My 3 year old no longer likes naps...advice?

My son will be 3 in Feb. Trying to get him down for a nap is impossible. It’s been this way for awhile now. Do y’all think i should just give up on them or idk… I feel like the stress from trying to go down isn’t worth it.


I have 3 girls and I never had any of them take naps lol of course they did but on their own time whenever wherever we were and I don’t think they napped after like 2 unless we were in the car

No cuz my son took his naps with his preschool from 6 weeks old to 4 years old in preschool you might just have to lay with him with to get back to his routine - well to help with it keep the same time always good luck :+1:

I teach 3 and 4 year olds… during nap time I tell them idc if they nap or not but they do have to lay there quietly… I also started playing deep sleep music on Amazon music. Most of them nap since I started playing that kind of music

All my kids dropped their naps around three. If they are having a good day and they aren’t acting tired then I don’t push it. If I can see them getting overstimulated, grumpy, easily upset, etc then I know they need a nap and that is when I announce that it is quiet time. I have them sit on the couch and watch a movie and they fall asleep after a little bit of fussing.

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My son stopped napping at 2.5years.

My daughter plays in her room during nap time - and puts herself to sleep if she’s tired.

She doesn’t HAVE to go to sleep, but she does need to stay on her room during that designated time.

We stopped naps around this age! It’s normal. Earlier bedtime if necessary as they do get cranky during the evening without a nap

Don’t give him a nap, maybe just quiet time for abit like reading books or colouring quietly…good thing is he will be in bed early after a fun filled day🤗 dinner at 5.30pm then bed at 6.30pm or 7pm.

My son is almost 3 as well and has been the same way. I just stopped naps all together

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I’d let the naps go and try for an earlier bedtime. I did 7:30, it sounds really early but they need a lot of sleep.


Skip nap and put to bed early

At 3 my son didn’t have to “nap”. He however did have to have quiet time in his room and would fall asleep. At that age they aren’t babies in their minds they are big kids.

Mine moatly dont nap by 1yr. Earlier bedtimes worked better for us if necessary.

When my kids got too big for naps I called it quiet time. They could stay in their room and read.


No naps for him. Its not worth the headache to make him take a nap. Both my girls were done by 2 yrs old. You may want to try a quiet time. Read books, puzzles, coloring, etc. instead.

Alot of kids don’t nap much when get that age

My oldest we just changed the routine and stopped saying naptime, told him it was quiet time, put on a movie and said he didn’t have to sleep but had to lay down. 9/10 he fell asleep and took a nap. My almost 4 year old doesn’t go to bed at night if he naps, so we don’t fight it, if he acts like he’s tired before bedtime, we just move bedtime up a bit and he’s good to go.

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He don’t wanna nap anymore lol they all stop at some point. Let him be.

No nap earlier bed time :yawning_face:


I agree with others. Make it quiet time and do not force him to sleep. My 5 year old has not napped since he was 2.

My son stopped napping at 1.5 my daughters by 3

Stop saying nap time… make it quiet time you dont have to sleep but need to rest mind/body


Don’t force him to sleep, my son is 4 & whether he chooses to sleep or play quietly he has to spend an hour a day in his room.

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Give up. Not worth the struggle.

Do a quiet time 30 minutes per day , where she can rest in her bed or sit on it watch a short video on low or color in coloring book. Some thing like that. But change the quiet time activity daily. And set a timer in the hall where she can hear it , signaling the end of q t

Buy 2 both my kids where done with napping they just stop napping after awhile

Just quite time. This is for all children.

Honestly I would switch to quiet/calm time. He doesn’t have to go to sleep but he needs to rest/do something quietly

My girls 3 in 3 weeks, she hasn’t napped since turning 2. She goes to bed around 6-6.30pm and up at 6.45am. She loves her bed, depending on how busy of a day we’ve had, she can be asking to go to bed from 5pm :see_no_evil:

Switch to quiet time. But every kid is different. Not uncommon at this age to not want to nap any more.

Drop em and do quiet time.

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Damn, my daughter was definitely a napper. Shit she’s 27 now and still loves her naps

My son stopped napping at 18 months. I kept trying and he just wouldn’t nap anymore so we did quiet time around that part of the routine instead. Sometimes kids just know when they don’t need naps anymore. I stopped trying to force it and we were all happier that way.

My singleton stop napping at 2 but napped in daycare til 3. With my twins I will put them down until they are 4

My son stopped taking naps at about 1 1/2 years old lol. It was before he was 2 I remember, so like 1 1/2- 2 years old.

He just absolutely would not nap, and naps stopped haha. You can’t force a baby to nap. It is what it is.

Mine gave up naps at about that age. They were in nursery by then so it just meant we had more day together and a slightly earlier bedtime.

My daughter fights nap time, I don’t tell her it’s time for a nap I tell her it’s time to take a rest. I turn on a movie she’s seen a ton of times she lays down next to me on the couch and usually falls asleep halfway through. I did the same thing with my son.

Time to give up on the nap

We do rest time at least an hour , they lay down an they watch a quiet movie !

My kids stopped napping at 1….earlier bedtime thats all.