My child's school made a big mistake

So my daughter was in the 6th grade last year. Due to covid she had to do virtual learning for half the school year. Well long story short, she failed two classes. We were offered to send her to summer school and took full advantage of that. She worked so hard to pass in the few weeks she had there. She was having a little Trouble with one of the tests but she PASSED. I talked to her guidance counselor a few times while she was there and she said Felicity will be fine if she passed her test. She came home so happy that she passed. That was on a Wednesday or Thursday of her last week at summer school. She got her fun day ticket because she passed. The only way to get the tickets for Friday Fun Day was if the students passed. Keep that in mind.

Well. I called the school to get her schedule for her 7th grade year a few days ago and they said she is still wrote down for 6th grade and they dodon’have record of her being in summer school. I dropped her off and picked her up everyday.

She talked to her guidance counselor on the pho e the same day I talked to the school and her teacher said " well I remember seeing you but we have no record of it". So she knows the my daughter was there. But they made a mistake and now my daughter has to pay for it? I contacted the board of education and no one is getting back to me.

What should I do? Is there any teachers or principals out there that can help.or just someone that can help us out. Any advice would be great. I don’t want to have to take it to court but I will if I have to.

Do you have any of the assignments that she had to do while there? Any quizzes that she brought home? Do you have the fun day pass? There is no reason they shouldn’t have a record of her going everyday, I’ve been to summer school in high school & they did attendance every day like normal school. Do you remember the teachers name? I would keep bugging the board until you get a response, call and email. That is their mistake and there’s no reason that your daughter has to pay for it.

She gave the guidance counselor the teachers names that she worked with. Even another students name that she took the test with in the same room. She has no paper work because everything was done on her laptop (from school). She turned in the fun day pass on Friday (the last day). I agree with you 100%. This is their mistake not my daughters. I’m trying all I can but they aren’t getting back to me now.