My child is obsessed with playing in the stove! Help!

Child safety lock for Pete’s sake what kinda mess is this?

Uh be a parent and spank. That is highly dangerous for the kid to be playing in or around. Make a rule of no playing in the kitchen.

Turn it on, I can guarantee you 100% it will never happen again :skull: or your money back

You lost me at the kid makes you do something. You are a parent. Parent them.

Why in the world would you have allowed him to play in the stove in the first place. You tell him no he is not getting into the stove when he wants in it. I honestly truly cannot believe I am telling another parent not to let their child play in a stove :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

Unless he’s a 200 lb high school quarterback, I’m confused on how he makes you take the racks out. Just parent. Tell him no. He’ll melt down until he realizes he can’t have his way. MOLLY-CODDLE ALTERNATIVE: Buy him a stove for his room, anchor it to it doesn’t tip. Throw in a pillow and let him be a weirdo.

He makes you take the racks out? What does he do, hold a weapon to your head? This has got to be a joke :roll_eyes:

This so ridiculous. “He made me take out the racks.” No. You choose to take the racks out compared to parenting and teaching boundaries.

Why did you ever even allow it in the first place.

Why would you take the racks out, he can’t MAKE you do anything.

One day leave it on and he’ll learn real quick? :skull:

How old is the child? Why would you help them play in something dangerous? There has to be a child lock you can put on it so they can’t open it. Tell the child no and explain how dangerous it is. Be their parent not their friend.

Because you allowed it. Start being a parent. Say no. Discipline. Deal with the crying. Put the oven locks on the door. Parent your child.

Is this really a question? Just go ahead and give him the keys to your car too :woman_facepalming:t4:. You are the parent , you are letting him do it! Stop the madness!

trying to figure out why you let your child play in the oven in the first place and why your kid makes you take the racks out. that’s a flat nope from me.

I don’t understand why you would ever let your child play in an oven ever anyway??

Well u started a VERY BAD habit. Now ur gonna have to stop it. Tell him no. Redirect to something else. That’s very dangerous imagine him going to someone else home n getting in oven while it’s on? O my that scares me

Kids like to hide in things. My grandson wanted to live in the cabinet when he started crawling. We bought a kids tent and he is 9 and when he wants alone time or to hide he still goes in. We set it up in his room and take it down when he goes home to mom and dad’s.

It seems like a YOU problem.not trying to be mean but you allowed it . There is no such thing of “HE MADE YOU” he is your child your not his child he can’t make you do a thing . You parent and don’t be firm oh well let him cry it out let him throw a fit . Once you let him do it he will keep asking to do it. Unplugging the oven shows your not even being firm with him your basically doing as he says

Amber Kehl Chesney Garcia um? What? Excuse me :grimacing::roll_eyes: “made her take the racks out” wtffff

Why would you “unplug the stove” so he could play in it! I get it, I’m a parent and sometimes “give in”… But playing in the stove?!? Come the fuck on!

Get a large box and cut a small opening in it.He’ll get tired of it and it is safer.

Ffs just chuck the whole kid in the oven at this point

Why would you take the racks out for him to play? You were lazy and instead of listening to a child complain or cry you just taught your child that the oven is not a danger and is a toy. :person_facepalming:

He makes you take out the racks​:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: Who is the parent in this story? No child will make me do something I don’t want him to play with or in.

Get him a kitchen play set? And stop letting him play in an oven?

Why would you even do that, or let him. What is wrong with you

hes doing it cause ur allowing it🤦🏻‍♀️ be a parent and SAY NO

Because you’re allowing him to. Wtf? Why would you allow him to do something so dangerous? This has to be a joke.

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You’re kidding right??? Childproof lock that thing before he Hansel & Gretels himself!

Why? Because you are allowing it. Why did you take the racks out? Be a parent, no means no, not ask me a thousand times. He got an answer, and the answer is NO! Buy some locks and grow a back bone.

You allow it then ask for help to stop it from happening. Be a parent and say NO. Get safety locks and put on the stove, amazon <10$. Be a parent so you don’t lose that opportunity.

You lost me at “makes me” :woozy_face:

That’s dangerous. That’s a hard no!!! He’ll get over it

Lock the stove /oven ASAP an let that child know that is not a toy … I hope you understand how dangerous this is to allow!!! I mean come on who is in charge of who?

  • These are locks and a sound alarm. I agree it shouldn’t of happen in the 1st place. Place the alarm on ( as you said it’s unplugged) explain this activity is done. Let them try to open it with all locks on and sound) recorrect every time. But the high pitched noise might do the will take time ( and let it go off)
    Make a rules for the house and post it.
    Go over it every a.m depending on the child make a sticker chart for 7days. If the rules are followed praise the child. Not bribe
    Positive reinforcement goes a long way

Are you channeling the witch from Hansel & Gretel? Please tell that child no!

Just say no. He will get over it

My kid burnt his finger on the stove one time and to this day he ask before he touches my stove, IM NOT SAYING BURN YOUR KID but no means no

Most stoves have a way to lock it and just say sorry you broke it!!

This has got to be a joke

Take the knobs off while he is learning NO! Would you let him play with a lighter or a glass light bulb?

What do you mean? He makes you take out the racks so he can play in it. YOURE the parent. He can’t make you do that. You are letting him play in the stove. You’re helping him. Be the adult. Tell him NO. The stove or any metal box (cars, fridge, washer, dryer, dishwasher, cooler etc) are not places to play or hide. Get a stove lock or duct take the stove shut. This is your child’s life you’re playing with. Grow up!

You’re letting your child control you? Wow.

See if can find safety locks for ovens or get gates to block oven doors off or and block kitchen door off . And you shouldn’t have aloud in first place.

The fact you even allowed this! You taking the racks out for him is allowing it! Instead of telling your child it’s hot and bring them around it when it’s on to should them the heat and how can dangerous this can be! You are the problem not the child! My son was 13 and die of using the stove and blew our whole house up ! You need to teach your child fire safety not open the door for them and take out the racks from them to crawl tf in ! YOU ARE THE PROBLEM HERE YOU MADE IT OKAY

All this post says is I let my child do whatever they want there no rules or safety taught in the home and whatever the child says goes.

“Makes you” you are the parent you make him do things :rofl: my suggestion is buy him a play kitchen and make the grown up kitchen a no kid zone

Turn the entire oven so the door is against a wall.

This is kind of funny nobody is the stupid she’s just asking this question to get everybody riled up

He “makes” you??? Sounds like a parenting problem :thinking:

You tell em no and put a child lock on the oven, it’s common sense really

be the parent dont give your child a choice to think its okay to play somewhere so unsafe thats just a bad accident waiting to happen…get a baby lock and or cut the kitchen off completely if possible…

Your child MAKES you take the racks out? How does an child MAKE an adult do anything first of all? Second of all you created this mess by doing that and allowing that to happen. Sounds like to me ya better get a latch and a lock to keep your kid out of the stove. This is insane!!

I’m lost as to why he was allowed to play with it in the first place? They make kids kitchens for a reason. Stop, look around. Who’s the adult? Now adult.

You lost me at “he makes me “! What??? Oh my gosh! Seriously? Who’s in charge here? As to why he’s doing it; well that’s because YOU let him! So it’s very simple. STOP!!!

First of all you’re the parent he makes u take racks out??? Um no! You have to tell the child no you’re not playing in the oven it’s for cooking and not a safe place to play.

You realize you are the parent right? No way in hell could my child make me do anything especially something dangerous and idiotic. You tell him no and explain the dangers, if he doesn’t listen you discipline

Put a child safety lock on it and be the parent. He “makes” you take the racks out?? The word “makes” tells me he is in charge of you. Take charge of your child

Is this post a joke? It has to be a joke.

He makes you take the racks out? Isn’t he a child? Aren’t you the one to be enforcing rules and boundaries? Put your foot down and be a parent, not a damn doormat. SMH. Good luck explaining this to CPS and police when something bad happens… learn how to say no.

Why did you think this was a good idea to begin with? Be the parent and tell him NO.

I really question the validity of these posts.

Because YOU allow it! You are their parent, not best friend. You are enabling a very dangerous situation for your child. You apparently had no responsibility or accountability as a child a d now you are caring it into adulthood. YOU are responsible for your child’s welfare, health, and instruction. You are failing!

You can’t even fix this level of Stoopid! Not even with duct tape!

Is he Jewish by any chance chance? Maybe he is trying to find his ancestors🤷🏽‍♂️

U sure you ready to be a parent? Cuz wtf.

Ugh first off never let them play in the stove. Makes no sense.

Why would you have ever allowed this in the first place. That is SO dangerous. I would not be taking the racks out for any child to play inside the stove, ever. It’s not like opening the fridge door, or the dryer. This is a stove. You need to make this a hard and firm no. What if he opens it while it’s on. What if he opens a hot oven at someone else’s house. Stop taking the racks out and tell him no. Lock it, tape it, for now, and keep saying no. Why would anyone ever. The stove and oven is something you tell a child NO TOUCH, HOT, about from the time they can move around as an infant. So they know this is a dangerous thing they are not to touch. I just can’t even imagine how it got to the point.

The child makes you? There’s the problem!!

Did your kid hold you down at gun point to remove the racks? If the answer no. Then you need to step up an parent him. No means no. Get some fridge baby safe clips to lock that oven when not in use. Baby gate the kitchen doorway, punishment for continuing this behavior. Nip it in the bud now before you regret it later. Fml

Not sure how he is making you remove the racks of the oven you as the adult and him being able to fit in the oven. I suggest a tall baby gate cutting off his access to the kitchen altogether right now. The kitchen is not a play area for children.

Seriously. You are the damn parent. You say NO. End of story. You have allowed it by taking the racks out. Geese.

Why would you let him play in there? That’s very dangerous

This has got to be a joke

“Makes you take the racks out?”

Um, who’s the adult here? How about you leave the racks in and tell the kid NO!


Why the fk would you take the racks put to let him why are you letting him. Parent your kid

Oh man… I hope someone from CPS doesn’t see this…this is really bordering neglect/mom having some mental health issue because no logical, clear thinking adult would let ANY child get into an appliance… let alone make room for them to feel right at home… somethings wrong in this household…

He makes you??? I’m confused?? Uh get yourself a stove lock. Hell no. I don’t even believe this.

Why would you even allow this in the first place?! This has to be a troll post

Isn’t there a childproof lock you can use?

Seriously? How old is this kid this is ridiculous. Be a mom tell your child to stay out of the kitchen and if it’s a younger kid then put up gates so they can’t get to the kitchen

Don’t they make child locks for that

Um, what in the actual hell?! :woman_facepalming:t2: put a child safety lock or 3 on the oven door and deal with the consequences of a meltdown when he can’t get in.

Sagen Sie dem Kind, es soll sich vom Ofen fernhalten!

Probably because you’re a piece of sh and should never have reproduced

Why on earth would you take the racks out and condone it?

They make oven locks for baby proofing that would work as long as you install one your kiddo can’t remove.

Because you let him. Simple. And I don’t say that often, quite frankly kids will do stupid shit and sometimes you just gotta let it be. But this isn’t one of them, and YOU are taking the racks out and unplugging it. YOU are enabling him. Grow a pair and make him stop. Turn the damn oven on so it’s hot when he goes to open it, gaurentee he will not get in there

Stoves can tip over. They kill kids tipping over all the time

There are some things that are non negotiable as a parent… safety is one of them. This has such an extreme potential for something absolutely harmful or deadly to happen to your child. Don’t let him do it. Get a child lock for your oven door. The answer is no, redirect to a safe play option. Don’t help him play in there by taking the racks out NO NO NO. There is no sugar coating here, this is so unsafe.
You can be a gentle parent and also have safe healthy boundaries. Don’t let him do it. Period. It’s okay if it upsets him. Comfort and redirect him. Help him understand the dangers of this. Put a child lock on to keep him out, or baby gate the kitchen off if you can/need to.

Go watch videos of stoves falling on kids and how that literally will end their lives. U need to be a parent not a friend not baby sitter. If ppl knew who you where they could report this admission to cps and they’d take ur kid for being negligent. That’s ridiculous. Why would u allow ur child to play with a stove?? That’s insane. You’ve lost ur fkin mind.

This is why I’m over this gentle parenting and kid led parenting crap that’s the new norm lately.
Parents are letting their kids do stupid shit just because they don’t want to say “no” and be firm, because it means a lil discipline and tears.

That’s is extremely dangerous let him cry if he doesn’t get what he want tell him you can buy him play stove /kitchen but in a real stove no period.

there is a time when all children must learn the meaning of one word…NO.


Get a baby gate and block off the kitchen.

I’m pretty sure they sell something that prevents kids from opening the oven door.

This is YOUR fault when YOU allowed it in the first place.

Maybe say no? If he throws a temper tantrum, let him.

Maybe get a toy kitchen play set with food accessories.

If this kid runs you now, wait til he’s a teenager​:rofl: he’s gonna be that kid to rob a bank and make you drive the get away car​:rofl::rofl::rofl: the fuck?

He makes you? Wtf? You’re the parent! This will be unpopular opinion, but I’ve raised 4 kids with it…. If it’ll hurt you or somebody else & I’ve given you two warnings, on that 3rd you get your butt whipped every time you touch it till you get it. You sting his butt so he doesn’t accidentally end his damn life. You are a parent not his damn friend! “He made me.” Wtf? :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:

He MAKES you take out the racks? Hard no. Sounds like you’re setting up for a planned future “accident”.
Be the adult and don’t allow it.

Um…tell your kid NO. pretty simple. Deal with the meltdown. Distract. Divert. Redirect. I mean, it’s called being a parent.


Stop with this, “my toddler made me…blah blah blah”
you are the parent. Stop LETTING your child walk all over you.
I have 3. Been there, done that. Parent your child first, then be their friend.

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