My child likes to eat his boogers...advice?

My 3 year old son is a nose picker, and to my horror he loves to eat his boogers. I’ve talked to him about it countless times to no avail. Any suggestions?


Welcome to having boys :rofl:

So is the toddler I watch and just got done telling my 5 yr old today. I just say keep reminding them to grab kleenex they will eventually start remembering

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He’s 3,he’s a boy,when you see him picking at his nose give him a tissue ,have him blow his nose,and don’t stress over it,hell outgrow it


Definitely a boy thing, my 4 year old does it and thinks it the funniest thing ever, we tell him its gross, my guess hopefully he grows out of it. My 3 girls never did this

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My son’s 8yrs old and still does it anywhere no matter who is around it’s sickening. Praying my 11 month old doesn’t pick up on it :tired_face:

My youngest son was the same and whenever I would say something to him about it he would say it’s yum taste like ice-cream lol :joy::joy: yuk

I tell my kiddos it makes worms in your belly. That is what my grandma told me, and it worked :rofl:


I told my daughter boogers will give her wormies, she didn’t care. Still eats them. She’s turning 5 :joy:

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I have a vivid memory of my parents telling me they’d turn into worms in my stomach if I ate them when I was about 4-5 :rofl: I never did it again


I mean it’s a way to build up his immune system :sweat_smile:

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They outgrow it. Just tell him not to do it in public.

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Give bottle of catchup. May well do it rite. Lol

Tell him no snacking before dinner :joy:

Over thinking…every child did or does it. Stuck in traffic watch the grown ups do it! If that’s all you have to worry about, be grateful :pray:

My aunt worked in a furniture factory when I was young and actually cut her thumb off on a saw. So my mom and aunts would always tell the little kids that a booger bit her finger off…it definitely deterred the picking lol

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Make a bigger deal about it and they will want to do it more :woman_shrugging:

I think all kids ear their boogers.


I say let them eat the boogers. The minute someone makes fun of them, they usually stop.

Something he’ll grow out of it he’s 3 and a boy! Just remind him it’s not ok
I have two boys so I know your pain :blush::joy:

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When the kids grow to pre teens and have to impress someone; then they’ll stop!:sweat_smile::joy: up until then; let’s just hope they use discretion of the times and places they do it!


I tell my grandson (3) that you need to blow them buggars in a tissue bc they’re germs and you need to get them out of your body, not put them back. :laughing:

My kids doctor told them that it’s good for their immune system

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He will out grow it at about 14 well at least that’s when my son stopped

Thank god my kids never did that, that is absolutely disgusting. I would wait till they pick their nose dump damn hot sauce on there fingers.

It’s a boy thing I think :rofl: tbh ud b shocked at how many adults eat them! Could b a texture thing! I can’t imagine they taste good :joy: maybe give him something to chew on when he starts picking b4 he eats it!

My 8 year old still does it :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

He’s a 3 year old boy! My boys picked their nose and ate their boogies. Of course all of their uncles would eg them on and say “mmmm… boogers are yummy!” Lol​:joy: In my experience the bigger deal you make of it the more they want to do it. And they didn’t do it very long either! And I would also like to add when my brother’s started having kids…karma is a b*tch! Lol​:rofl::rofl:

It’s basically a vaccine. All kids do it lol. Start out by telling him to do it when he’s alone because it’s gross lol. Or just keep handing him tissues when you see it.

:joy: Sorry, I literally burst up laughing :joy:
I had a Booger eater too. It was about 27 years ago though. Don’t remember how we got it to stop.
Good luck!


He’s 3. It may be gross but all kids do it at some point. He’ll grow out of it eventually.

That’s ok. Sometimes i still eat mine🤔

Many kids eat their boogers. It won’t kill them but it defies all manners.

He’s 3 not 30. Leave him be

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At least it’s his own lol when mine were little they would eat each others lol


I tell my kids that if they pick their boogers their brains will slowly come out and they’ll turn into a zombieeee​:woman_zombie: Seems to work with mine.:rofl:


Put you helmet on and be ready, because that will not be the only thing he eats.

My daughter ate her boogers forever idek if she still does. :face_with_peeking_eye::confounded:

he’s 3. how cute. lmao
start to teach him all his hygiene routine is to get rid of and kill bad germs. when he scrubs his teeth, takes a bath, make it fun. then get him blowing his nose (or trying) to get the boogers out, bc those have germs too. explain they’re bad can make you sick we don’t want germ in or outside our bodies. hopefully then a light bulb will shine that he shouldn’t do that


I read in readers digest once that boogers are brain food. Lol. Idk how true that is tho lmao.

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My 14yo still eats his :rofl:

Most kids eat boogers at some point. Lol…

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Oh good God y’all :woman_facepalming: it’s not a “boy thing”. It’s a small child thing.

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My son is 2 and does it and when I tell it’s disgusting he looks right at me laughs and does it again. My 10 year old does it too. I’m hoping they will grow out of it but it’s not looking like it :joy: I feel your pain


My Dad when my sister and I were 5,7. She was a booger eater . Would not stop . My Dad said you want to eat boogers here’s a booger . He stuck his finger up his nose with a finger of Vaseline going in . He pulled the Vaseline booger out. Said eat this she gagged got sick . He did not make her it it . The thought made her sick . She never ate boogers again

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Hot sauce on them fingers might do the trick :rofl:


I think that most little kids ( or even all ) go through that same phase , but they grow out of it .
There is something you can put on their fingers to make them stop sucking on them , maybe you can get it ( Amazon ) put it on his fingers every now and then , he will not like the flavor and might stop doing it.

But do not get frustrated, he is not the only one , it’s pretty pretty common

I recommend a mojito for your sanity

Helps build immunity… they’ll eventually stop.
I just told my children to stop doing it in front of me.


Mine stopped when a girl saw him do it. I watched him turn beet red. It stopped that day. Btw three boys golly I could tell you stories! I and they lived through it!

I told my kids that boogers were made of dead bugs and if they ate them they’d get worms that would come out in their poop. Worked eventually. My 22 year old still afraid of that.

My mom told me it would make my hair fall out. When I denied it, she showed me all the hair that was in the hair brush​:joy::joy::joy:

I had a mess of boys
One had continuous sinus infections so he picked his nose a lot but knew to also wipe it on a tissue. I caught one of my others eating his (own) boogers and asked WHY?
His answer was they taste like cheese :joy: I didn’t test his theory

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I told mine that the werewolves loved boogers unless they were on a tissue in the trashcan, that the other garbage was the only thing that could hide the smell. Worked great, and as a bonus, every full moon we would howl at them to keep the treaty. #stellarparenting lol

I wouldn’t worry about it to much. All kids do it, usually until someone says it’s gross or their gross for doing it and that person can’t be a grown up. :joy: Eventually he will stop doing it publicly and start doing it privately. At least that’s what my daughter did. I​:face_vomiting:

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I have checked into this. They say it is ok. There are things in boogers that help their little brains grow. Just letting you know that.

Idk as soon as I started to see mine pick his nose I said they were yucky and he just now brings me his :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:I guess it’s better then eatting them but I do not want them either :rofl:

Ignore the behavior and he’ll stop

He’s only 3, don’t stress it. Mine flicks her or wipes them on people. So some days I’d rather have her eat them. Especially in the car with 4 other people. Believe me…

I did that as a not sure but it’s said to strengthen your immune 78 now .live thru all the pandemics and catastrophic illnesses .I never had a fever so there’s a merit to it .don’t beat yourself up for that

It’s not going to hurt him. I think every kid does it.

They’ll eventually realize how nasty it is and will stop or turn their heads like you still can’t see them eating it. Lol

As bad as it sounds, the only way I could get my kids to stop doing it around people was to embarrass them and make them know that people seeing them do that is embarrassing.

Doctor’s are now saying it improves their immune system

Its a phase. As gross as it is, just be consistent. It you see him doing it tell him not to and that its yucky and hand him a tissue and make him blow his nose. Even if he doesn’t need to it’ll get him in the habit of tissue over finger. Lol and as gross as it is it will actually raise his immune system so there’s that :rofl:

I just say ewwww that’s nasty. That’s not cute or something like that.

I told my kid I was going to start taking pictures to show his friends :rofl: call me mean, but he stopped

As disgusting as it is, my now 18 year old daughter still does it. She’s done it all her life no matter what I told her it didn’t phase her. But let me tell you, I can count on 1 hand the amount of times she’s been sick in these 18 years. Seems to do her immune system good :joy:

Just tell them it is disgusting and it is nasty. Like eating poop. Nose poop.

I would get that stop nail biting polish so when they put their finger in their mouth they will taste that and it’s not very pleasant.

My pediatrician told me that kids who eat their boogers are sick less often… and it was in front of my boys so there’s no stopping it until they find it gross :nauseated_face:

When I asked the pediatrician how to get them to stop, he said it was building up their immune system! Must of worked cause they were never sick like other kids! Still so gross lol