My Boyfriend Is Mad that I Am Pregnant: Advice?

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"I need advice on what to do…i have been dating this guy for about a year and am 32 years old… i have always been infertile and was told from a very young age due to my health issues that I can never get pregnant…so we have not been careful…well i just found out that I am pregnant and i am honestly thrilled…i am overjoyed that I will be able to have a child…but my boyfriend is LIVID and wants me to have an abortion…i love him and dont want to lose him but at the same time this is something i have always wanted and i want this baby…am i selfish for keeping the kid he doesnt want? i dont even need anything from him after the baby is born, i am happy to do everything on my own if need be…what should I do?"

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"Your body your choice… it works both ways. You’re more than willing to do this on your own, so you do you."

"Keep the baby, lose the guy. He should be mad at himself for not wrapping it up. HE is the only one responsible for making sure he doesn’t get someone pregnant. He should only be mad at himself for not using protection."

"Never let a man (or anyone) make you question what to do with YOUR body."

"Honestly, keep your baby. If he can’t be happy for you then leave him. If you feel like you can do it all on your own then even better. You got this girly!"

"Keep the baby and lose the man child. He obviously isn’t the right man… you got this mama."

"Ur not wrong having a baby is the most wonderful thing I have ever done u don’t need him girl ur baby is everything u ever wanted and never let a man tell u other wise."

"Tell him to move on! Unless he wants to be a daddy to y’all’s precious little baby!!"

"From his point of view I’d be livid too. He feels tricked seeing as it’s less than a year and you aren’t as infertile as he was led to believe. No judgement, just it will be his perspective."

"This is your Miracle baby after being told you couldn’t have a one. It’s a blessing. If he doesn’t want the baby then he can leave."

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He was not tricked into having a baby ,she has been told since a young age by doctors that she would never get pregnant as long as she had told him ahead of time what doctors have told her he was aware . He could gave help prevent it if he did not want to have a baby wrap it up looser or be the dad the baby needs … but girl if u think u can do it on ur own go for it . My daughter went thru the similar situation and has raised a beautiful daughter foe three years now without the bio dad’s help her fiance stepped in to be her baby daddy since day one when she was born …

He was tricked into having a baby.
She said she was infertile.
I suppose he should have assumed she was lying.
I get why and how he is upset.
If he does not want a child then they should break up and she should do it on her own.

Although his first (?) reaction might not be what you had hoped for He’ll need time to process and come to terms with his new status as a Father to your child. Having said that, if you want to keep the baby, you might need to REALLY prepare to go it alone. It Will be ultimately YOUR choice and YOUR responsibility. We all hope for the best possible scenarios when raising a child, but the truth is that things could get messy. If the guy wants you in his life, he’ll have to take the whole package. If not, You’re on your own with your precious gift.

Even with the low chance of not being able to have a child your both should of uses protection. With that being said, since he doesn’t want your child then have him sign over his rights
Which means no child support. It also means your child will never know this or her father. Are you prepared to explain to your son or daughter that their father never wanted him or her? I hope so. At 32 you should of known better
And yes it is your body yoir choice. But, you bf is the dumb one who didn’t use the same sense his body his choice and choose to use protection no matter what you said. See, I have 2 boys 17 and 24 and i told them from the start when they were old enough to have sex no matter what the girl tells you always use protection until you and her decide you want children. Until your in a loving and committed relationship. See, I had the same health problems. I couldn’t get pregnant worth a darn. I had friends who were having children like a sneeze. It took me 8 years to get pregnant with my second child and another years to get pregnant with my third. And you led your bf on he is now trapped. You took his choice away from him by not telling him there is a small chance you could get pregnant. And having an adult conversation about what would happen if you did. That my dear is entrapment. Now, you want to cry he wants you to have an abortion and your saying no because this is what you really wanted. Sounds to me as if you lied. He is as fault to because now matter what you said he should of still wore a condom. But, you should of had more respect for not only yourself but, your bf
Now, he will be bitter towards your and resentful towards your child because you took his choice away.