My child might have dyslexia: Advice?

Can we talk dyslexia at parent teacher Interview night the teacher discussed with me that my daughter may have dyslexia anyone know how to deal with this.should I get extra help/tutors. Any advice would be appreciated open to anything been stressing hard.


she’ll have to see a licensed counselor for this once their diagnosed properly the school will put a learning plan in place to help them

First and foremost thing to do is to get your child tested. You need formal documentation before you can request accommodations.

Dyslexia is different for everyone. I have it as do my sons and their father. Mine was reading and math however for my sone it is only reading and spelling. Just keep an eye out it can be corrected with enough patience

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I would personally talk to my child and ask them what I could do to help them understand better… Think of different activities you can do to help him or her understand

Well you said someone mentioned she may have… You need to find out for sure and go talk to school principal amd teachers amd see what they offer.

How old is your child… my sons teacher came to me and said hes showing signs, I was expecting it due to me having dyslexia as well, mine wasnt recognised until I was in college as there are different types of dyslexia.
My son has only just turned 7 last week, in year 2 at school (uk) letters and language are still developing and usually click once the child is around 8 years old in year 3… I was told if he still shows signs then, he would be put forward for an assessment… I wouldnt worry too much, if she does get diagnosed with it, I managed up till the age of 17 and got decent Mark’s without any aids… and nowadays there is so much help and understanding she will be fine either way, just extra guidance, patience and understanding will be needed xx

Just try to have her read and write more… It’s different for everyone… But reading and writing more should help

You can. They can test her. My daughter has the math form of dyslexia, but because she has an IEP already, they aren’t concerned about it. Or, they weren’t last year. She failed 4th grade and this year, the teacher pushed to get her the right amount of help! She went from a 58 to an 81!! :raised_hands::raised_hands: So grateful the teacher helped… Make sure you explain the help she will need…

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Have her tested, and push for an IEP. Early intervention is best for any learning disabilities.

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Need to speak with family doctor then speak to school and then probably set up iep. Good luck

My daughter has dyslexia. We got her tested and she’s on an IEP at school to get extra help. I had her tested privately but the school still wanted to do their own testing anyways

The school has to test her especially if the teacher is suggesting she has Dyslexia. My son is 10 with ADHD and Dyslexia and has a 504 in place. You don’t have to pay out of pocket at all for anything because it’s the districts responsibility to fund services for children with any kind of disability.

Talk to your doctor and ask for a specialist to help your child and help you. Thinking a child has something and getting it diagnosed is two totally different things. They could be going through a phase or have some problems with learning a few things. Always reach out to your pediatrician for advice on these matters vs the professional Facebook crowd.

I have dyslexia. My advice is to get an official diagnosis for the learning disability so that you can get access to programs and therapist for free. Being dyslexic is frustrating at times but she can still receive a quality education with minimal obstacles. Early diagnosis and intervention is key though. Good luck!

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Schedule a meeting with your school resource teacher, they will be able to help guide you on how to proceed & be able to get a learning plan instituted for your child.

You have have them tested to see how behind there capability are and whether its mathematical or language. One that is determined extra lessons… lots and lots of extra lessons.

Take her to a pedatrtion and find out for sure

My daughter has mild dyslexia, we’ve only noticed it with certain letters. Her teachers all said it was normal when she was in kinder through 3rd grade and she would grow out of it but she never did. Now I make sure her teachers are aware of it so she isnt marked down for mistakes pertaining to those specific letters. Shes in 8th grade and seems to cope with it well.
I never got her extra tutoring, but will have her repeat the word out loud until she realizes it’s not a word shes saying and corrects the mistake herself. (It will usually only be spoken twice and then she chuckles and says “oh”)

My so has this and he is a young adult now l just kept working with him every day and he learnt how to deal with it and had no problems the teacher caught it and we all worked together to make school a better place and they never centered him out and his class mates never new good luck momma you got this

I’m dyslexic. 24 years of dealing with it and it still gets to me. I was never given the proper help for it. I was always told to just figure it out.
Get tested. Get in proper programs that help. Have her read and write more.
Do not get frustrated! No matter how frustrated you are that she can’t make the connection ir figure it out she is more frustrated that she can’t do it.
Be patient and help her as much as you can!

The teacher should not have stated that at a parent teacher conference. You ask the school district to test your child at their expense. They will have to provide your child with the necessary tutors, therapies, etc under law.

I was dignosed with ADHD which can be added by Dyslexia, which I do have but found out when I started working. (I worked slow in school to where I can understand it) do I don’t know.

My son has it and we went to a special eye doctor who prescribed him a certain type of glasses to help and we went through eye therapy that helped him tremendously. He is now 15 and has adapted to where he doesn’t have to wear the glasses anymore. Hang in there :grin::grin:

Prayers for your situation! I wish your family the best in handling this. I cannot help out, however; I would like to know how we enter a request for a fan question to be posted?

Yes have tested and a tutor for sure I have it and had great teachers that helped all thru school! Poor thing it’s confusing and hard for the child it makes learning hard good luck

Go to the school and request an SST. This will start the ball rolling to have testing done. They have 3 months from the date of formal request to have your child tested. At least that is the case for California. Not sure of your location.

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That is an Eye opener. Just don’t give up on your child. I did read the previous response. They have the advice. Good Luck, Prayers & Best Wishes for your daughter & you.