My boyfriend never posts our son to social media...advice?

I need to know if I am in the wrong or not…for some reason my boyfriend never posts our son on his social media…he said its to “keep him safe”…but every weekend he has his daughter from another relationship he is posting her all over his facebook…like I dont get it…I once complained to him that he never posted our kid and he made one post and then deleted it shortly after…why would he act like this? I feel like he is hiding us at this point


My husband never ever ever posts about our kids.


If she is much older that’s why. I have a friend who is the same way but he also doesn’t post his wife either. Says it keeps them safe idk.

Definitely something up with him… :thinking: my husband doesn’t post our kids but he doesn’t get on Fb to begin with. And I tag him a lot of the time when I post stuff of the girls…

Definitely weird. If he’s that worried then both should be off not just one

My husband hates that I post our kids so I’m not mad when he doesn’t post lol

Ouch…mama…:roll_eyes::unamused: I’d b having myself a serious your hurting my feelings and conversations with him that’s very messed up hugs to you

I’d feel the same . That has to hurt . I am so sorry


I need more context. How old is the daughter and how old is the son? Is he posting stuff of the daughter of just random stuff from home or is he posting daddy/daughter day kind of stuff.

Sound a bit suspicious! To me it sounds like he don’t want anyone to know he exists


Is your bf Chris pratt ? Wait, reverse Chris pratt or something

I would post pics and tag him every time lol


Make a post and tag him in it? And see how he reacts. But yes this whole thing screams double life .


Bit suspicious and weird :thinking:he will post 1 child but not the other !!! I get he wants to protect but that would be both kids and specially the girl x


He is absolutely 100% correct. People post too much online. Just think there’s some pedophile sitting on the other side of that screen. Screenshotting children’s photos


Uh, yeah. I would feel like I was being hid, too, at that point. I would expect a dad to be more about keeping his little girl off social media, rather than his son. Who is he hiding y’all from? The first baby momma, or are u a side piece? Like help me understand what the rest of the context is.

You would Think a father would be more protective over a Daughter, not that I believe either is more important! Treat them equally. He’s definitely hiding something!


Me I don’t worry as much.

Post one and tag him in it :grin:


My ex never putted our daughter picture on social media’s because he said they’re girls and he always put his new son’s picture

His girlfriend probably thinks he only has one child.


Who’s gonna tell her :rofl::sob:

He is absolutely hiding the child, and maybe you. Does he post you?

I would post on his wall or make a post and tag him :rofl: I’d be petty but either a other baby mama don’t know about your child or has double life


My husband hasn’t posted anything to FB in a LONG time. He barely posted any photos when our kid was born or as they grew up. Social media isn’t the same for men as it is for women.

My kids dad has pictures of all of his kids but ours

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If he’s posting one and not the other, it’s nothing about safety.

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If he’s fine with posting his daughter then he isn’t keeping your son safe he’s just being weird.


Because he doesn’t want other women he’s talking to, to see the responsibilities he has behind closed doors. Get rid of him. And find another man. Preferably one that believes in God :pray:


What’s the age difference. Is his older child able to give her ok to her picture being posted.


Is it possible he doesn’t think the kid is his? I know at times if a man thinks a kid isnt his, he acts differently towards them. Doesn’t want to appear like a father to a kid that isn’t his biologically.

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I would tend to agree with him because I don’t post my own kids, BUT, he’s posting his daughter so he’s definitely giving red flags.

He’s hiding something, that’s weird

Post it on his timeline. Maybe he’s hiding you and the baby from his ex :woozy_face:

Maybe he just don’t want pictures of his kids getting into the wrong hands. A lot of weirdos and over a out there in the world. Once a picture is online it’s there forever even when you think you deleted it

He’s hiding something. He doesn’t want someone to know he has another child.
Otherwise he posts his daughter, which as a dad you should be more protective over than a son. So something is definitely off.

I don’t post my daughter on social media anymore and I don’t find it odd for someone not to, is it possible the mom posts a lot so he feels like there’s no point in not posting? Or is his daughter old enough to consent to being posted?

I would just ask why he posts his daughter but not his son. If it’s for safety reasons I personally wouldn’t post any child of mine so it doesn’t make much sense.

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Personally his argument went out the door when you mentioned he posts his daughter. Why is he worried about one kids safety and not the other? Start posting and tagging him :laughing: if he starts deleting his tags ….that’s another topic of discussion. But make sure to post photos of just you and him without any children and tag those too. So he can’t use the child as the excuse for un tagging.


He doesn’t want people knowing he has a kid with you.

Is there age difference, does the daughter consent to her photos? My husband posts nothing at all on his socials haha if it didn’t say married on Facebook I don’t think anyone would know hahq

My son is 3 and there isn’t a single picture of his face on Facebook :woman_shrugging:t2:

I would post a post and tag him in it abs start tagging him in photo of the baby too. Dose his family know or his daughter mom? I’m sorry I think he hiding something

Your gut feeling is correct! Address it …

There is something going on for sure. It would be different if he just didnt use social media much etc but to NEVER post u or the two of yalls kid but will post about another child of his n posted about his ex extensively something is fishy

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He just told you where you stand…grow up get out he will go back to his long have you been together, when did you get pregnant…he didn’t stay with his first pregnant girlfriend, obviously he doesn’t want to be with you. Make your own future…don’t let him do it…

It is definitely safer not to. My husband never does either.

Go with your gut. Does he ever mention you at all? Do you know his family & friends other than his son? He could be keeping you secret for various reasons.


I don’t post my kids either. Maybe 1-2 times a year. Their birthdays and christmas.

is the daughter old enough where she has abd posts herself to social media? if so then i can understand where he’s coming from a lot of weirdos on the internet and once something is there it’s there forever unbeknownst to a child but if that child is already posting their own stuff and what not then its not unbeknownst to them

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Do a family pic and tag him in it if he makes a fuss then he had something to hide… and deffo a red flag he should he proud to show you and his son off deffo would have me thinking


At first I was like good for him cuz yes there are weirdos online. Then read he has another kid he posts. Then i immediately said to myself Oh yea, yup he hiding y’all :rofl::laughing: he hidin y’all from that first baby mama and more than likely Everyone he knows. Lol :joy:

I don’t post my kids either

Don’t let social media be an issue

It’s HIS social media. It’s HIS child. Why is it a y of YOUR concern?

Does the other woman know about you and your son ?

It’s a personal preference. Some people worry about pedifiles, kidnappers, and people that might harm your little one.

Start posting stuff and teasing him in it all. See how he reacts to that lol

Prolly got a woman who don’t know about y’all

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I’m wondering if the ex girlfriend is very controlling and toxic and will stop visits if she finds out he has another kid or girlfriend or both

Does he post you? This to me is super crazy that he has another child whom he posts but not your son. My opinion is YES he’s most definitely trying to hide he has another child. Does his EX know you and your child exist? something is very fishy about that. If I were you Id be doing some deep investigations into him.


If he’s posting one child but not another: then he’s lying.

You’re either protective of your children online or your not.


He’s being shady. Either he’s cheating on you and doesn’t want people knowing he has another kid. This reminds me of my ex. We were married for 9 yrs never posted anything about me or our 2 kids. I wasn’t even his friend on Facebook. Shady mofo. He got remarried to someone as narcissistic as him and bam posted about everything and he suddenly has a family and a bunch of kids

Its strange for sure, something is off

God this reminds me of the man I was with for 6 years. Always posted his ex wife and his children on social media every other day!! When we got together I was never posted, got pregnant he never posted our daughter and still never has.


No, if he’s posting the daughter and not the son something is wrong. He’s hiding something.

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It’s social media who cares anyway its safer not to post pics of ur kids at all

My kids dad doesn’t post anything on social media and I don’t post my kids either :woman_shrugging: I stopped posting them years ago too many weirdos on the internet . Better not to post your kids honestly. Bit if posting one and not the other he is hiding something , so he wants to keep his son safe but not his daughter :thinking:

That’s shady as hell. I’ve never known a man to be less protective of a daughter than a son. But what really send the red flag parade is that he deleted the post he had made. There’s no legitimate reason for that. Does he post you ever? Very sus.

Kinda sounds like most people don’t know about the child he isn’t posting…:woman_shrugging:t3: I mean if he post the other a lot and not the other!

So he’ll post a girl * daughter but not his son
Does he post about you
Something he hiding is he got another child
U ethier post all or none not 1 and leave the other x

My question would also be if you post your son and tag your boyfriend does he un-tag himself? Or remove himself from posts with him tagged able to be seen?
Personal experience my SO did this with our son and it’s because he was cheating and was telling her we were no longer together and couldn’t get along etc etc. so he didn’t want her to see the things we were all out doing as a family.

None of us know, stop asking on here and go talk to your husband.

Stop letting social media ruin relationships.


That’s probably because he is…if any man is embarrassed or scared to post there own kid on social media, then there’s a good reason behind it. I love it when a man is proud to post there child or show off there kids accomplishments. It shows security and maturity. Wishing you luck.


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Click :point_down:

I would agree- safety— but should consider for both

be very grateful that is NOT posting anything about your son, And he is right, this is keeping him safe

When I was single and newly dating someone I’d tag them in a lowkey cute post and put it on their wall… if it got hidden then I knew they weren’t looking for the same thing I was…

I suggest doing the same… if it gets hidden then you have your answer… men will say anything you may want to hear to stay comfortable in a home, so I go by the saying… ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!!

How old is each child? I have 4 grown boys aging from 15-22yrs old. Only 1 never cares if I tag him, 2 prefer me to ask beforehand so they can approve the pics, and my oldest doesn’t like pics ever posted of him. Ever. So I don’t.

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Does his wife know about you?

How old is his other child? Is she old enough to give consent? The world is bananas these days. I don’t post my grandson without permission from his parents to keep him safe. And to respect my daughter. Maybe there’s more to it…he might have read or seen something :woman_shrugging:

Start tagging him in all the posts you post of the baby. If he untagged and deleted the posts from his side then I’d be running and fast. Also, then people will see how gross he is for deleting posts of his kid or untangling himself. You’d think he’d want to protect the little girl from predators etc too

It could be because his daughter doesn’t live with him, and your son does. So should he have trouble in the streets, his son which lives with him won’t be in danger.

:joy: Girllllllllllll lol. If you don’t go on his page, make a post with you, him and your son. Tag him and let the cards fall where they may. If he gets crazy with you over the post, then you know what’s up. He’s on Bull stuff and needs to be checked hard… Lol how’s he protecting his son but not his daughter?

Weird. I would understand if he didn’t post either of them. But just not posting you and your child, that’s weird. He’s hiding yall.

Maybe he just thinks your son is goofy lookin & is proud of his daughter. Doesn’t mean he’s leading a double life he just might be an asshole

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