My baby doesn't like baby food: Advice?

I have a question that I’m sure most babies go through. Hopefully, you can post it so I can get other parents’ responses and experiences. My nine-month-old son doesn’t seem to like eating solids or purée baby foods. There are days where he’s a good eater, but most days he just tries to smack the spoon out of my hand and tightly closes his mouth. He’d rather have a bottle ( formula-fed) to eat. He’s 19 lbs, so he’s not starving by any means. Does anyone have any recommendations that have worked for their babies to eat better?


I stopped feeding my baby baby food at 8 months and started feeding him pastas and really anything besides like pork because he wouldn’t eat his baby food anymore

Give him little pieces of solids to play with. Try sweet potatoes, cheese, bananas, pasta,etc.

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Is it home cooked or pre packaged, as home cooked is way better and id let him just eat normal things instead of pre made, so he can touch and hold it…

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Mine never likes baby food or being fed. He always had to do it for himself :roll_eyes: just give him little pieces of different foods and let him feed himself.

Baby led weaning. :+1:t3:

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Baby led weaning. Baby eats food you eat and it helps them learn to feed themselves and explore different food shapes and textures.

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I’m a huge fan of baby lead weaning. We offer tons of stuff to our daughter and let her feed herself. Sometimes we do things we need to help feed her but for the most part we just make things she can feed herself. Toast, pj&j sandwiches, chicken nuggets, cheese slices, fruit, lots and lots of steamed veggies, eggs, waffles/pancakes.

My son refused at 5.5 months and thats when we started baby led weaning. He did so much better with actual food than the baby food.

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Okay, so I did this with my youngest, for the fruit I just put it with his formula, i’d talk to your kids doctor first, but it has worked for me, and he sleeps a hell of a lot longer too, like 10 hour stretches (which is fine, he’s almost 6 months old) I do 4 oz of formula and 2oz of baby food. Works well for my guy. But again, talk to your doctor first.


Let them feed themselves… small bites of scrambled eggs, pastas, potatoes etc. they will catch on!

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Never gave my son baby food, felt like a waste of $ when they can eat what we eat. Give him what your having as long as its healthy. Let him watch what mommy eats. He will catch on because he will be interested.

It’s totally ok at 9 months if he isn’t in to food just yet. He doesn’t need to be an amazing eater yet because he is just learning! Some kids don’t really start to like food till after a year old, Just keep offering small amounts and keep giving the right amount of formula a day and it will be ok!

My daughter hated baby pureed food. She likes the puffs, wheels, crunchies and melts. We give her what we’re eating. She’s almost 11 months old and tonight she ate meatloaf, green beans and mashed potatoes.


Maybe just safe finger foods he can have control over

Do baby led weaning :100::ok_hand:t3:


Do not give the bottle before trying to give him food, and if he has at least a couple teeth on top and a couple on bottom you can try soft foods that he can pick up with his fingers to eat, such as green beans (frozen ones are good for teething) toast cut up in thin strips, peas, cooked carrots, bananas cut into long strips not round coins, you want the long strips because they are actually less of a choking hazard.


I did baby led weaning with my son. Would be worth checking out

My son was on complete table food by 9 months. We ended up going BLW because he refused jar foods!

Baby food is NOT a must before 1 year. Formula or breastmilk is the main source of food and NEVER withhold that or delay that simply to get them to eat babyfood. Milk should always be offered first. And then after babyfood or other foods for fun and learning. I agree with what most others are saying. If your adamant baby eats something else try baby led weaning (give baby whatever you eat) within reason of course.


Food before one is just fun, but unless there’s an allergy risk with spices give him pieces off your plate in appropriate sizes and what not just go low sodium

Give him a bottle (maybe mixed with a scoop or so of baby rice cereal if he acts like just a bottle of formula isn’t enough). Anything besides bottles before a year is unnecessary. If he ever shows interest in whats on your plate, give him a piece (within reason ofc).

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I don’t really have any advice here because luckily for me both my kids were great when i started them solids… my son at 6 months but i started my daughter at 4 months… i started them with mashed banana… then apple and banana puree, and then by next week i got them on “khichadi” (rice, pulses, and seasonal veggies) okra is the best to start with, then slowly i started adding more like pumpkin, carrots, spinach… one at a time or sometimes okra and another vegetable with it… morning and evening that meal and egg (scrambled or full boiled in oats or just alone) and other stuff during the day…

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Just throw easy stuff for him to grab on the tray and if he takes it good and if not dont stress. They get what they need from formula til 1 year anyway. Right now is just practice and fun trying out new things.

Give him real food on his tray for him to pick up

My daughter is 10 months some days it’s solids, then regular foods, then breast milk all day long. It jus depends on the day. My pediatrician says it’s normal that there will be milk days, food days, purée day’s it jus depends on the babies mood. So everyday I make her eggs and yogurt if she don’t want that I give her oatmeal purées and if that don’t work than breastfeeding I do this all day long basically offering her food if she don’t want it well then at least I tried

I gave my middle son what we ate. He was very interested in eating but hated baby food. I just mashed up everything very finely. Also he was interested in feeding himself. So I gave him a spoon and let him have at it by 10 months. Every baby is different and they do things in their own time.

Babies naturally know their nutrient needs by color. If they are not eating the green, try the orange or yellow one. See if that works.

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My first born ate some baby food but the 2nd, 3rd and 4th never touched the baby food, they did eat puffs and the snack items but they all ate what I ate, if it were steak it would be well done and they knawed on it, veggies and such were cut up or mashed… They wanna eat what we eat… They dont see us eating baby food…

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My kids never had “baby food” when they showed intrest in my food I chewed it up and gave it to them. Have you tasted baby food? It’s gross!

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Try home made food. My son is 10 months, when my family and I have a dinner with potatoes and veggies, I do him a bowl. I mash it up and he loves that. He eats the baby food too but he seems to prefer the home made stuff. You can make a job lot of the homemade dinners and freeze them.

Both my boys hated soft food, they ate anything that had a bit of texture to it, such as toast, they loved blended roast veggies ( cut up enough they couldn’t choke, but not mushy) and if they could pick it up with their hands that was even better

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Finger foods, let him be in control, let him be relaxed and play with it, smell it, squash it, throw it on the floor. It’s all part of the process

Food first, formula second, and start weening him off the formula altogether.

Neither of my boys liked purees. I would steam veggies extra soft & put them on the tray. They’d play with it & eventually eat a little. There’s a lot about eating that most of don’t think about. The smell, texture, shapes, colors are all new them. Just let him explore on his terms. No pressure. Eventually he’ll eat.

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Call your doctor about it b smart

We have a food processor and just cut up whatever we was eating for our kids. Never did baby food. But he isnt even a yr so food is basically just for fun right now.

My daughter never really ate baby food. And when she did she wasn’t really a fan.
The taste and texture takes a little while for babies to get used to.
There was just one day where I just gave her a chunk of chicken nugget (the first time she actually crawled was towards a plate of chicken nuggets) she loved it and wanted more!
I would recommend starting with oatmeal. Not rice. Most babies hate the rice. Mix the formula in with the oatmeal to something a little thinner then paste. Start with that. Also, try mixing foods in with the oatmeal to give it a little flavor.
The only reason baby wants formula is one, it’s comforting and 2 it’s all they really know.
You have to be persistant. Wait it out and feed baby when hungry and refuse bottle to get them to eat food.
If this doesn’t work, just give them real food! Something that mushes easily. Pears are good. Mushy pasta.
Check your local baby aisle at the store. They have these containers of food but in smaller portions for baby!
They saved me!!

I have alway been told before 1 yr old food is just to taste, that most of their nutrients should come from breast milk or formula. So if baby isnt wanting to eat dont worry yoo much try again in a few days.

We started by adding my daughter’s milk to mashed foods; bananas, mashed potatoes things like that. I think it eased the transition since it had a hint if what she was used to. Just something to try.

40 days it takes 4 baby to get use to tastes. So if they seem like they don’t like it and push it away give it 40 days and they have developed the tastes buds for whatever you give.

But u would worry … usually from 1 they get more interested. Boobie till then

Look up baby led weaning! My youngest hated any sort of premade baby food except for sweet potatoes. He ate so much better when he ate what we were eating

My son liked the apple sauce, and apple blueberry, and that’s it. Finger foods like puffs, or if our food could be made small enough for him to munch. Never really ate traditional baby food. Now, at 2, he pretty eats anything, except hates scrambled eggs. Anything else, fair game.

We did baby food for a hot second and then went straight to tiny pieces of whatever we were eating. He didn’t even have teeth until 8 months, and only the 2. He’s got only 3 at 10 months now. I just make sure it’s small enough that if he has to swallow it whole, he can. He does very well.
My daughter was special needs though, had a mouthful of teeth by 4 months, and couldn’t have anything solid without choking and gagging. Took forever to get her to eat actual food. I think she was ok with purees, but she’s almost 11 yo, so I can’t really remember. I just remember I was terrified to feed her because she couldn’t even get past the teething cookies without full on choking. He’s totally different. He is slightly more picky about taste, and let’s you know if he doesn’t like something (certain purees he wouldn’t eat, doesn’t like flavored baby oatmeal, but does like plain rice cereal.) She would happily eat whatever you gave her, and then nearly die. lol

Food before one is just for fun. Join Baby Led Weaning for Beginners and Beyond it’s super helpful!

I would stop wasting money on purées and just go straight to soft foods. Scrambled eggs, chicken, banana, avocado.

Don’t overwhelm him with a lot on his plate. Just a few pieces at a time.

He doesn’t need teeth for those foods, their gums are hard enough to mash them.

Children dont need food until a year.

Try different textures

Use a blender and blend own food!!!

Put it on his highchair and let him hand feed himself. Do finger foods. All different kinds. He wants some control, so…chill it out , keep it fun, and just plop stuff down and let him do it lol. He will squish it, pinch it, play with it, and he will also eat it. He needs to explore and work on his fine motor skills…and finger foods are great for that. No pressure. Just have fun. It’s new to him.

My daughter was and still is a picky eater (we call her little bird) but I found she would only eat homemade baby food so I would make her special food put it in ice cube trays freeze and heat it up for meals. She loved it. She is now 8 and loves only fresh fruit and veggies. If it’s cooked she won’t it eat! Her protein comes from edamame beans, nuts and eggs. Her pediatrician is ok with it bc she is super healthy.

I will never forget I tried feeding my son some can noodles and meat sauce he spit it out I was like it can’t be that bad. So I tried it and spit it out never bought that again. If they don’t like it try something new. He loves Brussel sprouts me and my husband hate them he also eats cabbage raw :nauseated_face: to eat to their own.

have you researched baby led weaning? my boy loves feeding himself he’s not interested in being fed

Some babies just don’t like liquidy foods (I totally understand) try actual foods. My 6 month old loves mashed potatoes with lumps, avocados, cuties, bananas watermelon just cut them into smaller bits. Let him feed himself


Feed him small bites of what you eat. My eldest was already almost off baby food completely by ten months.

Make your own babyfood
Mash up veggies/fruits


I was told food before one is just for fun anyways. They do the vast majority of their vitamins/nutricion from formula (or breast milk). And really you just have to go with their appetite. My 1yr 4mo still has days where she eats little and days she never stops. But definitely introducing new stuff and maybe home made stuff?!

Let him feed himself. … At this age playing is learning… It will be more fun for him and he eats… But can be a mess… Lol


My son never ate baby food. He got mashed potatoes, smashed peas, mashed fruits and other veggies. He was 3 days old when he started eating mashed taters.
He was eating McDonalds at 4 months.

We all have our moods. Babies aren’t any different. Just keep doing what you’re doing. My daughter is 13 and she still has her picky eater moments. He will have his favorites and he will have things that aren’t his favorites. Could be at time, he’s just not hungry. Parenting is all trial and error.

Let him eat off you plate ,see if he eats. ? Cut the contents of his bottles down, so he isnt filling up on them .half them during the day… give water instead… they do grow out of this… formula is filling… he needs to eat to replenish his iron levels… some kids are dow right fussy.


One new food at a time.

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If you put cereal in his milk, just try adding a little milk to the cereal instead. Enough to make it loose and mushy, like a thin oatmeal. If he eats it, cut back on the milk a little at a time. Mine liked it better than baby food, BC they were used to the taste already. But, honestly, at that age, most of it will end up on him anyway. As long as he’s not losing weight, and the Dr isn’t worried, he’s just learning. They don’t need nearly as much food as we think, especially with bottles supplementing. He’ll get used to the texture and motions of it soon and you won’t be able to stop him from eating

Try to fix him a plate of food that you eat…mashed up veggies and potato even cut mean in small pieces…he will eat. Less bottles during the day and if possible switch formula to regular milk.


My baby is 8mos. Old she really doesn’t like baby food and puree at all , she prefer to eat vegetable or fruits rather than baby food ,
Her favorite for now are tomatoes :blush: , i also introduce other vege and fruit randomly.

Don’t stress it. My baby never ate baby food and was strictly breastfed but she would eat anything I gave her off My plate. As long as he isn’t losing weight he will be fine.

Not all babies are the same when it comes too feeding . I suggest one new food at a time due to allergy possible reasons . Also I was suggest allowing him to feed himself. Due to that is how babies learn . Also try making ur own baby food . You can try oatmeal baby oatmeal that is bananas baby food bananas mixed altogether try finger foods as well Gerber has many and several to choose from That are age-appropriate


My baby would throw up all baby food so i fed her real food. She was fine. She also threw up my breastmilk and every kind of formula you could think of. Turns out shes allergic to formula. And we put her on cows milk at 10 months. So baby could totally eat real food.

Have you ever tasted baby food yuk you can cook different foods and he could eat from the table and he’s old enough for milk

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Have you tried letting him feed himself? They make a hell of a mess, but he may just want the independence. My youngest was this way. She didn’t want help with anything! She wanted to do everything in her own. Also try soft regular foods.

Give him mashed food off the table potatoes veggies etc let him feed himself hint put a piece of plastic under his chair ,and just a diaper on makes clean up much easier .


My last 2 babies, one didn’t eat real food until 8 months, the other 10 months. But once they did start their bottles went down to 2-3 a day. Just keep offering, one day he will like what is in front of him and chow down! Also, dont try to feed him when he’s ready for a bottle, or right after a bottle. Most times they won’t eat either because they’re too hungry and want their bottle NOW, or not hungry at all.

Either try baby led weaning or just keep trying baby might still not be ready yet

I had this exact problem with my third. She did grow out of it but now shes almost 2 and wont eat anything but baby food. Recebtky shes been showing more interest in actual food but will only taste it. I’d say skip the baby food and feed him off your own plate if he shows an interest. Research baby led weaning. I wish I’d done this.

I had a NO-Gerber baby. In fact all of them (5). Fresh foods in a blender work nicely. Banana can be scraped and fed so that ones easy. Chicken broth with rice cereal is a favorite of picky babies. You gotta feel it out. Cook your veggies add a pinch of salt,into the blender on puree and straight to the feeding works nicely. Chicken is good in a blender,

My kids loved real food from Be gaining bananas avocado mashed pototatoes smoothys ECT

Buy a processor and make your own.

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Mix the formula with the food…

I always ground up my own food . Staring with fruit and veggies! I still have my baby food grinder.

Make your own with actually fruits/veggies. Use a bullet.

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Around that age my daughter stopped eating what I fed her because she wanted to eat on her own. Maybe that Is the case with your baby. It’s very messy but at least she ate.

I found my babies ate fruits that were not grainy texture. Did not tolerate applesauce or pear sauce and would gag. I also always warmed the jar of baby food esp their veggies and meat. I also. Would have strained sweet potatoes and yams to go along with veggies and meat. Also hated rice cereal but ate oatmeal and pablum warm.

And mix a bit of f o rmula or breast milk with cereals.

My doctor said a hold will never starve themself to death. Provide healthy options and don’t force them

Smash what u eat nd feed w bby rice or cereal,my son was the same I used a babyhood grinder nd mixed w actual bby food nd cereal

My oldest was eating table food by 6 months, no baby food, middle one loved baby food and hated table food til he wa s over a year. My youngest, never ate baby food. Solely nursed til she was a year and then started trying table foods. My point is, if your doctor says they are healthy and getting everything they need, don’t stress. They will come around.

I would start giving him tiny pieces of finger foods. Sounds like he’s ahead of the curve! Mashed potatoes, bananas, ect… may be more to his liking. Now, might be a great time to introduce the sippy cup with formula in it at meals. If he’s not weaned off the bottle yet, he soon will be. Not trying to be pushy, please don’t take this advice that way. The minute mine were ready to have cereal I gave them a cup with meals. It let’s baby know milk doesn’t have to be in bottle. 9 months and up I had two that wouldn’t eat baby food. Good luck!

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I never could do that mixing the cereal with the formula in a bottle. All that did was lead to plugged up nipples and frustration for both me and baby!

If you feed him at the same time you eat with the same food your eating it usually encourages them to eat as they love to watch and copy.

My grandson like chicken noodle soup.with mushed up no salted crackers a soft boiled egg mushed up good just experiment.but donseenhis pediatrician first.beforengoing ahead get advice

I give my granddaughter two spoons,one for her and the other I use to feed her, and I give her regular food that is easy to swallow…

I always made a bottle and added the baby food to it. They drink it just fine. You can do that with deserts and juice too

So make him fresh food

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Maybe give baby time if he doesnt want food then dont rush him. Then try it again. You can always make your own or give him some finger foods n try put on his own.

at 9 months mine were all on table food and bottle only at bedtime. They used sippy cups for meals and snacks. All kids have changing taste buds…one week they hate it and next they love it. As a parent it is our job to keep the good food coming into them (in other words, to keep giving it to them) and not give into a bottle of formula. Be firm and consistent in feeding, they will eat in time. A meal here and there won’t hurt them, you have to take control back and not give in. If they don’t eat then set them down from the table and continue to eat, send them to their room. NO snacks or dessert if they don’t eat. As a child I went to bed many nights hungry for refusing to eat something. I eventually ate it and it wasn’t bad, not much I won’t try today. I’m open to trying new things and I thank my parents for that. I’m not a picky eater and love my veggies, even crave them some days! My kids are in their 40’s and all healthy, grand kids also, they are not picky eaters…great grand kids are now the new generation being taught good healthy eating. We cook everything from scratch in a world of processed food, take time to do it and get the kiddo’s involved…they usually eat what they help fix. Try it and Good Luck.

You can add the baby food to his formula or he may be one of those babies who skips baby food and goes straight to finger foods :smiley: