My boyfriend is rude, what should I do?

I have been with my "fiance" for 7 years. I have a daughter from a previous marriage and he has 2 from previous relationships, and he doesnt want to do anything that is family related. If I want to take the kids swimming he says yall just leave the h*ll alone im fishing. He dont seem to want to be seen in public with me. he does nothing but complain about the things I dont do but fails to recognize the things I do. Hes rude to and abput anything/anyone

We both have jobs and are on completely different schedules. I recently got my Divorce from my ex finalized and when I came home to tell him his only response was “Okay… and… Why you gotta act like that.” And We had this same problem last year and he said “I’ll change, and if i go back to my old ways call me out.” Well I call him out and im crazy or just being dramatic. What im getting at is I dpnt know if I want to spend the rest of the my life with someone like that.


I would tell him “last year when we were having the same issues you told me to call you out. I’m calling you out for this reason” Most people say this because it’ll make the other person stay, not because they’ll really change. Tell him he needs to show changes or else you can’t do it anymore. The way he’s acting is not fair.

Get rid of him. You’re teaching your child to accept being treated like trash.

Everyone is right. Reading this made my stomach drop to my toes. I am currently going through this x 10. Reading your story, I immediately thought, sweet woman you need to leave this asshat. The very same thing I KNOW I have to do myself and children. As much as this person has hurt me, my children and his children(verbally) I am terrified of hurting him and his children as they are closer to me than they are him. The fact is, we need to buck up and take care of business because what are we teaching our children?? Not to love and respect ourselves? That’s it is ok for a person to treat us this way? In regards to the kids- feeling unloved or disliked by the other partner causing self doubt, low confidence self esteem. Later in life accepting their partner treating them the same because that’s ok… Imagine for a second it was happening to your child for instance. As a momma, I would wanna go over there and smack some sense into that person. Sorry about rant but I think you and I both have answered the question many times for ourselves and have refused to hear it or made excuses but the truth is… It is time to PART WAYS.

This is why we date, to see if they will make a good spouse. He sounds like a self-centered jerk and needs to be sent packing. He will only get worse.

Would you want your daughter to be treated like that? Because she is learning this is how a relationship should be.

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I’d leave personally


Don’t let this be the rest of your life. That isn’t happiness and you and the children don’t deserve that. I learned my lesson and myself and kids are so much happier . It’s a bumpy road but the right one to take


Get rid if him. You and your child deserve better.

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Run don’t walk away leave he is not going to change


Leave. You already know that, so take action. Don’t let your children see that it’s okay for someone to be that way with you, then they will start doing it also.


Leave it will only get worse


Soooo…leave? If you’re already doubting the future of the relationship, dont stay, ever.


Fiancee for 7 years and he is like that? Dont waste your precious time to that kind of guy he dont deserve you. :worried:

Sounds just like my ex

Be rude the fuck back :woman_facepalming:t2:

Don’t stick around if you don’t have kids together… run while you can


Run run run he won’t change


He sounds like he’s a narcissist person tbh and you deserve better ppl like that are set in their ways and would never change giiirrrllll! Run for the hills :running_woman:t2: if you decide to stay in your relationship may god bless you and your family and hope everything turns out good for you. Just being honest :woman_shrugging:t2:

What are you waiting for??? Kick his ass to the curve. Take your daughter and leave, you deserve to be treated with love and respect.

Girl that’s gaslighting at its finest you just got divorced and he ain’t happy for you you don’t need him!!! Go out live you life and find somebody who will help you celebrate the small victories in life as well as the big ones!!!

Leave don’t stay it better of u and the kids deserve better

Get out while you can

If you have to question it I’d say no and call off the wedding but that’s just me.

Why waste your time living miserably? You could be living a happy life right now. Is he really worth your personal happiness???


Well for starters you have a boyfriend and a fiancee…

You make me sick.

I hate a cheater

Run now don’t look back

Leave him, nothing you do or say will change his ways he has to make that decision none of this “I’ll change and if I go back to my old ways call me out on it ,” that’s bs it’s a way to manipulate you into staying. Get out while you can, you and your child deserve better.

Your children will think that is how a good relationship is supposed to be. So your children will be in the same relationship with there future partners.


Leave - run very fast.

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It sounds like you went from one bad marriage into another almost marriage. So l would leave!

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Not a good situation. Get yourself ready to leave. You know the saying “don’t know what you have till you loose it”.

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No girl please run as fast you came he doesn’t deserve you at all what is wrong with him you better be along

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He do not want you but you’ll do for now. I been through this and it is not going to get better.

Then get rid of him.

You dont want to. You will be unhappy forever

Thats narcissistic behavior


Leave him :woman_shrugging:t4: I know it’s not easy but no one is worth making you unhappy.

How many flags are you going to ignore.

Yourve answered your own question

I would definitely end that relationship and stop wasting my time .

Girl grab your kids and run as fast as you can and never look back. There will be someone that will love you and your children

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Leave and dont look back !

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Leave … man like that do not know how to appreciate what’s in front of him! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::angry::angry::angry::angry:

How many red flags u need in order to be done enough with the bullshit?! Girl, get them kids and leave.


Why would you want to be in a relationship that makes you miserable, be happy with your kids, the right person will come along. I know its not easy but trust me you will be happier without him… Run!!! :running_woman: Love yourself :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Why are u even with him???


Girl leave! 7 years is long enough. Nothing you say or do will change him. Maybe leaving will make him realize he really does need to make a change if not you didn’t lose anything… he did


Get out while you can .you can do better alone by yourself

Shove him to the curb, as fast as you can. Rather. be alone than miserable with him. When in doubt throw it out.

Red flags all around. Leave!


Walk away u deserve better

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Your last sentence in this post is your answer girl.


Girl if this is how he’s being and you have called him out on it before it sounds like he doesn’t care you need to take your children and leave you don’t deserve this and your children don’t deserve it either

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You already know what you need to do, just do it.

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Fuck him off lovely. You deserve better xxx

Know your worth, sweet girl. Take your child and walk away. :two_hearts:

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Put him and his fishing rods out the front and tell him to hit the road. At the end of the day, it doesn’t take any effort to be a nice person, let alone to the women he claims to love or the kids he shares.

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How many red flags do you need? RUN

Hunny turn around and run. He’s showing you the best he has to offer and it’s terrible.

Seems youve answered youre own questions.


I had an ex like that. For you and your baby, leave. There are plenty of men out there that will want to do things with you AND your kids.

Tell him to get bent and get out. If it’s his place then pack up and leave. It’s only going to get worse

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Its not worth it just take your daughter and leave him

Just think about this if your child sees this a what a relationship is would you want them to stay? You’re setting the example for their future. Think about what makes you happy and ho from there.

Leave him! Find better. You only have one kid. Don’t let this man hold you down.

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You already know the answer to the question! You don’t need anybody else’s opinion. You deserve to be happy!!!


After 7 years, if the answer isnt “Yes”, then its “No”. Don’t lose anymore time to him.

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You really don’t know what to do in this situation? Girl, action speak louder than words! Obviously he doesn’t want to have a family with you. You guys are together because maybe the rent of the house or you guys have a share expenses in the household. Figure it out what is the best for you and the kids… maybe you need to be alone, with no man and focus to your self & the kids!

Nobody would and you already know what you either need to do or not do. That choice is now in your hands. But I feel sorry for the kids cause you made this choice for them too

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Please leave that man. He won’t change he will continue to degrade you until you want to end your life as yiur self worth is gone.


You already know, it’s past time to go.


He’s a narcissist 100% leave now! You deserve a man that will appreciate you and your daughter. He ain’t gonna change ever cause he doesn’t see a problem with his actions or words.
Best thing I ever did was leave my narcissistic ex’s took me 3 times with , 3 different narcissistic guys to realize my worth and that I deserve better, no regrets and I’m 100% happy single with my kiddos :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Explain sloooowly why are you still with him??


Lose the dead weight, dump his ass

Walk away you deserve better treatment than this

I know it’s hard. We get comfortable in relationships I was there for 10 years one day he up and left. I am now married to a man that I am in love with, treats me better than ever. Don’t stay comfortable

What you holding on for,that man clearly doesn’t love you lady,MOVE ON

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Sounds like a toxic relationship

You can never get back time. You deserve to be with someone who wants to show you off.

You answered your question in your last sentence. Trust me… if your having even the slightest doubt (which you are) trust your gut and cut your losses. I didn’t. I married mine with disastrous and painful results. I swore to myself he’d change and be better after we were married, that he was just insecure ~ nope!! He was just an A-hole. Please. Listen to your gut!! If your asking, you know the answer. If things are as they did be… you don’t question. :smirk: Good luck. :slightly_smiling_face:

You need to leave. He obviously can careless and you deserve better.

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Do you really need advice on this?

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Sorry but I think you already know what needs to be done but if you really love him and want it to last, tell him last chance, or your out, maybe yall could talk to a counselor or a preacher or something like that. Prayers for you and your daughter

Just leave :roll_eyes: like seriously, you’re not happy sounds like he’s not happy either. Do everyone a favor and just leave you’ll be happier in the long run

Run and run fast. He won’t change they never do.


Agree don’t waist anymore time. 7years is long enough to have changed

Run. Quickly. I’ll only get worse after marriage. Give your time to someone who deserves, wants, and craves it.:100:

Dump him 7 years as a fiance and nothing changes!!

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Why are you WASTING your time on him you know what you need to do

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Todd Grant U n your child deserved happiness…leave alrdy . U r not a baby sitter…

Would you want your child in a relationship like this? He isn’t going to change, he had his chance and failed.

I don’t even know why this is a this is a discussion why are you leaving with him if he doesn’t want to do family stuff leave his ass simple as that

Get the hell out before you get married. There is worst things then being single. You are in an emotionally abusive relationship.

Run girl and don’t look back!!!

Did anyone catch that she says she’s been with her fiancé for 7 years but she just recently got her divorce finalized? Wait? What? And there are so many red flags right now. I’m not even getting this post?? You don’t have kids with him and obviously he’s repetitive with his antics. Why are you still there?? RUN!!


You are a live in babysitter housekeeper and cook….stop wasting your time

Noone deserves to be treated like that. It’s time to go!

You have nothing holding you to him & even if you guys shared a child a relationship isn’t a hostage situation. Leave the punk & go find true happiness.

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