My 6-month-old is getting too long for his carseat: What one should I get him?

My son is coming up six months old this week and is getting too long for his car seat, what do I do? as a first-time mum I’m unsure of the next steps any advice would be greatly appreciated xx


Look for a new one that is adjustable into his later toddler years. Totally worth the money long term.

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Are his ears over the top of the car seat? If not, its fine. They figure out leg room issue. Nothing u can do unless u turn him front ways, which isn’t good for him.

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I find the joie 360 good as it can be rear facing and forward facing and it’s easier on your back for putting them in and out, especially when they start getting bigger and heavier

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Switch to a convertible car seat? But until they are old enough to switch to forward facing their legs will bend, looks uncomfortable for them but it’s not.

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What carseat is he in? Just a regular infant rear facing carseat? As long as he can cross his legs or his legs reach over the sides. He will be okay. Keep rearfacing mama. As scary as the following statement sounds, and I’m saying it with love, broken legs are better than a broken neck. :heart:

By the way check the manual again for heighth and weight limits for that specific carseat. If you don’t have it, Google the brand and name and you’ll probably find the manual that way. If he can’t fit in his carseat due to those factors. Do some research on convertible carseats. They have different stages that could last you until the booster seat stage. :muscle:

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A convertible car seat would be next after the baby seat. I would recommend the garco extend2fit or the safety first grow with me ex. Both of them have a higher rear facing weight


Keep him in the same seat. Just because he looks to big dose not mean he actually is.
Babies need to be in the 4 point harness and rear facing until 2.

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Even if u put him in a diff carseat or a convertible 3 in 1 no matter what the legs will still be in same spot… they have to sit rear facing.

I shifted both my kids so far in to rear facing regular car seats between 4 and 6 months because they were too long for the carriers in my opinion. Plus they no longer liked being in the carrier. I went in to a Greco rear facing car seat and they both loved them!

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As long as his head isn’t over the top it’s fine don’t worry about the legs xx

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You might need to upgrade your car seat to a “life” one where it can go from rear to forward facing and then booster. But up until minimum of 2 your chlmild needs to be rear facing! And buckled correctly.
Kids up to 3 and 4 years of age can be rear facing yes their legs are long but they can sit criss-cross or knees bent. I have an almost 2 yr old and he is still rear facing and I dont plan on changing that anytime soon.

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I love my Graco Extend2Fit. My 2 oldest were big babies so they transitioned pretty fast. This carseat let’s them rear face longer and will last a long time.

Convertible car seat- Graco extend2fit and keep him rear facing. My 21 month old is still rear facing in his graco.

Definitely don’t keep him in a newborn seat if he’s reached weight limit (check manual)

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It would’ve helped if you told us what type of car seat he is in. I’m assuming it’s an infant carrier car seat. It sounds like it’s time for a toddler seat.

Is he too long or do you need to adjust the shoulder straps? My 18mo is still in his first car seat and fits just fine.

I’m assuming you mean too long as in his feet are longer than the car seat… This is not an indication of the seat being outgrown. As long as the child is within the seats height/weight limits and there is at least an inch of shell above their head, their fine.

If you want to get a new seat, you’ll need to get a convertible seat, and continue to rear face your child until at least age 2. You can then take that same seat and use it forward facing when they’ve outgrown the rear facing limits.

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You could get a convertible seat. Not sure what seat you have now. As long as he is within the weight and height limits of the seat he doesn’t need a new one. Being long isn’t an issue really unless the height is over the seat limits. There legs will always seem long rear facing but they just bend them. He should stay rear facing till minimum of 2 years but as close to 4 as possible.

Im a first time mom as well and when my son outgrew his infant carseat we decided to get a 4 in 1 convertible carseat so we wouldn’t have to keep buying them. We got the graco 4ever and I love this carseat,its awesome!!!

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I got the Graco forever grow with me. It’s a 4in1 carseat that goes all the way up to a booster seat. I love it.

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Following. My 6 month old seems to he getting big for his carseat already :cry:

This group has certified car seat techs that will answer any car seat questions you have! And they help recommend car seats based on your budget, car, size, kids height, weight etc.

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Join a carseat safety group they can help you find the right carseat for ur child and one that fits ur vehicle! There certified carseat techs in the group! Also carseat for littles is another group of certified techs that can help

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Get a bigger carseat one that can be put in rear facing then when baby is old enough (2 years old) will switch around to forward facing

Britax 360 romer brill birth to 4 years

Graco extend 2 fit! My first rearfaced till 3.5 and my second is still rearfacing at 26 months


Join a car seat safety group. They will help with fittings. Stats and what’s good for your car. And certified passenger safety technicians are in the groups that will help you. Their recommendations trump pediatrician and fire or police


Don’t worry about length, weight is what you want to go by. He can bend his knees :slight_smile:

I love my graco forever…10 year carseat…goes all the way to backless booster…last carseat you will ever buy

I may be wrong but a 6 month old is in no way supposed to be in a toddler seat…they make special extensions for carriers for kids who have long legs. Rear facing til 2.


Get a new car seat?:woman_shrugging:t3::woman_facepalming:t3: what do you think you do?

get a convertible car seat i had to do that when my son was 6 months because he was over the 20 lbs limit (he’s now 9 months and is 33. lbs)

He’ll be fine until he’s either above the weight restrictions or the straps no longer adjust to fit snug but comfortably.

Their legs will be fine, if that’s your concern.

Look for a convertible carseat (transitions from infant to toddler seat). The one my son has will rear face up to 45lbs, front face up to 65lbs, and tilts as needed per stage. (Infants need to lay back more, obviously… as they get older you can straighten the back more and more.)

I can’t remember which seat it was. But its a graco and I think we paid $160-ish… maybe $180.

Advise with your doctor.

It’s about weight mainly.

If his head is closer than 1-2 inches from the top of the car seat that’s when you will want to upgrade to a convertible car seat.

My soon to be 1 yr old is still in her Britax infant car seat

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My carseat is one that turns into a 5 point front face, then a backed booster, then a booster booster. Right now my son is 2yo and is using it rear facing and will stay that way as long as he can fit it.

After an infant car seat we upgraded to a convertible car seat when his head was about 2 inches from the top of the seat, in the event of an accident you want that extra space

A convertible car seat that switches from rear-facing to front-facing. I love the Safety First Grow-And-Go 3in1 seat.

I would recommend a convertible carseat but personally we ended up transitioning a little after 1 year because my son hit the height limit even in the convertible carseat and was told by local carseat techs to transition to forward facing. He is now 2 and is right a 40 in tall. But I always recommend seeing or talking with someone trained with carseat safety.

He should be taken out of the infant seat once he exceeds the weight limit on it or the top of his head is level with the back of the seat. No part of his head should be over the back of the car seat. It doesn’t matter if his legs do not fit. They will just go up the back of the seat. Some new moms do not realize that the shoulder straps can be adjusted on some car seats so make sure those are in the right position as well.

Get a convertible carseat its just the next size up from a carrying seat. Mine is graco brand. It starts as a rear facing carseat and then transitions into forward facing! Been using it the past 3 years😁. But at 6 months he should be rear facing still and his legs will be up on the seat. I kept my daughter rear facing as long as I possibly could! ( I think she was like 2.5 maybe 3) Her legs were all the way up the seat. That’s normal!!!


Graco extend2fit is what we had to get for my daughter. Goes from infant to toddler to booster. It has a foot rest you can pull out to give them more leg room rear facing


My daughters legs got too long and used to get tangled and caught in the seat belt when she’d play with it… I bought a convertible car seat since they’re made for infant to bigger child and rearfaced it


Get a convertible car seat. Get one they can rear face for extended timing. Some go up to 40 lbs rear facing (possibly more). We rear faced our child until she was 3 years old, and could have probably done so up to 4. The seat we purchased was around )$200. However, it was the car seat that held her until she was big enough for a booster. I believe it was forward facing up to 80 lbs and rear up to 40 lbs. it was comfortable and narrow to fit in the car without touching the front seats. Personally, when buying a car seat I would say do your research. Sometimes the cheapest isn’t the best and the most expensive isn’t really either. Figure out your space you are working with and what features you need and buy the best one you can based on those needs.

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Do you have the infant-carrier style carseat? Because my own kids seemed to outgrow those fast as well. We always went to a convertible carseat, but still kept them rear facing. That seemed to give them more room!

The post didn’t say she wanted to front face the kid.

I had this same issue. I got the grace extend2fit and it was amazing


I’d check with a local fire station. They can help with repositioning or adjustments to make sure your little is safe and snug but comfortable


He should be fine in a carrier still, it’s okay if their legs bend.
But there’s those larger carseats if you’d rather not have a carrier anymore. But make sure he starts backwards facing for at least 2 years

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If you are in an infant seat you could switch to a convertible. The main thing is to make sure he is still within the weight and height limits of the seat.

The have 3 in 1 seats that are bigger. You can still face backwards and when they’re old enough to forward facing and you can adjust it so it works as they grow.

If he’s still in the one you take out and cart him in it then yes get the regular car seat that will carry him through his childhood. We have safety first and my Granddaughter is very tall for her she and fit in it with no problem. But sure is a hassle getting her into it. She’s now two and facing forward thank the lord.

6 months is to young for forward facing. But look at his height/length and weight and look for a convertible car seat that will change as he grows

She never said she wanted to front face him. Can everyone calm down


I got my daughter the grace extend2fit. We used it for her then my son once he was ready for a bigger car seat. Loved it


Put a mat on the seat back. That’s it. If kiddo fits the height and weight requirements of the seat then leave it. If not upgrade to a rear facing convertible seat :slightly_smiling_face:

Graco 4ever carseat grows with them until they’re 10 years old. Its a bit pricey but in the long run I’d say its worth it, then you won’t have to keep buying more things like another car seat or a booster seat for them

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Get a convertible carseat so he can stay rearfacing longer and you won’t have to buy another seat once he is ready to forward face.

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I have the safety 1st grow and go 3 in 1. My son was backwards until about 2.5yrs (only turned because he doesnt get car sick as often in hes forward facing). It grows with them just like the graco ones, i believe it has a 10yr “life”, but its MUCH cheaper than Graco. Its also lighter and easier to move/ install but just as safe.

He is in the infant car seat even if his feet hang over

a convertible car seat works wonders! I had to switch my son to one by 5 months old. he was huge it seemed. you can still keep it rear facing but there is more room

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No one cares if they are too long… they want their feet up to their chest then you can switch car seats… in VA they have to be 2 or older to be in a front facing car seat… I feel bad for the kids… but they say it’s safer…


I assure you, he’s not too long even if his feet are touching the seat. Children should NOT forward face until at least 2 years old for optimal safety. Car seats list length and weight limits and should be followed. My almost 6 year old is still rear facing and is perfectly fine. She & her car seat have been inspected by certified passenger safety technician.


When I had all 4 of mine …they survived without a carseat! My grandkids on the other hand, had to have them. Damn things baffled me, couldn’t figure out the buckles!!! Lol


I hate infant carseats. I dont use them. If you have bigger kids they outgrow them pretty quick. I knew some big babies that outgrew them around the same age. At six months they were the size of 1+ year olds. I stick to convertible carseats and just carry the baby, no carseat required. That way I’m able to use the same carseat until it’s time for a booster seat. My child is 3 and I’ve been using the same one since birth. Judging by her current size, if she keeps the same rate of growth then she’ll stay in it for another couple of years.

If you get one of the convertible car seats, you can leave them rear facing until at least middle school.

You can look at the convert car seats. They keep littles rear facing and can hold more than the infant carrier cam weight wise

Here’s a super affordable convertible carseat! With this particular seat, you would rear face your child until they’re 40lbs or 40 inches tall. If they reach that height requirement before the weight, you can turn it forward facing until they hit 40lbs.

Check if his head is at the top of the carseat if it isn’t then its all good.

Move to convertible dual face seat. Most of those are good for as small as 8lbs and go up to 40lbs

The Graco 4Ever is what all of mine have gone to at 6 months.

He is not too long unless his head is over the edge. His legs are allowed to be over the edge- they will just cross cross in rear facing seating

We have a graco 4ever its is from rear facing to booster, we like it.

Get a 4 ever car seat when target does the trade. It goes from rear facing to forward facing until they are out of boosters.

They sell one at Walmart ( forget the brand ) that reaches up to 100 pounds

Then get a car seat that can be rear or front facing. And keep it rear facing. They usually do from infant to 55 pounds.

I would move them from the carry rear facing to a bigger non carry car seat to a convertible rear face car seat like this

And this is a great mid priced carseat! The weight limits are pretty high on it and it’s narrow, which is great for smaller cars!

Rear facing from 5-40lbs
Forward facing from 22-65lbs

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You need to keep him rear facing try to get one that converts and grows with him

Convertible car seat. Still rear facing but they sit up more.

If his feet touches back of the seat then he can be in a forward facing carseat


And he remains rear facing till 2

This one is slightly more spendy, but your child will never need another carseat (as long as you’re not in an accident) so it’s a good investment!

Rear facing from 5-40lbs
Forward facing from 22-50lbs
Booster from 40-80lbs

My absolute favorite and it’ll grow with him! I have one for my 2 year old and she’s been in it since 4 months. It can and let back for the infant seat setting

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I’m assuming you mean too long as in his feet are longer than the car seat… This is not an indication of the seat being outgrown. As long as the child is within the seats height/weight limits and there is at least an inch of shell above their head, they’re fine.

If you want to get a new seat, you’ll need to get a convertible seat, and continue to rear face your child until at least age 2. You can then take that same seat and use it forward facing when they’ve outgrown the rear facing limits.


just to clarify i wouldnt be forward facing my baby, i just need a recommendation on what to do with a new carseat as the one he is in his legs are long and im worried about it being to small for him and him being uncomfartable or god forbid getting hurt if there was an accident… thanks to everyone for the recommendations of the graco extend2fit i will definetly check this out! xx

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When I had my almost 4 year old we got what was called a forever carseat. Its from infant up until they grow out of needing them. 4lbs-60lbs. Hospital passed it. Got another one for this baby. Absolutely love it. Haven’t bought a new carseat in 4 years. Have a sister who has already gone through 3 different ones and here I am with the same one still. Definitely a money saver and it grows with your child. It starts out rear facing and when they come of age, you can turn it to forward facing. Has the extender for feet and everything.

She didn’t mention anything about switching him to forward facing just that she needed a recommendation on the next car seat. Calm down Karen’s.

If you currently have the little in a bucket/infant seat you can switch to a convertible car seat. There are plenty to chose from I have my son in a Saftey First Grow and Go 3-in-1. They can rear face until they are 40 pounds and 40 inches then forward face until 65 pounds and 49 inches then convert it into the booster until they are 100 pounds and 52 inches.

We have a Honda Civic 2014 & a Jeep Renegade 2017. The front seat in the renegade is a little too tight however I’m 5’1” so I sit comfortably without the back of my seat touching his car seat.

You can join the group Car Seats for the Littles they are really great with helping find the right fit for you, your little, & car. They can also help with making sure it’s inserted correctly and the little is in the car seat correct.


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I just got my daughter the Graco 4ever Deluxe for her son that’s due in November. They last for like 10yrs. Got it on sale to. Its why we bought it so soon.