My childs father was caught at a bar with another female..advice?

Whose baby daddy cheated on them multiple times and still took them back… I’m struggling… I’m not sure what to do… we have 3 kids together… almost 3 year old twin girls, and a 6 month baby girl… This was the 3rd time… this time with a local girl… publicly… I had people sending me pictures of them at the casino bar which is where they stayed the night as well… all while me and our 3 kids were out of town on a small vacation…


You’ve already shown him he can do whatever and you ultimately will stay. You deserve better and your kids deserve a better example and a happy mom. You know what to do or you wouldn’t have come and asked for advice. Future you will be grateful for the decision present you is going to make


Leave and show your daughters the respect you have for yourself so they can learn to respect themselves as well


What you allow is what will continue.
Put an end to it with either a divorce or counseling. Show your kids that that type of behavior is for the birds


It’s acceptable behavior, you’ve allowed him to do it with no major consequences. Stay and be embarrassed and miserable, or leave and be happy. Don’t stay for the kids, that’s no reason. Kids deserve a happy home they’d rather be in two happy ones than one miserable one. First time should have been it, but they say third time’s the charm.


I mean no disrespect by saying this. He will continue to do, what you allow him to get away with. If you keep taking him back, than what exactly are the consequences for his actions? Would you want your daughters to be with someone like him? If they sought advice from you on this situation, what would you tell them? Would you encourage them to give more chances? Or would you tell them to know their self worth? Decide how you want to be treated. Set boundaries that you’re comfortable with, and accept nothing less. You and your babies deserve better.


Why even ask if you’re just gonna stay anyway? This is the third time??? So why is it different than the first two?

Girl you took him back tooooo many times! I understand y’all got 3 kids and you got obvious feelings but damn lady! You need to get tf out! You’re letting your kids see him cheating on you and you taking him back. That’s not something you want them to deal with later in life. There are some guys who did cheat once but never did again but OBVIOUSLY he’s not one of them. All I can say is RUN!

If you stayed after the 1st time he knew he could get away with it. What you allow is what will continue.


Show pics to the lawyers. And file child supports for your babies. Leave him. You will be more happy


If this was a man treating your daughters this way, what would be your advice?
Dump the man, start treating yourself with respect. Otherwise your daughters will think this is acceptable behaviour. And it’s not!


3rd time and you’re not sure what to do??? :joy::face_with_peeking_eye::saluting_face:


Everyone has made it clear you’ve set the bar for how he treats you yourself but sometimes doing something for yourself isn’t enough. So look at it like this. Your setting the bar for your kids as well they’re all little baby girls who I hope never go through what he’s already put you through

Why do you even , have to ask, you can’t trust him. If you don’t have trust in a relationship , you have nothing , let it go, leave the loser, and go make you and your girls the happy life you deserve… because if he truly loved any of you , he never would have cheated, a first time , much less three or , maybe more you don’t know about.

When my daughter was born I found out her dad was cheating. I told him he had to choose between his family or these other females. He said his family and I told him he had to prove that. Long story short, he ended up cheating again a few months later when I was pregnant with our son so out the door he went. You and your children deserve so much better, you deserve peace and happiness, and your children should see you being loved correctly so that they don’t think infidelity and disrespect is an acceptable form of love. I think you know the next step, you’re just afraid to take that leap. Being a single mom is better than dealing with that unnecessary stress I promise you .

Why did you stay this long? Third time is a charm they say, and it sounds like he went all out for this gal. It’s going to be hard, but throw the whole boy out, it’s only going to continue. You’ve shown him that you’ll allow that, and still take him back, so he’s not going to change.

He won’t stop so get used to it or leave. :neutral_face:

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I did that for 9 years, kept taking him back. Then I officially called it off, and he got into a relationship in a week and married her in less than 3 months in their relationship, and never invited any of his 6 kids to his wedding. I’m the happiest in life, I’m glad he found someone else.

Ditch the cheating bastard. He will never stop. Took me years to figure that out.

Sure, take him back so he does it again and again….:woman_facepalming: A person isn’t going to change when they know your gonna put up with it.

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Dump and run…many many single parents w more then one child…u may find yourself happier!

Don’t stop your man from finding the love of his life :joy:

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Don’t be a door mat! You must have exstremely low self asteem when u are willing to take back a muppet! Find u a prince charming who only has eyes for you!

Walking :man_walking: papers hugs to you :hugs:

Did this exact thing. Leave. It’s so hard but it’s worth it.

Know your worth. This will continue because he knows he will get away with it. Show your kids that this is not ok. Are you married ? If so I would advise you to get a divorce because it’s only going to get worse.

Girl no. He’s been inside of someone else. Walk away.

You should not be mad or disappointed at him , because is all your fault , you practically told him that you are fine with it. Actions with not consequences will
Continue to happen.
Have some respect and love for yourself and leave

Sorry to say this but you allowed this the 1st, 2nd, time so you accepted this behavior You chose to be a volunteer. You were a victim the 1st time.

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If it was just you and no kids I’d say do whatever you want…he is out in public so he has no fear of you finding out…he knows youll still stay…but you have children and they don’t deserve to live like this.

Does the town you live in have an “are we dating the same man page?” Post his picture and rip him to shreds babe.

Here’s an idea go tattoo MUG on your forehead Lol :laughing:

You should have believed who he was the first time. You know the saying, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice she on me

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You taking him back that many times after he disrespects you, is showing your children that is appropriate behavior. Stop allowing less just because he’s the father of your children. That does not give him a free pass to be disrespectful.


As long as you take him back he’ll cheat. If it’s in public he’s practically begging you to leave him. If you’re going on vacations without him just leave him all together. Don’t show your girls this is the type of love they want by staying

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He clearly doesn’t give a shit about you and his kids. Which is very sad, he will never change or stop. He’s done this more then once it’s over. Please leave for you and your kids

What is going through your head to allow this behavior? Get a grip. When you leave him and file for child support his days of partying will come to an end. He’ll be broke and won’t have the time or money to entertain other woman.

Screw him, it’s time to gain your self respect back my love - he’s scum and nothing more. Nothing you deserve

Why do y’all have to get on here and ask what y’all do after your man/baby daddy been cheating on y’all over and over!? LEAVE!! Clearly he wanted to be caught nor did he care to be caught nor care about how it made you or his kids look or feel… leave that man! It is not rocket science and there ain’t that much love in the world to stay with someone that doesn’t give one single damn about you!!

If you continue to accept his behavior, he will continue to cheat.

Your teaching your daughters to accept that kind of love if you stay

He won’t change, people with no remorse or regard for other peoples feelings don’t see what they are doing is wrong…. So how can they change?

Would you want this for your twin girls when they are older and in relationships? No? Then make a change and leave him.

Run as fast as you can and don’t look back!

If he was my husband he would of been gone the first time. I can’t believe how some women allow this and keeps laying down with them when they know they have been with other women. I mean did it not tell you he doesn’t want you the first time he cheated ??

Boot him out now,don’t give another chance,

Lol no offence but thats your fault!! Your basically telling him its ok to cheat!! 3 times and your still with him? I dont feel sorry for you one bit!!

What more does he need to do !!! My lord lady come on … quit !

Dump him and get child support.