My baby has never slept through the night: Advice?

My nine almost 10.month old has never slept through the night. He would never breastfeed, so I exclusively pumped but dried up at five months and stopped. He still eats 16 oz a night of formula. He wakes four-plus times a night, and most recently, he won’t nap. Most nights he’s up till 1 am. I’m absolutely exhausted to the point of tears. He’s always been a good baby, but now he’s always whiney cause he’s so tired. He won’t transition past soft baby food. He’s been on soy, and regular, and tried various formulas. We have added cereals to his night bottles. Absolutely nothing makes a difference. Please give advice. I just started a very psychically demanding job unloading semi-trailers, and i can’t live on no sleep anymore.


Give him a very low dose melatonin about 15-20 minutes before your ready for him to be in bed. Or. Do the cry it out method. 10-15 min then check on him. Both are very solid options and will definitely help you two get more sleep … praying for you mama :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Melatonin :joy::joy::joy:

If ur doctor says it’s safe that is.

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Sleep train him! It will take longer because he’s older but once he’s sleep trained you will be so happy!


Have you checked to see if he’s possibly teething? If so, see if Tylenol is ok to give him. He might be uncomfortable if so.

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Feed him baby cereal around time of last bottle before bed. Started that with each of my kids around 2 months old and they slept through the night ever since.

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Mine is two almost three and she’s only slept all night like ten times.


My oldest is 4 and still has not slept through the night. I feel your pain…

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Maybe you’ve missed him when he’s tired. My boy goes down 6pm every night. We initially tried 7.30 routine and he brought it forward to 6. If he goes down later he’s worse. We also found 3hrs after he wakes in the morning he’s ready for his nap. They say if they nap well they will sleep better. Recognising signs your baby is ready for bed. Also he much preferred being in his cot as if he needed the room. ( Not trying to rub it in at all) xx

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Sounds like he needs to go to the doctor to be seen. Could be an underlying issue


If he ate good all day and had his night bottle, maybe push through the crying and not going up to feed him to get him use to schedule? I know those cries are hard but maybe just try it and if it’s nothing crazy lasting long maybe it will be ok

My twins didn’t sleep through the night till they were almost 2…my oldest did at 3 months. I just depends on the kid…

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Sounds like he is definitely teething. Tylenol will help but it’s an uncomfortable phase for them. Try giving him a teether or binky

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This has helped my daughter sleep better and be less cranky during the day

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Put a lil cereal in the milk it’ll be heavy and he won’t eat as much also should get him thru the night

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Detox your baby. Coseva Advanced TRS is what you need to look in to. There are several support groups on fb.
What you are describing in my thinking is toxin;heavy metals overload.
If you are following traditional pediatrics stop the suggested injection schedule. You can always go back to that but until you fix his issues don’t. During this time search the posts in the support groups looking for issues like you are having. That knowledge will change everything.

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Ask you Dr before giving a baby this young sleep AIDS PLEASE!
Try a bowl of cereal with fruit NO bananas before bed. Also try lavender


All babies are different :pensive: my daughter woke up every two hrs till she was one. My boy was a different baby slept through the night. I say just keep your routine going and I promise this will be over in a blink of an eye. He’ll be sleeping through the night and you’ll say I remember when you would wake up all night. I know it’s hard now but it’ll get easier. It’s temporary :hugs::hugs: hugs momma…


Babies do not require night feeds after 6 months. Night wakings become a habit. Try giving water, if he refuses pop him back in bed and leave room. Give him a few minutes to settle. Try process again each time if he refuses to settle. Eventually he will realise that he won’t get any milk and begin to sleep longer. Normally takes about a week.
At 10 months he should be on 2 naps a day totalling 2 hours of day sleep.
Try something like:
7 am wake
10-10:40 am nap
1:30-3:10 pm nap
7 pm bed

Adjust to suit of course according to his awake times or times you would prefer wake and bed times :slightly_smiling_face:

My son didn’t sleep through the night until he was almost 15 months. I would definitely make sure you have a bedtime routine.

Reflux maybe? Get ears checked for ear infections? A set sleep schedule

Don’t give up hope! Just science the shit out of it. Try different things. Look at his weight versus formula intake-see if switching kinds will make him feel fuller. Just hang in there. My girl is 18 months and rare wakes up at night.

My kid went through this when he was teething really bad. He would cut 4 teeth at a time and it was ROUGH! I used a tablet set on nursery rhymes and just let him hang out in his bed until he went down. I’d give Tylenol or ibuprofen for the pain. After the teeth popped through he went back to his normal sleep schedule. He could be wanting a bottle in the middle of the night to chew on.

Don’t give him melatonin. I think that is VERY overused by parents! Try thickening his food with baby cereal and spoon feeding. Putting cereal in the bottle makes the risk of SIDS go up.


My almost 3 year old has never been a good sleeper. She just in the past few months started sleeping in her own bed. She had to sleep with us for anyone to get any sleep. Make sure he’s active during the day as much as possible and wake him up early. We let her sleep in too much and she gets thrown off at nap and night time. As far as feeding maybe try to give him a big supper or even a second supper before bed to keep him fuller longer.


Look up a list of foods that help sleep.
Just a few, kiwi, banana, tart cherries. Blended together with a little camomile tea makes a great smoothie or you can freeze it in to pops for A cool bedtime treat.
Those are things you want to get for dinner or bedtime snacks. Try a small cup of camomile tea. Yes it is safe for babies. Try giving water or camomile tea at night when waking up instead of milk or anything else.

Following, same issue

The Taking Cara Babies sleep program was a lifesaver for me when my little was 7 months old. I follow her on IG and she has tons of great info on her saved stories, as well as sleep programs for different ages. The one you’d need is the ABCs of Sleep. I used it and we haven’t gone back to those sleepless nights since.

Let him cry it out. When he wakes up let him cry for 5 mins at a time go in check on him pat his back then walk out again. Let him cry 5 mins then go back in pat or rub his back then repeat. I never let my babies cry for longer than 20 mins of intivals of 5.


My son ended up having a milk protien allergy , confirmed via stool test. He didn’t sleep through the night for about 4 years. Sleep deprivation is the worst, hang in there momna! Maybe worth a allergy test.

I read all of the other comments, so trying to offer a different perspective. You said he drinks 16 oz of formula at night. Is that what he drinks right before bed? If so, is he waking up because of/or with wet diapers often? Maybe start decreasing the amount of liquids right before bedtime. Also, I have twins and I started feeding them soft baby food very early on. Once it got to the point of feeding them regular foods I fed them the proper recommended amount of milk/formula but if they weren’t eating the regular food, I lived by the strategy “if they’re hungry they’ll eat” (safely of course, always made sure they were properly nourished). Maybe start cutting down on the formula (within a safe amount) and try feeding him off of your own plate (it’s usually more intriguing for kids that age to eat what you’re eating) and see what happens. I hope that helps


My son is 5 and still wakes up, sometimes to pee and mostly cuz he doesn’t want to be alone. I feel ya.

My child just turned 2 and still struggles to sleep through the night. And melatonin gives her nightmares. Its hard but eventually, your baby will outgrow it. Consult your doctor. My doctor prescribed rynex but it caused her nightmares. Consult with a doctor. Melatonin causes the heart to slow. We tried it, and my toddler laid in the same spot for 4 hours not moving and we gave an extremely small dose. It was scary. Talk to your doctor.

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One of my kids slept through the night from about 6 weeks old. One kid started about 18 months old. The youngest is 4 years old and has only slept through the night a handful of times.

Most adults don’t sleep through the night. We have several almost awake moments, but as adults we roll over and go back to sleep and don’t even remember it in the morning. It is normal.

Live and learn. Don’t offer the 16 oz at night. The baby has gotten used to having that during the night so maybe he’s waking out of routine. When my youngest was a baby we started taking away the middle of the night bottles, slowly, less and less formula at night until there was none at all. He would fall back asleep with a dry diaper and a cuddle in my arms. Eventually he would sleep through the night. A good quiet bedtime routine worked amazing with all 3 of my boys.

You can’t give him table food? I’m confused. He should be eating whatever you are eating by now, except honey. It doesn’t have to be pureed. Have you checked into baby led weaning?


My son woke up at night until he was 3. Good luck momma!

So it could be a underlying issue, but, try different things before getting worried. Try giving him less milk at night, and crying it out. (It sucks for you to do that and I know you need sleep) also I agree with melatonin. It’s worth a shot. It’s pediatrician approved

I went through the same thing with my daughter. Got so desperate I hired a sleep consultant to help me when she was 11 months old. Work to gently break any sleep associations (overnight feedings, rocking to sleep, etc. - my daughter was dependent on both). Make sure he eats enough for his age and weight throughout the day and he should not need more overnight. Put him down drowsy but awake every time. There are gentle ways to sleep train. Set a system for when he wakes up. Start waiting 5 mins to go in, increase to 10, then 15. Go in just long enough to let him know you’re there but don’t pick him up. Just let him see you and go back out. It seems hard to make them cry it out but you will BOTH be so much better for it. Baby will get much-needed rest and so will you! My daughter went from waking every 2 hours to sleeping through the night (10+ hours) after just a couple nights of this.

No more night time bottles. Babys will associate sleep with a bottle so when they wake in the middle of the night they want a bottle to put them back to sleep. Try to give a bottle an hour before bed and try cereal and some other things that will fill babys stomach. Motrin for teething. Melatonin never worked for mine but doctor said a little benadryl and it did help him fall asleep then was able to start a schedule of going down at 9pm or 930 or earlier especially without a nap. Being overly tired is the worst and if hes not taking a nap hes def overly tired at 1am. My son is almost 4 and was a horrible sleeper he had to have his bed up against mine for a very long time just so I could get some sleep.

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Also this could be a routine because you let him have the 16 oz at night. So he’s used to it. You have to stick to your routine you want him on and they will get used to it. Our son goes to sleep at 8:30 and doesn’t get up in the am until 6:30. He’s 2 now but we have been doing this for a long time now it’s nothing new and he just knows now, whatever he eats for supper is his last meal and it’s time to get ready for bed. He might whine but he knows when it’s bedtime it’s bedtime. If he randomly wakes up in the night we ignore him and he will go back to sleep

I mean does he cry? What if you slept in his room? Lights off and no not entertain him in any manner.

When my son wouldn’t sleep through the night I got a night light that had Beethoven lullabies and other ones on the night light/ music machine playing at night for him. I would give him a bath in lavender bubble bath then rub him in lavender lotion in his room with the night light and music. After that I would snuggle him up in a blanket give him his night time bottle and walk around slowly bouncing him and he would crash out. When he woke I would do the same thing bounce him around in his room and finally he got to the point of sleeping through the night cause he got so relaxed the more I did the bouncing at night. The music really helped also. Hopefully maybe that can help! I know it’s very stressful but you got this! Also they came out with all natural soothing tablets by nuby that also really came in handy.

Sleep is developmental your baby will either sleep through or not the end.
Also cereal in bottles is so dangerous


It is possible to safely cosleep. Maybe your little guy needs some extra comfort in the night. Snuggle that baby. He’s only little once. :heart:


Please dont give your ten month old any sleep aids and also please dont put them to sleep on a couch both very dangerous my first slept through the night from a month old on my second is 10 months and she still doesnt sleep through the night unfortunately you’re just going to have to deal with it theres not much you can really do if they dont want to sleep you can try to sleep train but it didnt work for my little lady maybe ask your pediatrician for some tips thats what i plan to do


My 4 yr old daughter was the same way. I TRIED EVERYTHING! Nothing worked until I sleep trained her at 10 months old. It took about 3 nights of her crying (and me crying as I watched her on the video monitor…lol) but every night was less crying. Until the 3rd night, I stayed up all night expecting to have to go soothe her. And she slept all night. From that point, she sleeps at 7 pm to 7 am. Cry it out method is rough but if u cant stick it out for a couple days, IT WILL IMPROVE YOUR LIFE!

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In my opinion it sounds like he’s not getting enough to eat. When our LO was having trouble sleeping we realized it was because he wasn’t getting enough solid foods and it was keeping him up. Just milk/formula isn’t enough at this age. If he refuses anything past baby foods, try increasing the amount he’s getting. Try dissolvable foods like puffs or cheerios. I know its hard, every baby is different but if hes not sleeping something could be wrong. Consider talking to a pediatrician as well. Hang in there :heart:

Neither of my kids slept through the night until they were about 2. This is totally normal hun


Sleep Train. Stay consistent in the schedule you want. Its challenging in the beginning but the rewards are worth it. But it’s up to you to stay consistent, so that baby learns the new normal.

I have a 3 year old and she still wakes up in the middle of the night. She has never slept right though night not once. The reason she wakes up now is to pee but then she stays awake for a good hour or two. I’d just try and keep him on a schedule. They do eventually fall asleep. I’m not a fan of the crying it out method though. so if my daughter cried for more then like 5 minutes I’d go in smooth her calm her down reassure her I’m still in the same place she is and then put her back down. Good luck girl.

You should consult a sleep therapist. My son had sleep apnea and didnt sleep until he was 4 when he had surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids. Nothing i tried worked and doctors didn’t listen to me until I saw a sleep therapist who referred an ENT. My son snored , was restless at night . melatonin did not work

It’s probably super normal but 16oz surprises me. My son never ate over 8oz at a time

This sounds very normal to me. Maybe find another job.

She’s not gonna… Until she’s about 2… My 3 year old wakes up in the night to go potty or to get a drink…
They Don’t ever sleep through the night… Idk why people have that delusion.

Every baby is different. And I feel it would be more helpful if we knew how you sleep. For example are you a bedsharing parent? Or are you sleep training your baby? Things like that definitely play a role.

Also while he is only 10 months old if there has been a significant change to his daily routine that can cause sleep issues. As well as very painful teething. Or if he isnt getting enough food. Some babies also unfortunately have sleep related issues so if you are concerned I would definitely bring it up with your pediatrician to see if it is something more serious.

At 10 months my boy was starting to get slight nightmares and that was causing him to have sleep issues. He is 19 months now and we have a good system in place for when he has a nightmare (they are usually tied to his separation anxiety so we are working on that problem a lot during the day.) So I would definitely ask the pediatrician about it just to make sure baby is fine.

I am pushing 40 and I STILL don’t “ sleep through the night “ I get up numerous times to use the restroom :grin:

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You need to sleep train him. The Ferber Method worked great for my kids. Good luck

My kids didn’t sleep through the night until after 2yrs old. Try giving him some me water if he wakes in the night especially if he already ate. My pediatrician informed me that just because they drink the milk don’t want mean they are hungry could just be thirsty. Cereal does work to fill him up more but also make sure his tummy is handling it. It’s not aajor thing that he doesn’t eat solids yet… didn’t give my first born baby food until he was almost a yr strictly breast milk. The co-sleeping may definitely help

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Sleep train, daily night routine, and sound machine. I have 4 year and 2.5 year old. They both sleep 10 hours a night :grin: . Find a schedule that works for both of you and stick to it. I world also see a doctor , rule out any sore ears , teething

Neither has mine and he’s 22 months. He wakes once a night and then goes back to sleep.

Google brain-leap sleep regressions x

Consistency and follow babes natural rhythm. A solid routine is helpful too.
Book/relax quiet play
Brush teeth
Rock or cuddles
Noise maker
My routine starts about 630 alseep goal is 730. Then he wakes around 8am.

Sleep Traning is life saving!

He’s hungry
Needs soft baby foods during the day
Mix cereal with milk
The baby kind

He is 10 months old he should be eating atleast 3 solid meals a day. He needs more food not just cereals

Start giving him the stage 2 or 3 baby food thats a bit thicker even mix it with cereal about 1-2 hours before you try putting him to bed and give him a warm bottle of regular whole fat milk (if he can have it) when you put him down. If you feel its safe put a small stuffed animal in the crib too and try black/white noise on a dark screen

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He is to old for night feelings if he eats enough during the day. My pediatrician said to let child cry for 10 minutes then check on him.


At 9m I started weening her off the bottle. I’d give last bottle B4 bed and put a bottle of water for night. And that bottle turned to a sippy… and slot of cry it out

Could be teething. My 6 month old doesn’t sleep well anymore since his teething kicked up. He was sleeping through the night until about 5 months

Are you giving him so cereal? Do this before nap and before bed.

Try Early Intervention

Are you feeding him evwrytime he wakes up? I uad that problem…my baby was 9 months old and i fed him evwrytime he woke…doctor told me he can go ten hours with out eating…i didnt know lol…2 days of not feeding him thru the night and he didnt get up anymore


See if he is lactose intolerant. If baby has sick tummy and you give him milk to sleep. Couple hours later more it may be making his tummy sick.

My 1 year old still doesn’t. We’ve started giving half a gummy melatonin and that does the trick.

This is the only music my kids sleep to

Stop adding cereal to his bottles at night. Babies can choke and it also increase digestion at night. He might be having stomach issues. Also check his teeth. Are they coming in like they should? It might be hard for him to chew if his mouth or teeth hurt. If he’s eating soft food, cut down on the bottles. When he wakes up in the night, leave him in his crib if he’s not here crying. If he is crying, change his diaper, give him the bottle and put him back in the crib even if he’s awake. Stop or decrease naps during the day. He will fall asleep if he’s tired. Set up a routine for bed time that includes turning the lights down, soft music and no playing with him. A warm bath before bed time also helps to calm him down.

Take him to an ENT. Mine NEVER slept thru the night until someone suggested this

My daughter didn’t sleep through the night until 13 mos

Normal baby behavior…my 21 month old still hasn’t slept through night…

Sleep is not lateral…they go through leaps, growth spurts and teething…so sleep is up and down…and biologically normal for baby not to sleep through night all the way up to 2 yrs old plus

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My son will be 3 in a week and does not sleep through the night. He will still wake up at least once sometimes up to 5 times…he is very restless and active and dreams a lot which wakes him up. They are not usually bad dreams just his mind is constantly going he will wake up at 3 in the morning wide awake wanting to discuss why dinosaurs are so big…lol…needless to say I’m a tired mommy

It won’t happen overnight. No pun intended. But figure out how well your baby does awake for a certain time and be consistent with laying him down. Example up at 7, down after 3 hours for a nap, up at 12, down after 3 hours for a nap, up at 5 down in 3 hours for bedtime. 3-4 hours wake time seemed to work best at that age for my babes. This is just an example.

Hes probably teething. Try giving him a small dose of ibuprofen at night. That should start to help. Also look at the weight on the bottle and go by that. If that doesnt help get the nighttime teething tablets made by hylands.

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My son did not sleep through the night until he was 2. A diffuser with lavender essential oils helped tremendously.

I have an 8 month old that won’t sleep through the night and has never slept in her bassinet/crib. Some babies are stubborn little things. Sometimes I’ll feed my daughter directly before bedtime and it seems to help a bit

What is your nightly routine if i may ask. … routine is a great thing to have and have you tried trieing him out before bedtime. Like playing then bath, bottle and bed. Im just tring to help. My 3 month sleeps great at night but daytime can be nuts since she wont sleep during the day unless on me but at night sleeps in her bed… but ill take it … i hope you find something that works for him.

Could be teething or an upset stomach. My kids didnt start sleeping through the night till They were over one and my 8 month doesnt either.

Is it hot where you are? My apartment doesn’t have central air and my air conditioner is portable because window conditioners aren’t allowed anymore. So I find hot nights makes my baby worse. She usually wakes up just once, lately it’s been a lot. Cold water in a bottle, hum a tune and put her down and rub her back. No blankets, sometimes she just sleeps in a diaper. Could be teething the back teeth. Baby Advil works best I find.

Not sleeping through the night is INCREDIBLY NORMAL. My 22 month old still didn’t completely sleep through the night.

Mine slept thru the night at 6 months for a bit but recently she’s up 3-5 times a night and its killing me. She’s 9 months. Does mixing cereal with milk help them sleep longer?

Mine for two years …had to use goats milk allergy

Mine is 15 months and still doesn’t sleep through the night

Please don’t add anything to bottles, it’s a choking hazard. Try giving that right before the bottle.

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Please don’t put baby cereal in his bottle! If you’re gonna give him cereal you should give it to him by spoon cause in a bottle they can inhale it

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He should definitely be eating more solids at 10 months i wiuld definitely talk to your doctor about that… but people say I’m crazy but from the the moment my son was 2 or 3months old i had him on a sleep schedule naps were the same time bed time was the same feedings were the same ( he just ate at the same.time lol ) but I was persistent on the nap and bed times hes is now almost 3 and has slept through the night ever since. I also never co-slept my son went from the bassinet to the crib to a toddler bed. I’m not against co-sleeping but I’ve seen a lot of kids do great with co-sleeping and others as they got older they weren’t sleeping very well.

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Try the cry it out/self soothe method. It WILL break your heart, but it will also work. At 10 months old, as long as there isn’t an underlying issue, he should be sleeping through the night. At least something like 10/11pm-6ish am. Make sure he is fed, burped, and change. Give him a bath, use some soothing bath time stuff, make sure he’s not overly or underly dressed (depending on what the temperature is where you are and in your home) and put him to bed. He will fuss and he will cry the first few times, but YOU have to fight through it and let him do it. As far as not moving past the soft foods, start offering other foods BEFORE the soft foods. Obviously you don’t want him to go hungry, but he needs variety. So offer him something new. If he’s hungry, he will try it. May not like it, but he will try it. Consistently is the key with little ones. He needs a new routine. My youngest of 4 gave up on naps at about a year old. I wasn’t ready. So I still did her nap time routine. She would either sit in her crib and entertain herself or she would pass out and nap. If you can afford one, I suggest a baby monitor with a camera, so you can keep an eye on him from a distance because if you go in the room to check on him and he’s not sleeping, he’s just gonna get riled up, want you and cry more. Good luck!

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Look up baby led weaning. Give him small bits of your meals and things like avocado, pieces of banana and what not. Pinterest has some great resources. He will sleep better with a full tummy.
Also, please don’t use cry it out. I used it for my 1st 2 little ones and , after extensive research, regret it immensely.

Just a little word of advice for you as a mom, you can try every one of these methods and it may not work. Its not your fault! My kids are 5 and 3 and still don’t sleep completely through the night. My 5 year old never ever has, infact she didn’t sleep more than 4 hours at a time until she was 4.5 and now we are getting around 6 hours before she is up and wanting to come to my bed. I’ve learned that as a mom you just gotta bend sometimes and adapt to them. I’ve tried every method, every trick, every word of advice, and nothing has ever worked. My husband doesn’t sleep a lot, and sleep is a personal and also a genetic thing, some people sleep more than others and that also pertains to kids. So even though I can sleep 12 hours and still be exhausted, my kids may only require 4 hours and be good to go. I can’t expect them to sleep more just because I want them to, unfortunately. Just know that even if you feel like you’re failing, you’re not! Step back, assess the situation, and do what is best for you AND baby.

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Contented little baby book might help

Make sure the room is set up right. I didn’t realize at first but the room was too warm, it’s was the warmest room in the house. Additionally make sure the air vents aren’t blowing directly on baby. I ended up getting black out curtains as other ones were cute but let too much light in. Also be careful with this but my baby didn’t like laying flat so I had to prop up to sleep. My youngest never really took naps and still to this day is a night owl. All kids are truly different. Good luck.