My Boyfriend Went to the Zoo With His Ex and Child, Should I Be Mad?

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"My boyfriend's child is almost 2. He often goes to see the child because she's too small to be left alone with him, so he says. Yesterday he comes home, after spending the day with the child. He said that he had such a long day, and I asked him what he was up to. He told me he took the child to the Zoo, and my first question was, with the mother? In which he answered yes. Guys, I don't know how to feel about this. I just need some advice."

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"I guess the good thing about it is he didn’t lie, he told you she went with. Unless there have been other situations that made you think he was cheating or something I wouldn’t think too much into it. I think it’s great they all went, they’re showing their daughter a healthy relationship. It just sounds like they’re trying to be good co-parents."

"As a child whose parents weren’t together ever, having them get along as friends and do things with me such as take me to the park or to do an activity that I enjoyed, it made a huge difference in my upbringing and understanding relationships. I think it’s a healthy thing that should be encouraged and it’s good that he was honest with you. You should go with him and his ex next time, it makes all the difference for the child."

"What is there to have a problem about? Regardless of how you feel about that, it's still a part of his family. It’s not like he was banging the mom at the zoo and he was open about what he did that day."

"The mother may prefer supervised visits for whatever reasons and that could be why. Or just simple awesome co-parenting."

"You can’t change his past and the way the co-parents… so why don’t you find someone new without an ex and a kid, became it seems this won’t work for you."

"Sounds to me like a co-parenting mother and father doing something with their child… what is the issue with that?"

"You probably shouldn't date someone with kids then"

My ex and I do things with our kids all the time."

"A child should be able to do things with mom AND dad… if the child is that young, then it could be their first time going… not something a parent wants to miss."

"I think the fact that he told you and didn’t beat around the bush means he has nothing to hide."

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