My baby is measuring 4-weeks-behind: Advice?

My baby measures almost four weeks behind. I’m 15 ish weeks today, but the ultrasound yesterday said they only measure to be 10w5d. That’s impossible because I know when I ovulated. I know when I got pregnant. Even by my last period, I should be 14 weeks minimum. Has this ever happened to you, and what was the cause. I’m really worried. I have three boys and they all measure on time or more significant I’ve never had one so small…

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I done this with this pregnancy as well! Now at 31 weeks and 5 days she’s the size she needs to be. No need to worry yet. She may catch up or she may just be a small baby

I wouldn’t worry too much about it, all babies are different. My son was a bit behind until the last two months before birth, then more than made up for it.

Similar situation with my last two pregnancies… my babies always measured smaller… I was induced at 37 weeks and had healthy happy babies… they were just smaller!

I had this with my pregnancy. I had placenta previa and my placenta started to not work right so they had to do an emergency C-section when I was 27 weeks 6 days

Some times baby’s can just be small. So as long as there isn’t anything medically wrong, than don’t worry too much. Baby has time to catch up!

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All of my girls measured behind, all of my girls were born under 6lbs even my now 3 year old who was 40 wks and 3 days my son was 7lbs, Maybe baby is a girl :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

Measurements taken before baby is born are not always accurate. They told my mom I was gonna be 2-3 lbs and super small and I was gonna be in the NICU. I came out at 7.6lbs and was perfectly healthy.


My 5th was 4-6 weeks behind in growth but she was fine at 20w. She was diagnosed with IUGR, inter uterine growth restriction by 32w. I has weekly ultrasounds to keep an eye on the placenta to make sure baby was getting everything she needed. Hopefully catching it that early they can keep an eye on baby and the placenta to make sure everything is going good outside of the size of baby. I was induced early in fear the placenta would go bad or abrupt.

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Based on my last period, I was supposed to be 3 months along. I was only 7 weeks pregnant. Your last period isnt always the best way to tell

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I had IUGR with my son & he measured small , had to have tons of ultrasounds. He was born perfect , just on the smaller side.

If the doctor hasn’t voiced his/her concern I wouldn’t worry about it. They go through a huge growth spurt the last couple months

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My baby measured a week behind at our first ultrasound but now she’s measuring exactly where she should be and is actually a bit on the big side. As long as your OB isn’t worried, I’d try not to worry too much about it.

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I wouldn worry and if the ultrasound sound say it. Then trust it…i knew when my last pd was when i ovulated evt amd i ended up measuring a week behind…sometimes it just happens…

They look at more than size in these early scans. There’s a huge difference developmentally between a 15 week fetus and a 10 week fetus. Either you’re off on when you got pregnant by a month, or something is wrong.

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I was told with my last daughter, she is now 23, that I was measuring way to small. She was gonna be 7 pounds or smaller. Nope was a whopping almost 10 pounds. Lol


My second measured 3 weeks behind. Its just an estimate. The measure bones and weight but its never 100% accurate

My first child came 6 weeks late. No mistakr on when I hot pregnant

With my 3rd baby she was measuring small they sent me to mfm for high risk they did ultrasound every two weeks then every week till I had her she was a perfect healthy 6lb baby now my 4th my son was measuring 5 weeks ahead and I new for sure when i got pregnant cause it was the only time we didn’t use a condom and they took him 2 weeks early cause she said he was in 96 percentile range and was just a big boy he was born 8lb9oz and if I would of went to term dr said he would of been a little over 10lb

I would not worry to much baby will be fine some just smaller some are bigger

Its very early to tell anything. Dont worry too much! You’ll be able to see more at 20 weeks

Im supposedly measuring like 2 or 3 weeks advanced. If thats true im not 33 weeks im like 35 or 36! Which means minimum of 6 weeks and baby will be here! Im freaking out a bit like i dont have enough time to get ready

I was off by 4 weeks when I got pregnant. Still have no idea how the test came back positive at 3 weeks. My period before that was super light (almost nonexistant) and I mistook it for implantation bleeding.
Our bodies are weird sometimes.

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This hits close to home to me I had my baby 5 months ago and last year in February I thought I was about 12 weeks and when I went to the doc they told me that my baby was measuring 5-6 weeks that I would might conceder terminating my pregnancy. Turns out they were wrong and I was wrong my period is abnormal so that made it a little harder to be 100% corrects either way j had weekly visits baby grew just because I haven’t had my period in 12 weeks didn’t mean I was 12 weeks in reality baby girl was only 6weeks don’t stress take it easy

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I was only measuring 27 weeks at almost 40! Carried small but ended up having an almost 7 lb baby one day past due date! It’ll be okay :slight_smile:

You don’t have to be ovulating to get pregnant, you just have the highest chance of conceiving at that time and you can still bleed and be pregnant. By the time I got any symptoms and was “a week late” with my dsughter, when I went in they estimated I was almost 12 weeks pregnant already.

Also those measurements aren’t always correct.

Try to relax. Like everyone else is saying. If the ob isn’t concerned then I wouldn’t worry. hugs

Possibly intrauterine growth restriction. The earlier you are in pregnancy the more accurate the US. At this point it might be a waiting game. There are blood tests you can do like the free cell dna that can tell you many chromosomal issues. I did that with each pregnancy. Its a blood test from mom and it can get the baby’s dna.

I was told at my first ultrasound that my little guy was measuring small, I was give 4 different possible due dates. My little guy was born at 40+4 and weighted 10lbs13oz. Unless your ob is concerned I wouldn’t worry to much :slight_smile:

Seems weird you’re so worried about it? Just because you ovulated by the calculated date, doesn’t mean that is exactly when you did…
Maybe baby has a different dad?

Scans be like 2 weeks off

My dates were accurate with the one I’m pregnant with now, i am 100% sure of my last period but when I went in I should’ve been 12 weeks 1 day but I was only measuring 9 weeks 1 day. Now im 25 weeks1 day and babys perfect! Sometimes you ovulate late

With my secound I had to have more scans than usual because they thought she was to tiny but when she was born she was bigger than my first🤷‍♀️

All the math pointed to me being 13.5 weeks and the ultrasound measured at 9w1d. He’s been on track with the ultrasound ever since…

Just relax. My son also measured about 3 weeks behind. He was born 5 lbs 5 Oz. He is now 6 and still small compared to everyone else in his class. We have done everything from genetics to hormone testing everything has come back normal. May just be a small baby. My daughter also measured smaller and she is above average now. Just take a deep breath and listen to your doctors

My second measured small to the point that they pushed my due date almost a full month ahead only to have her born two weeks “early” when in reality she was two weeks late. With my third measured small as well. Both girls. Both born a healthy, normal weight and size.

As someone who went through a stillbirth, have them do a ultrasound on the uterus. My first son was a stillborn. The placenta became detached early in pregnancy and never reattached. I was 36 weeks along when I found out my son was a stillborn.

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I wouldn’t worry about it when I was 7 months pregnant they told me my baby’s femur was measuring under the 5th centile sent me for growth scans was told it could be dwarfism or downs. Had my baby a week early due to elective c section she weighed 6.15 and not a thing wrong with her she’s perfect. She’s a year old now and looks more for her age. Don’t stress and it could be a girl so girls are usually smaller than boys. Don’t stress. All the best x

It’s nornal and nothing to worry about. Both of mine were like that.

Your dates could be off even and sometimes babies are just smaller I know mine was measuring small and unfortunately ended in a miscarriage but I know alot of friends who had the same issue and baby was fine

Please dont stress, inwas measuring the other way they were telling me I was going to have a goliath baby which made me shit myself cause my finances and all his siblings were 10+ lbs, (his sister being 14.6lbs) and my girl only ended up being 7lbs 15oz…if the person doing the ultrasound was concerned you would have been let know and something would be getting done about it…

I was measuring 4 weeks behind too at one point I was 6 weeks behind! Doctor scared the hell out of me. He was 8 pounds 10 oz so I’m not really sure what was behind! Lol

With my boys was bang on time but with my youngest a girl their date was two wks earlier then mine. She came on my due date which was 40 wks but on hospital records she’s down at 38 wks

I don’t think it’s especially accurate. My son was almost nine lbs when he was born and they were trying to tell me a few days prior at an ultrasound that he was seven. I knew he was big…as did anyone else who saw my stomach.

Please give it more time.the baby maybe a late bloomer. Or someone dose not have their calculations right. So give baby more time. Dont stress to much right now. God bless you and baby.

I measured behind too for my last pregnancy and they changed my due date to 3 weeks later and according to the new due date my son came 2 weeks early. I also knew when I ovulated. He was 2 inches and 2lbs smaller than my first. Now he is almost 3 and is low on weight but is in the 90th percentile for height. I don’t think you should be worried. You are still early on in your pregnancy. By the next ultrasound sound I’m sure baby will be more on target. Just take care of yourself!

I measured like that in my last pregnancy befire this one… but unfortunately it wasn’t a good out come for me… baby slowly stopped growing then the heart stopped beating… but every pregnancy is different… just like this one… beginning they told me I was having a miscarriage because my levels wornt doubling ect… they were only going up 300 every 3 days or so… I waited for over a month and no bleed nothing started… so they sent me to have an ultrasound to find out what was going on in there and why I haven’t started…and on the screen was a very active lil bit wiggling around…now I’m due to have him in 4 weeks…

They were wrong with my 2nd. He was just small in the beginning it changed once I started getting bigger. And besides the baby will come when it wants anyway. I’ve never had my babies on the their due date.

My peanut was measuring small when we went in for the anatomy scan. I was 20w1d (calculated by the first ultrasound) and she was measuring 18w5d. They sent her ultrasound pics to the radiologist and he wasnt worried, everything else looked fine. She was born at 40w exactly & was only 5lbs4oz.

My daughter was measuring smaller she was born at 40+6 weighing 3kg

Just because you think you know what day you ovulated it does not mean you did. When I was pregnant with my last baby I found out that I ovulated two weeks earlier than usual after I was already pregnant. When I went in for my first ultrasound according to my period I would have been 8 weeks but baby was measuring at 6 weeks so he told me it was either a bad pregnancy or I was not as far along as I thought so he scheduled me for another ultrasound in another two weeks and sure enough when I went back in baby was measuring 8 weeks instead of 10 weeks so I was just two weeks earlier than I thought. It is possible to have symptoms and believe you ovulated a certain day when reality you didn’t. And even ovulation strips do not tell you the exact day you ovulate it just tells you when you’re close.


My girl now 1 always measured behind…but at 30 weeks she packed on 2lbs growth spurt & came at 32weeks…preggo now & he measures way ahead

Dont be worrying they said the same to my daughter when she was pregnant right up to the end they thought her son was going to be tiny and he was 6lb and now hes so tall u be grand best wishes x

I just had this same thing happen. I was 13 weeks as of Friday but told that Wednesday before my baby measured 7 weeks. I unfortunately miscarried over the weekend but I would keep following up with your obgyn they will check your hcg levels to see if they are going up or down. Best of luck to you :heart:

I feel like you should seek a second opinion. I do not want to scare you but I had a similar experience and it did not turn out well. I’m not telling you this to scare you but in hopes that it can prevent someone else from going through that


My baby measured behind most of my pregnancy. I had low Papp A protein. If you have low Papp A one of the risk factors is smaller for gestational age babies. She is in the 3% for weight.

Measurements were never correct for any of my four children. I wouldn’t put too much importance on it.

I was pregnant with twins and one was measuring behind, then eventually stopped developing properly and passed.

my daughter was measuring all over the place when i was pregnant… they said based on the measurement of my uterus i was due august and based on the ultrasound she was due in the middle of october… i KNEW i got pregnant on new years because that was literally the only day in 6months that i had sex. so it was new years or up to 4 days after. so based on that… (since i had never missed a period just lighter than normal) my due date was sept 25th. oddly enough… i had her sept 25th. 7lbs 10.5oz 20 inches long perfectly healthy. if your doctor is concerned, then you should be concerned. if you don’t trust your doctor… then find a different doctor.

When my daughter was pregnant with my granddaughter she kept measuring weeks behind her entire pregnancy the baby ended up being very healthy just a small baby. They did do multiple ultrasounds her entire pregnancy to make sure and at the end they put her on bed rest and a high protein diet. Every situation is different so you should have them keep an eye on you and the baby to be safe

As per my last period my due date was Nov 9th… Ultra sound gave Dec 10th and a C section was done for me on Nov 19th

I was always measuring smaller than what I should’ve been and I had babies from 6-8 lbs. All 5 were normal and born close to the due date. But yes I’d say ease your mind and get a second opinion. It won’t hurt to see how someone else measures baby. Hope all is well my dear.

Did they say it was anything to worry about? You are still quite early on in the pregnancy so bubba may have a good growth spurt

Until the doctor tells you something is wrong, try to be patient. I hope all is well with your little one


I my son measured over the 10lb mark was told he was going to be a “big one” he was born 6lb 6 as long as everything looks healthy, don’t worry xx

Unless the Dr. is concerned. I wouldn’t be. Healthy heart beat. Healthy bloodwork. Everything looks good. Just measuring on the small side. It’s super early with lots of time to grow.

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Ultrasounds can be off by a week or 2

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Was it a stomach scan or transvaginal? That can make a huge difference too. Get a second opinion

I wouldn’t worry unless the dr says there is a problem. Babies sometimes measure small but catch up!

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If there is anyone to listen to: the ultra sound tech.
Even though they cant legally diagnose.
I had two due dates…spaced quite a bit apart
Ultra sound tech was right

You could be off about what you “know”. Unless they say it’s a problem it’s likely not a problem. Sometimes they’ll catch up suddenly as well. Maybe get a second opinion just to be safe and voice your concerns to your doctor definitely.

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try not to worry or panick, as they often get it so wrong…
when I was pregnant with my lg… they done that to me and rushed me for an emergency scan… my bby was apparently on the small side I kept getting told this thru out the whole pregnancy and she came out a healthy 7lbs 3oz.

I did that with my second child. One said one time another said another time . She came when she was ready and healthy. So don’t start worrying if the doctor hasn’t said anything to worry about. Just breathe

It’s only approximate what they assume same with my daughters pregnancy they say approximate ok don’t worry unless they say somethings ?

Wait for another scan they will monitor you carefully to check bubs size don’t stress they are quite small at this stage :+1::rose:

So you think your measuring behind because you worked out to be 15 weeks by you own dates but the ultrasound says 10+5? You always go by what the ultrasound says not what you work it out to be, you are not pregnant from the last day of your period that’s just an estimate, also you can get pregnant anytime of the month not just when your ovulating . Don’t worry about it. X


Have faith worrying doesn’t help only causes stress to you and your child😘

Honestly i wont go by that much any more. My daughter was 16inch an 3lb 11ozs at birth she was very tiny at 36w5days when she was born. That was 3 years ago today she read behind at a few different times. But also some kids are just smaller. He father side is short. Shes 3 and just into 18 months clothes

Happened to me and my son was fine.

My last child… the ultrasound said she was 13lbs + and we had to get her out. we had a c section and guess what… she was 7.13 they can be wrong.

My last measured 2 weeks behind what was originally said too. He came the day of the new due date they gave me was bigger than my first 2. But my first was 4 weeks early and my second was 2 weeks early.

I always had to have an ultra sound to see how far along I was. Doc would think I was 2 months or so but was actually further along. Don’t stress yourself out over it. If it bothers you that bad, talk to your doc.

Did you test positive for pregnancy when you realised you missed your period

It’s not weird. Why would u even say that smh

Was your baby measuring too small?

This is me now. I’m 11 weeks and 4 days and I just left the doctor and he said I’m 4 weeks behind which puts me at 7 weeks. He said I had a miscarriage because my baby is smaller than it should be. I came home and took a test and I’m still pregnant. I don’t understand I didn’t bleed or anything. Did you have a healthy baby?

Did you measure small even early on?? I should be 9 weeks and on my last 2 scans my sac is measuring just slightly past 5 and a half weeks but my last scan a yoke sac finally showed up. Still no fetal pole! Did this happen to u as well? Sorry for all the questions just winding if I should hold hope bc the doctors didn’t seems like I had much.