My 7-year-old wants to get rid of her unibrow...should I let her?

My 7 year old is asking how to get rid of her unabrow. She didn’t seem bothered but just curious… what would yall say? I caught her messing with my razor to “shave” and that was an open conversation on when it’s time she can and how it’s not safe.


Yes it’s not safe for her to try to so it herself. I did that with my daughter

Yep. Make it fun. Empower her. I love that she’s comfortable enough to ask :heart: that Says a lot about you mama…well done.

Yes!! I’m not saying let HER shave it, but yes, help her get rid of it

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Yes,pluck hurts a little but lasts longer

Have it professionally done for her. Then she can get an idea of what the look is she wants. The you and her keep them tweezed. Help her feel confident.

My rule is “When it starts bothering you we can do something about it.” Lol


I got my daughter the little eye brow razors and she can do it herself they work great

I’d say, ‘let’s do it! And I can help you do it as much as you feel you need to’

If she’s aware of it and wants to change it then I would.

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Let her. Give her some options and ask which she likes best. Like plucking vs wax vs shave, etc. Give her the pros and cons of each and make sure she knows how to do it properly.

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I pluck my 5 year old daughters unibrow. She asked me when she was 3 if i would & ive been doing it since. Just plucking that middle unibrow part only

Yes, please let her get it fixed.

I wax my 7 year Olds. He’s super self conscious about it and he saw me doing mine so now its part of our self care nights. We do it all lol, face masks, waxing and snacks and a movie.


Definitely I think my daughter was 6 the first time she had hers done and now it’s not very often it needs it

I would take her to get our eyebrows done. It could be a bonding experience and she could get professional advice on how to deal with it in the future.


All my kids have unibrows :joy::joy: and I do shave them with one of those little eyebrow shapers. It makes them feel good about themselves


Take care of it. Being a young girl is so hard and even more hard when you have something effecting your condidence. It’s easy to fix


The way it seems to me is that she is wanting to do it and asking instead of doing it on her own.
So I would let her

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If she is trying to shave it and she asked to do it I would let her. It may be making her feel bad about herself or she might be getting teased about it.


Absolutely!! My niece now 11, has one as well. She went to my sister and starting asking about it and how to get rid of it. My sister has been getting my nieces waxed since she was 5-6


I would take her some where and have someone do it for her.


I had high eye brows as a kid and I started tweezing in grade 5! My mom helped me of course so totally up to u and ur kid

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If it is extremely obvious and noticeable…I’d take her to “get them done” shaving can make things worse.


I take my son to get his waxed.

My baby girl just turned 5! She asked several months before that and I went ahead and did it. She’s so happy and loves it. Her unibrow gives Frida vibes. It’s beautiful but she wasn’t feeling it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Take her to get it waxed! Way easier for a little kid to handle than feeling each hair get plucked. I have the hairy genes and two young daughters so I’m prepared to handle it whenever they start expressing that they want it removed


I would. My daughter is 1/2 Costa Rican and hairy! I started letting her do her upper lip around that time

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Take her to fix it mama… dont let her shave it… if u deny her she may take matters into her own hands and hurt herself

My son is 4 years old and has a unibrow from his dad. Doesn’t seem to bother him right now. But eventually I think it will and I’ll probably wax it for him. I don’t see the harm.

Yes I had my brows done at 9 because and was thankful my mom understood.You hate for her to be picked on.Dont shave it! wax them shaving will grow in thicker and coarse. Best of luck :heart:


Take her to go get it waxed!

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Yes definitely as kids maybe picking on her at school. Just tell her that you will do it safely for her.


If she’s trying to get rid of it help her do it and teach her how to properly

We used a facial trimmer that I have for my peach fuzz to remove it when my daughter started asking. As much as it sucks that they’re having to think about it, it’ll come off one way or another once they start being bothered. They’ll look a lot less wonky if you agree to help.

I will always let my kids remove body hair that makes them uncomfortable for any reason.

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My 9 year old’s best friend has been getting hers done for quite awhile! If she’s asking I would head it off before she tries it herself.

Id definitely help her get rid if she wants but maybe see if someone who dose waxing professionally will do it

Go get them done, kids are cruel these days with the smallest things. She will thank you

If she asked then it bothers her. My daughter was about the same age when we took her to remove hers


Kids can be cruel. If she is self conscious enough about it to try and shave it herself then I would definitely help her before she goes thru with and and makes things worse. Treat her to a wax.


My daughter (8) asked me to pluck between her eyebrows. I do it. It’s a few hairs. I don’t see the problem. If it makes her feel better about herself, I’m gonna do it. My 5 year old also asks (she is blonde and has very light hair so you can’t see hers) but we do it for her too :wink: being a girl is hard enough.

I would let my child get rid of unwanted body hair. Personally speaking, I was teased about that issue and my parents wouldn’t let me shave or use Nair until I was 13.


My two 2 girls are 9 and 10 they both get the middle waxed but are happy with the rest of their eyebrows still… my 9 year old has very dark very noticeable hair and was being teased badly so they both shave as they weren’t comfortable waxing and didn’t enjoy the nair. You have to do what’s right/comfortable for you and her.


If she’s asking and trying to shave then it’s obviously time. She is doing these things for a reason which is likely because she’s become self conscious about it.


I would definitely take her get them waxed, it’s her choice. And if she’s committing how she feels I think it’s wonderful to go have a mommy daughter day and get y’all’s eye brows waxed!


Yes I would. If it’s not a way I’d walk around looking there’s no way I’d force my kid to. Waxing is safe so is threading.


Let her. Better then her being tormented by mean kids


I would definitely take some kind of action, whether it’s waxing or helping her shave. When I had to learn to pluck eyebrows myself I took off way too much. You don’t want her shaving it off trying to fix it herself :eyes:


Kids are mean to other kids and you can’t change that no matter how hard you try. She’s obviously being picked on and it would help her feel better about herself. Take her for a threading session and day out this weekend.

If it is bothering her enough that she wants to shave it, take her to a professional and have it fixed. Then you can do simple maintenance on it later.

There’s an electric brow trimmer that I use for my son. Super safe and works well:) it’s at Walmart


I let mine do it at 8 with my assistance. I say go for it.

My daughter is 7 and filipino/Hawaiian so her hair runs thick and dark!! I use my tiny facial razor and trim her unibrow plus some of her upper lip hair… anyone can say what they want but for us it saves a lot of tears and bullying. When she came home upset that kids at school kept pointing it out… it was a no brainer for me to go grab my handy dandy tool and help her feel confident again! :heart::clap:t2:

I started waxing my middle daughters when she was like 4 lol she wanted it because saw me doing mine, she’s 10 now and I still wax it

I would shave it for her.

Immediately yes. My 5 year old asked for his to be waxed and I immediately pulled the wax out and did it. If it bothers them and it’s so simple why not?


Absolutely, help her. Kids can be so cruel. Do you have a waxing place where you live? That would be safest. It is pretty inexpensive and not really painful. Much less pain than plucking…and shaving an eyebrow. Does anyone really do that? Yikes! I am sure you will make the best decision.

I’d take her to get them done, if she wants to!!

Take her to get threaded, have your own eyebrows done at the same time n go for ice cream or whatever afterwards, make a girly afternoon of it :green_heart:

Kn send of getting rid of it you can always bleach the hair. I do it to my daughter. But I’d let her get rid of it too.

I say no. At 7 it should not even be an issue…If it is I still say no. Just my opinion

my daughter is now 9 and has been doing this since 7 as well!

Get it threaded try that first

Let her get rid of it.
She might be self conscious of it did a reason, maybe someone said something - kids can be mean.
Better to do it than she shave It and mess up her brows

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As a girl who suffered SO MUCH… let her, PLEASE

I would let her get a wax!


If it bothers her then let her have them done!

Yes, you should help her. It builds trust. You don’t suggest she remove that hair, that would be different. But if she comes to you for help because she wants it done so badly you help her do it.
You’re teaching her how to groom herself on her terms, it’s a good thing

I’d let her, if it’s bothering her I’d for sure take her and get her brows done

I would absolutely not let her shave by pluck is ok or teach her to do the string trick

Yes, my daughter has had hers waxed since 7…

Take her to a salon and let them wax it off . Better than her taking a razor to it.

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I would let her!! But I wouldn’t let her shave it, I did that once and I had a missing eye brow for half of 2nd grade. :sob::joy::joy: I would let her wax!

Yes… let her get it done. She is showing you that she is bothered by it.

I let my daughter at 8 because of bullying

If she is asking about it and trying to do it herself, she’s bothered. Just saying. If it’s extremely obvious, I would definitely consider taking her to have them done. As others have said shaving can make it worse, as far as it coming back in thicker or darker.

I would let her. It would give her a confidence boost, well at leat it did for my girls I got them a small electronic shaver from Walmart to start with so there won’t be any cuts starting out now my oldest has moved on to razors (11yrs) my youngest daughter is 8 and uses the electronic one still

Take her to get them done. No question.

Def. But I would get it done.
I def wouldn’t want her to try again when I’m not around. Might hurt herself or take off an eyebrow. Good thing she’s asking!

Take her and get it waxed if it’s bothering her just take it off.

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yes take her to beauty shop and they will direct her and she will listen to them! kids are mean and will say things!

If she’s old enough to express that she doesn’t like it, why not? Also threading is a lot less painful than waxing in my opinion

Take her to a brow place so she doest shave and make a mess

Take her before she do it herself

Yes the biggest mistake will be her trying to do it herself

Yes I would let her. Nobody wants a unibrow

Idk if i would want to wax it I would try sugaring instead.

Yes, I would pluck it for her. ( don’t let her shave it, it’ll make it worse) Kids are mean, no need to give them an extra reason to be mean if it’s something you can take care of

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Make a girls day out of it!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and take her to a salon and you guys could get a pedicure together & she could get it waxed, or threaded.

I use the finishing touch electric razor on my daughter’s unibrow.

Take her to get her eye brows done. Make it a girls day! and explain how it is normal natural and that she is beautiful either way. :heart:

Id let her , kids are mean.


Yes! My parents wouldn’t let me have my unibrow waxed until I was 16 for some archaic reason! It was torture!

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Do it. There’s no right age to feel good about yourself. Don’t wait for them to shave it, because they will. I honestly have thick bushy brows, they never bothered me, my younger sister had them too. But back in the day the rage was thin brows and she wanted them, my mom told her it wasn’t a good idea and she didn’t want her to do them like that, because why would you take them out just to draw them on with a pencil, right? :joy::joy::joy: she shaved them. They looked squared and awful. My mo had to take her to get them fixed and she got her pencil thin brows, but ended up regretting it. :joy:

Yes, do it now. Otherwise she’ll be teased and embarrassed. Now is the time.

Yep, YOURE not the one who has to wear it. If it bothers her let her, its not permanent

What do you mean she doesn’t seem bothered by it? She clearly is if she’s trying to shave it off. Take her to get them done.


Get a wax it won’t grow back as fast

I would get rid of it without a razor