My 6-year-old wants her ears pierced: Advice?

Im 26 and still don’t have mine pierced. I’ve saved probably thousands.

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Make sure she understands it will hurt, but only for a few minutes. If it’s ok with you and her father then take her.

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I think it’s awesome that you waited for her to decide. I would be totally fine with it.

She asked for it so if she wants them done, I would do it! :blush: I was about the same age when I asked my mom to get mine redone (had them done as a baby). It was awesome and I remember being the most happy little girl ever. It was a wonderful experience with my mom :heart:

Awww yes. But i am definitely recommending go to a piercer. Do not do the gun at Claire’s. They mess up alot. :confused: And it is more painful using the gun they use. Whereas a piercer uses the needle and it is less painful.

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As you can see on this thread too many girls who get their ears pierced get it done multiple times. Unconsciously they’re trying to make themselves feel “pretty enough”. That feeling they got when they were little & ppl were gushing over how pretty they were with their ears pierced. Please don’t do that to her! Let her know she’s beautiful. Tell her all the time especially when she’s messy or not dressed up. Give her confidence to not need to find artificial beauty within herself.

Mine just got hers done! She just turned 7. She was so proud of herself. It was a great experience :heart:

We got both our daughters ears pierced for their 4th Birthdays. They wanted them done.

Couldn’t wait to get hers done, she loved it, sweet remembered :innocent: Elaina Merhige

It’s not a big deal. Take her to get them done

I was a little younger than her when I decided I wanted my ears pierced. My mom made me wait until I was almost 10 though. I think she’s old enough to decide that she wants them, and they will close up if she doesnt like them. Just please please please please please GO TO A PIERCER AND NOT CLAIRE’S! DO NOT GET IT DONE WITH A GUN!

I’d say if you are comfortable with doing that then do it. You are her mother it’s your choice

If you proceed, then make sure they pierce both at the same time. If they don’t have staff to do it, leave and come back another day.

I did my daughters at a hospital an ent doctor did it…and it was o.k

As long as she understands she has to be careful. My daughter had her daughter’s done at 6 months.

I’m waiting until my daughter wants too. If she ask at 6 I would be fine with it.

If they are old enough to ask go for it. Explain how important it is to take care of them though.
My husband and i decided when our kids tell us they want theirs done we will take them to do it and teach them how to care for it

Gotta agree with all the others in here and say take your girl to a licensed and reputable piercer! I think 6 is a perfectly good age though so long as she’s responsible enough to handle the upkeep, cleaning, etc. :two_hearts:

If you do make sure she doesnt have an allergy to the metal in them. I did when I got mine done in kindergarten and they got infected. It hurt so bad my brother had to sit on me so my could take the earrings out. Had to get them redone with surgical steal ear rings.

I did my daughters on her 2nd birthday. It would’ve been sooner but my husband wanted to wait until she was 2

Do it. My daughter wanted hers done at 5. I did it. Let her Express herself now with limits

It’s fine,had mine done at 4

Is this Seriously a hill worth dying on?

I’ve told my daughter we’ll discuss it once she’s in junior high or when she starts her period. Personal preference, not religious, as I have multiple holes in my ears. Lol

I mean, go for it. She’s asking for it.

What if you wait till she’s 16? You can tell her it’s her “birthday present” lol

Also, when i got my ears pierced @18, i kept knicking them or they’d get caught on like a sweater when i changed or my pillow, etc. so it was really annoying + cleaning them. So i can imagine how much more annoying it would be for a 6 year old. Or maybe that’s just my experience with them :woman_shrugging:t3:

If shes asking do it. My kids asked (my oldest daughter asked her dad so he took her) and a few weeks later after my oldest got hers done my middle asked me if she can have hers. So we did it. Around 5 and 7 i think. Or it was 6 and 8. I cant remember now but they love them had no issues

Well younger kids are asking for trans gender request so I don’t see a problem with it

Tell her everything about it… And let her decide for herself

As someone with plenty of piercings, don’t let them pierce with a machine or gun. Ensure they do it with a specialist piercing needle.


She has asked you to get them done, I see no harm. I plan on waiting until my daughter asks. Better than forcing them to get it done as a baby

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My ears were first pierced when I was 6… Granted I ended up taking them out too early… But I think it’s fine!

I think that’s fine. I’ve never been a fan of piercing a babies ears. When my daughter was 6 she requested earrings and we did it. I waited for her to ask. She handled it great.

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The only advice I have is take her to a licensed shop, not Claire’s or anywhere that uses the piercing guns. First time I got my ears pierced at Claire’s they got infected and I had to take them out, and it wasn’t because I didn’t clean them either.

Take her to a tattoo parlor. They are way more saniteray. Piercing places don’t clean their guns.

My oldest was done at 3 months old she slept on it wrong when she was 6 months because she was already rolling over…It got shoved in her ear and was bleeding. We took them out let them close and said wed let her decide when she wants them repierced. Well she decided for her 4th birthday she really wanted them. So we got them. We also let our youngest make the decision as well for her 4th birthday.

Have a chat. Shes showing an interest in something she wants for her self. I personally wouldn’t say ok and go right away, but now the conversations have to start. My oldest started to ask around 8 to peirce his ear…we didn’t allow it until he was 12. We told him " when your 12, and if you still want it, we will get it done. But, you have to wait until then." He waited. On his 12th bday he was going on and on about it…so, it happened. He loves it. We showed him how to care for it, and it was perfect. Zero issues.

Go for it. I do my girls at a year

We waited for our daughters to choose.
Our oldest wanted earrings at 9, we did it for her 10th birthday.
She’s 11 now, took them out and doesn’t want them back.

We just got our almost 5 year olds done. We waited until she asked us. She’s excited to put in new earrings on her birthday. (Mar 20th).

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My daughter was around that age when she asked to get hers done (let her do it) mine were done as a baby and hated it as a kid this is definitely something I wanted her to ask me I’ll be doing the same with my 2-4 yo

Did both my girls at 6 months. No regrets. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I got all my girls ears pierced at their 6 month check up. Their pediatrician DiD it for them. My son was age two and saw his 13 year old sister get her third ear piercing and wanted his pierced… So I pierced his too.

Its better when they’re babies… They don’t mess with them… Older kids pull at them and they can get infected. If she wants them pierced go ahead.

If she wants to, I think she’s old enough to make that choice. If she gets scared and changes her mind, don’t force her. Make sure you go to a clean, reputable place to have it done and don’t ever let them be done by a piercing gun.

Go to a tattoo parlour

My daughter was 5 when she came to me wanting to get her ears pierced. I made sure she knew it would hurt getting it done and she would have to doctor them. When that didn’t scare her out of it, we had them done. Now she’s about to turn 7 and no longer wears them :woman_shrugging:

My baby is 7 months old and everyone keeps asking when I’ll pierce her ears I’m going to wait until she asks

My girls had theirs done in kindergarten—their choice
Take her to a tattoo/piercing place. They are the most sterile

That’s awesome! Sounds like a date on the next half day of school

Take her to a tattoo shop and have it done correctly. Not to Claire’s or walmart.

just tell her there will be a little poke but she will barely even feel it and then get her excited about it!! i can’t wait to take mine to get hers done as a mommy & daughter thing.

Depends on the kid. I got my ears pierced at 6 under the conditions that I would follow the cleaning instructions every day until they healed which I did. I know a lot of 6 year olds tho that would not be close to responsible enough.

Pierce her damn ears ! Lawd it’s not that serious