My 3 year old started daycare again after a year and freaks out when I leave

After a year off of daycare, she started going back. She’s always been by my side and only ever stayed with me(momma). when she went to daycare before she was good. didn’t cry, just went in and played. Now she cries, doesn’t want to let me go and tries to run out. I reassure her and tell her I’ll be back in no time to pick her up. Now I’m starting to feel overwhelmed because I leave her crying and freaking out, could this be traumatizing her? What should I do?

Daycare worker says she’s fine afterwards, goes and plays with her friends and even has a cousin that she knows there.

(I’m back in university so daycare is the only option, since I don’t have a lot of family support when it comes to childcare)

Any advice would help…