeing his daughter. However, we have a daughter in March, and his mother is excited, but his brothers won’t even call him back in almost five months. They do live 5 hours away. However, should I call them even just to leave a message saying hey, no matter what happens, you will always be my baby’s uncle, and I want you in her life? Cause i do, even if for whatever reason my husband and I don’t work. I would never take her away.


Let your husband deal with his own brothers, after they approach then you can start having a relationship with them… for now that’s not your business and your family are your husband and your daughter, that’s where you have to work…


I would call and leave that exact message. Let them know the line is open any time they want to call. Perhaps send them a birth announcement and pictures regularly.

Why bother move on it is what it is


You can’t force someone to be in your child’s life.


All your husband can do is call his brothers letting them know your baby was born and he would really appreciate them if they came. People come around on there own unless this isn’t the whole story. Family doesn’t come around for a reason is all I have to say. Blessings and good luck.

You can’t force people to be part of your lives. Focus on those who are around and not on who or what’s missing.


Definitely call. Let them know. From there, they can make a decision as to how to move forward.

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Well first off YOU have NO say in his kids!! Second he probably only told YOU what made HIM look like the victim!! Keep your NOSE out of HIS kids and their mothers lives!! None of YOUR business!
Probably a good reason why his family wants nothing to do with him!

All these posts are about what the wife wants. Who cares. That’s his family let him deal with it. Sounds like u dealing with what u don’t have to

I Feel if your husband is ok with you sending them a message then go for it. You don’t have anything to lose really. If they still don’t want to know or get to know your daughter then it’s their loss, at least you have tried and after that there isn’t much else you can do apart from move on. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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If you have been with him for 4 years and haven’t met his brothers their not exactly family. I see how you concern yourself with your child’s uncles very much but not once mentioned you want your child to have any contact with her sibling. That’s a problem! Worry about the fact your daughter has a 10 year old sister out there and mend that situation before worrying about uncles that clearly have no interest in talking to their brother, but his other child needs a father and possibly would love a little sister and focus on making that situation better first before you think of just your own family.

You can’t force people to care…
Find others who do, they don’t have to be blood to be family

I’m in the same passed away.3.years ago none of my.husbands family call or bother with me.or my.daughter and.its best.they.dont.this could be a discise it is is I’m afraid