My baby struggles to poop but the doctor doesn't listen: Advice?

Take a video of this behavior… this is what I did with my daughter with snoring and struggling to breathe he believed me after my video.

We used gripe water with our lil one. It worked wonders!

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Try suppositories and sensitive formula. Had the same problem with my kids.

I had a friend whose grandchild had this problem. He ended up having cancer in his pelvis


Formula or breastmilk?

  1. Get a new doctor. If you don’t feel heard with yours it’s going to be an issue every single time your baby has a medical issue.
  2. Baby suppositories are life savers.

It is somewhat normal, their little bodies are adjusting to life. Give her tummy massages and if shes breastfed try to track what you are eatinga nd see if it could be causing the constipation. Good luck!

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Biogaia probiotics! They are expensive but work amazing

Take her to a different pediatrician this is not normal

My oldest had issues like that, it is actually kinda a norma thing. Just try not to do suppository unless doctor says too. My sons doctor said that using suppositories too much could make it necessary to use them long term because their body doesn’t learn how to do it on its own.

If you are breastfeeding, I’d say eat as much of the foods that help you poo easier and eliminate any foods from your diet that could bring on constipation or gas. REMEMBER: when breastfeeding, baby eats what you eat.

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See a different doctor or ask for a referral to a gi doctor

Get a referral to a GI if this persists. Please. While constipation isn’t uncommon, suffering chronically can be a sign of a worse condition. After a year of struggles and being dismissed I demanded a Gastroenterologist referral and after another year of treatment and testing we’re still ruling things out but some treatments have helped. But more than that we have ruled out some conditions but also now are looking into more serious causes. Please don’t wait if your truly worried or see blood in the stool. We trusted the ped and I didn’t want to seem like the panicky mom but i should have been.

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For my son he had the same problem dr told me 1 ounce prune juice 1 ounce water


My daughter had this issue and it turned out to be a milk allergy. Had to put her on soy milk.

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my oldest used to strain so hard shed push her intestines out. the doctors had her tested for cystic fibrosis. everything came back normal she just struggled to poop… my doctor gave me the option to give her a mix of prune juice and water or dark Karo syrup and water. ultimately we changed her to a sensitive formula and kept dark Karo syrup in the house. that did great and kept her regular. the suppositories never even got opened that people suggested to us after we tried karo.


If you feel like they’re not listening go to someone else. It’s they’re job to listen to your concerns and address them. My son had horrible gas the first 3 or 4 months and he was breast fed which usually doesn’t happen and we couldn’t figure out why, it eventually stopped. But sometimes adding some gentlease formula type mixing it in helps, gripe water, simethecone drops. Sometimes even those didn’t help, and this was all just to pass gas too! I think alot of it is the immature GI of the baby, like i said they usually grow out of it. But try some of those and see if it helps, sounds like you’ve been doing a good job already!

Sounds more like gas than poop. If they are bf than maybe something you eat if formula maybe you need to try a different kind. If it was trouble pooping they would be hard. I found oval drops worked really good when my baby did that

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Ours was on formula and had those issues we had to switch to soy and it was much better.

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We used gas relief(found in the baby section almost anywhere) and I’d warm up a small amount of water with some sugar and that did wonders!!

Change formula if thats used…try a sensitive…and try ovol it will clear gas bypass gripe. My little struggles too for a bit.

My son had the same problem. After process of elimination we found out he has a dairy allergy.

Try pear juice, dilute with equal part water, worked for my grand babies.


Switch pediatricians I went through this issue with spitting up and the doctor passing it off as a happy spitter…lol… mines 9 months and throwing up several times a day. My new pediatrician is finally trying to get to the bottom of the problem. But I still feel horrible I let it go on this long.

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My precious grandson had the same problem. It started for him when he was about 3 months old. Doctors did nothing but enemas. My daughter, who is a RN, finally got them to do a scope when he was 3 years old. It turns out he had internal hemorrhoids. The doctor insisted that was not a problem, but would give him a prescription anyway. The prescription did solve the problem.

I know it sounds to soon for you all but, I gave my daughter about 1 to 2 teaspoons of prince juice, watch out cause when she goes she blows out of the diaper lol

sounds more like colic…


My baby girl was like this.
In the hospital when I had her they put her on Enfamil gentle ease and when we came home I put her on Enfamil Reguline. It’s to promote soft stools and make it easier on them. She will be two months old in a few days and hasn’t had an issue since the switch.

Swear by this and I tell everyone I know who’s babies have the same issue…
Pear juice! It’s amazing ans works like a charm everytime!
Also get a new Dr, no baby needs to be in pain. Good luck to you and your little angel!

Sound to me like she is having gas pains or maybe issues with formula???

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Sounds like baba has colic. If she is formula fed, put colic drops in her bottle also try putting a warm hot water bottle one her tummy to relax the tummy muscles. Works like a wonder. When you feed her at least have her up straight for 30mins so the milk can digest.

My son had the same issue, turns out he had hirschsprungs disease and needed surgery at 6months old. Please get a second opinion and see a GI dr.

A condition of the large intestine (colon) that causes difficulty passing stool.
Hirschsprung’s disease involves missing nerve cells in the muscles of part or all of the large intestine (colon). Present at birth, it causes difficulty passing stool.

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My son had the same issue. We ended up at the ER due to him screaming and shaking. He now gets miralax in his bottle and does not have any issues going to the bathroom. Our first doctor told us it’s normal as well and told us to use prune juice. We did then prune juice didn’t help and he wouldn’t listen. We switched doctors. The new doctor took their time and reviewed his scans from the ER visit and told us he was so constipated that his stomach was so stretch out that it was a size of an adults stomach. And advised us to use miralax. Please switch doctors

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2 of my kids would grunt all night like they were trying to go n pull their legs up to their chest. Turns out they both had acid reflux n had to be on meds for it.

My baby had this problem so I started formula with whey protein. Regular formula with casein protein caused serious constipation. I spoke with a dietitian nutritionist regarding formula and this was great advice. Whey protein is very easy to digest but regular casein protein caused constipation. Good luck Mama.

My daughter was the same way so my grandma showed me some trips and worked like a charm…take half a peppermint candy in 2oz warm water let dissolve and let baby drink it…also a spoonful of karo in warm water works wonders

It sounds to me like she can’t pass gas well…have you tried gas drops with gripe water? Also you can try a small amount of pear juice. We have always tried it 1st before Apple or prune cause they tend to be explosive.

I would honestly get a different pediatricians opinion. And not try anything anybody suggested until you do so. It definitely could be a formula issue or it could be something more severe that requires medicine or surgery.

Feed slower, burp more often, may need to change formulas. Lay baby on tummy with knees up, butt up, back straight and gently bounce body from waist down back and forth to help pass the gas.

My son was the same way, he ended up having acid reflux and was put on medication

It sounds like colic… try gripe water

By 3 to 4 month she will grow out of it. Just at the moment she can’t exercises so it’s also difficult for her to digest that’s why with the bicycle you helping her exercise. :blush: hang in there mommy you doing a great job

Give her more water or juices.warm it up a little or have it in room temperature.pear juice works faster.

My dr told me it’s because their abdominal muscles aren’t fully developed. Try holding your baby upright while they poop or put them in a warm bath.

Sounds more like gas pains/colic/acid reflux than constipation. The doctor is right about newborns and pooping.

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My daughter had this really bad and it turned out to be acid reflux and she was lactose intolerant so we had to put her on a soy milk formula

Same problem with my little one we did gerber probiotic drops in ounce of prune juice then ounce juice in evening no drops and switched to sensitive formula with dr brown bottles . Whole different baby she’s 7 months

Idk if your baby is to small or not, but maybe some gripe water. Also there’s a certain massage you can try on the bottom of the feet, it’s supposed to help you pass a poop. You’re supposed to follow the intestines
So the left foot is the small intestine, and the right foot would be the big intestine. You can look on pinterest for the actual massage.

Also maybe if you’re nursing it is something you can be eating that is being passed through your milk.

Get another opinion. It’s not normal for a baby to not have a bowel movement for 5 days.


Karo syrup in water prune juice. I had to use suppository for awhile with my kids but that was years ago.

Deffinately acid reflux, my son was exactly the same! He was put on medicaton to soothe the gasses in his tummy x

Try adding an extra 10 mls of water in her milk thats what my doctor said… Or coloxal drops but they didnt work as good… my daughter was the same once the extra scoop of powder was added to her milk. I noticed a big change after i added 10 mls to her milk.

If you are not happy with this advice, go to another pedi Dr. You never said how old your baby was. But either way, as long as she isn’t crying all day, doesn’t appear to be in any distress, I also wouldn’t worry about it

Our doc always said “if tou dont have to poop every day what makes u think a baby has to” ours evemtually did. Lots of bike legs and massages. As they get older they dont need to go every single day.

I used suppositories for my son it really helped him

My kids doctor always recommended a teaspoon of dark karo syrup added to their bottle. That was 13 years ago. It did work.

If your concerned about your child and what the doctor says, always go get a different opinion from another doctor. We can all give you advice for what we did with our own babies, but every single child is different so what worked for one may not work for another. I say your best bet is to try another doctor’s opinion. Goodluck mama!

I gave my son gas drops multiple times a day. Not only does it make their gas easier to pass but it makes them poop easier. And they are completely safe, both pharmacist and dr consulted! But don’t jump to acid reflux if your baby isn’t spitting up.

Have you tried the glycerin suppositories ? They are helpful .

She’s being prayed for in Jesus name Amene. She should be feeling better ALREADY!! GO CHECK ON HER!

Give baby a bit if brown sugar in water helped my daughter

Babies can go days without pooping… she’s probably just a gassy baby or maybe reflux if she’s spitting up any…Try changing bottles, burp more often, probiotics drops, etc. You can also try getting her with a Pediatric GI doctor

Might be time for a second opinion :wink:

Think about what you’re feeding her maybe?

It is not normal for a baby to only poop one or twice a week. Fine a new pediatrician. This is very important for her health

I had the same problem with my son, gerber probiotic drops changed everything!

They the baby drops… they make special drops for newborns with gas build up. Life saver for my littles! Seriously!

Get 2 different formulas. 1 for easy digestion and a regular kind if not being BF. I did that with my baby till she get her digestive system to normal. Poor baby.

Gas drops or maybe it’s the formula. If your breastfeeding try changing your diet.

We use dark karo syrup, 1 to 2 tabs per bottle until they go. Usually it only takes our kids 1 or 2 bottles with it and they go.

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Karo syrup and suppositories helped my little one and it took a few months to work it’s self out. The second baby had problems with gas and a tight belly and the whining like she needed to poop but she ended up being allergic to many different things. My advice about ur pediatrician is if she doesn’t listen know it will not get any better maybe look into finding a new one… anytime ur baby is uncomfortable a lot of the time that is not normal …

My daughter had this issue. I used a formula with probiotics to help with that. It was a Similac brand. It definitely helped. But I did end up recording a video and showing her doctor how severe it became later and she gave other ideas to help, then medication as a last resort.

I’m going through this right now Mumma… it’s either my diet or her wind :dash: I’m trying my hardest to work out which

Are you nursing? I can’t seem to find out in the comments?

Find new pediatrician.

My baby doctor told me a teaspoon of karo syrup in her bottle my babygirl was the same way until i put some in her bottle it helped alot for us

Warm baths stimulate the bowels but beware they might poop while soaking in water.

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Put alittle Karo syrup in their bottle that what I used

If your nursing it could be a foremilk hindmilk imbalance. Or the type of formula?

My daughter is 11 months and still only goes once or twice a week if shes lucky.makes a cranky baby, not fun!

Try gripe water it helped my baby a lot.and also get a new pediatrician she sounds like an asshole :blush:

Depends if she’s breastfed what you eat could be affecting her has wise and she could just have lots of gas. If formula fed it could be to harsh for her tummy try switching it to sensitive kind. If baby is older then 1 month gripe water should help.

i gave my baby Prune juice!that thing works


I try everything then a army doctor told me baby sweet was a good since worked

Went through the same with two of my youngest. The doctor told me the same thing. Gripe water, Probiotic and Prebiotics for infant’s and children Amazon, and miralax were all life saving. My second to youngest grew out of it and she is now 10 and my now 3 year is experiencing the same thing since she was 2 up until now but as I mentioned above she is passing a bowel movement regularly she went from pooping once a week to now 3 times a week with no pain, or discomfort

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Applesauce at every meal

My boy gets 2 ounces prune juice it helps


I had this issue with my first born. Our pediatrician suggested a little bit of Karo Syrup in his bottle and it worked, you could also try prune juice. I would check with your Dr before you do that as I can’t remember how much to give.

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Massage her lower back n bum while she is on you upright and bounce your legs.

My son had the same issue! I recommend kid friendly laxatives - movocol you can at any chemist 1-2 per day sachets dissolved in lukewarm water should do the trick. I give him kiwi fruit and that helps a lot as it has good amount of vit C. Lots of water also. Hope that helps for your bub mama x

My daughter did this to…she was actually using the muscles to hold it in instead of pushing it out…a rectal thermometer with vaseline on it… in and out to stimulate the muscle and within seconds…full poop

It is normal. It didn’t happen with my kids but my pediatrician gave me the heads up.
Their sphincter isn’t tight at birth so when they poop it just comes out. Eventually they have to learn to push and sometimes it takes them a little while

Go to a specialist. Pediatric GI doctor. I had the same problem, we used lactulose for a few months and she finally started going without pain or struggling after multiple ER and doctor visits to find out what was wrong. Every x ray and ultrasound was clear. They could find no issues. We also used windi the gasspasser. It not only helps pass gas, but stimulates your baby to poop.

Gripe water is the best thing for a gassy baby

Give a super small teaspoon of olive oil

This was a norm for my child and he still goes a very long time without going and he’s 7, typically he will wait until he absolutely can’t wait anymore. He has been this way since birth pretty much, lots of belly massages, cuddles and the leg trick helps at the newborn to a year stage, both knees up to chest, hold, release, and repeat 3-5 times in sections of 3 every hr and it will help :slight_smile:

Dark Karo syrup ! I swear by this !

I recently got my son some prebiotic and vitamin D drops to put in the bottle for him. This has helped him not be so fussy and gassy. This is really the only thing that has helped me.

My son had this problem when he was a baby and his doctor told us to do 1oz of apple juice and half water and if that doesn’t work he told us to do 1oz of apple juice not watered down and it worked great for my little one…

If all else fails ask about hirshsprungs disease… my oldest was born with it went undiagnosed till he was 2 :frowning:

Prunes or baby juice.