My 4 year refuses to potty at school...advice?

My 4 year old has been potty trained since she was 2 so about 2 years now. She started preschool october 9th and this is her first time being apart from me ever. She hasn’t had any accidents at school she uses the restroom there I’ve been told but out of nowhere the last 2 weeks she’s been peeing her pants at home. Is this normal because of the stress of the change? I’ve been kind of worried because I didn’t know a skill she’s had for so long could regress had anyone else experienced this?

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I have had a few hurdles with this. Were going really well toilet training at home then once at kindy would all of a sudden stop. A few accidents.
Think it was a big change for them, new unfamiliar toilet area (them in a toilet area, new toilet etc) one I think was just the complication of changing weather (so found it easier to pull down shorts but pants was more difficult).

She misses you being your baby and her norm give her a little more attention hugs and kisses❤️

I was going to suggest the same as another person that commented. I would just talk to her and see what she says. Then, definitely make sure she doesn’t have an urinary tract infection. My daughter had one at that age and peed her pants a couple of times when she had it.

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I’m wondering if she’s holding it at school. Meaning she may be having accidents because she has a pretty full bladder. I would also take her in to check for infection. Just because she is going into the bathroom at school does not mean they really know if she’s actually pottied. My daughter has DS and autism, she goes into the bathroom at school but never actually goes. She is older but still is in pull ups due to her disability. So that’s why I’m wondering if your daughter just isn’t going.

Maybe the teacher only allows them certain times for a potty break, it’s a possibility but I’ve heard of some teachers denying kids to use the bathroom

Talk to her. We had a similar situation with one of my girls. The toilets were too big for her and she was scared of falling down the toilet. She was used to a kiddy seat and a step up at home so I spoke to school and they put seats and step ups in two of the cubicles. Problem solved. Your little girl may be scared of something too or perhaps someone has said or done something to make her anxious.

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Get her checked for a bladder or kidney infection.

Maybe she’s to busy now when she’s at home less so she forgets to go. Have you tried to remind her?

Also make sure she’s not constipated. Kids can become urinary incontinent when constipated.

Is she having accidents at school or just at home? If not at school then it’s not the school situation as you’re thinking. What’s going on at home that’s causing her to have these accidents. You need to sit down with her and ask her why. Remind her to use the potty every hour while at home.

Talk to her ask her why, U T I maybe.

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Talk to the Teacher about potty breaks. Let the Teacher know that not letting the child go potty is not going to happen. Teachers need to understand that these are very young kids and need to let to bathroom when needed